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Allows you to modify the audiovisual pieces without using a specific program or to upload them to the network again. Unique videos that may not be changed will be those that have viewed more than 1,000 times and those who have any complaints by content. YouTube has launched a tool to edit videos online, allowing you to modify the audiovisual pieces without using a specific program or to upload them to the network again. Thus, the videos that are already online may be changed without losing his ID (user ID), comments that users have stopped or links to related contents, advises the portal owned by Google on its official blog. This new authoring tool allows you to shorten the length of the videos, rotate them, reduce the vibration of the image, adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation as well apply filters and ctos of color as white and black. Before saving your changes, the user can preview and decide if Finally modifies the video, an action that no impact on account of the number of visits which has already had before being edited. Unique videos that may not be amended will be those that have displayed more than a thousand times and those who have any claim of vindication of content, although in these cases you may edit creating a new file.

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Ramon Gallegos

Spirituality is the priority of holistic education, religion is not central, but it also disqualifies. Adds, in sustained with Rachale Kessler dialogue, that spirituality is a distinctive trait education holistic that differentiates it from other educational visions and gives it a privileged position as an alternative world to carry out important processes for social and cultural development of human communities of the 21st century. Then, education must be an opportunity where the flame of spirituality can be deployed to their full potential, so you need an open mind where parents, teachers and others can respect the fundamental questions of the student: as who I am do, what is death do who created the world what Ramon Gallegos refers to human values signal that in humans there are three types of needs?????: the materials that we share with the higher mammals and with the newly born, they are prepersonales needs that arise before the language and consciousness of itself, there are before forming an ego and a memory; psychic or psychological needs are personal and characteristic of human beings and are linked to language, the ego and the memory; and the spiritual which are Transpersonal, the need to transcend the ego, to connect with the essence of oneself, it is the need to belong to all, belong to the universe. Spirituality not can be disciplined or conditioned as mental functioning but it continues a process of liberation and descondicionamiento because the transpersonal does not develop. Therefore, the values are beyond the psychic apparatus of pensamientos-emociones, only can be made in relation to one whole greater than the ego. Human values, says Ramon Gallegos, are perennial and universal, a natural expression of the internal order. In holistic education human values are at the heart of the educational process, a trust is necessary for its Bloom, a feeling in children and youth that are in an environment where you can rely on this fundamental trust, the right thing is perceived as something inherent to basic human nature, do the right thing satisfies the spiritual yearning and produces coherence and meaning.

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