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Allows you to modify the audiovisual pieces without using a specific program or to upload them to the network again. Unique videos that may not be changed will be those that have viewed more than 1,000 times and those who have any complaints by content. YouTube has launched a tool to edit videos online, allowing you to modify the audiovisual pieces without using a specific program or to upload them to the network again. Thus, the videos that are already online may be changed without losing his ID (user ID), comments that users have stopped or links to related contents, advises the portal owned by Google on its official blog. This new authoring tool allows you to shorten the length of the videos, rotate them, reduce the vibration of the image, adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation as well apply filters and ctos of color as white and black. Before saving your changes, the user can preview and decide if Finally modifies the video, an action that no impact on account of the number of visits which has already had before being edited. Unique videos that may not be amended will be those that have displayed more than a thousand times and those who have any claim of vindication of content, although in these cases you may edit creating a new file.

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Ramon Gallegos

Spirituality is the priority of holistic education, religion is not central, but it also disqualifies. Adds, in sustained with Rachale Kessler dialogue, that spirituality is a distinctive trait education holistic that differentiates it from other educational visions and gives it a privileged position as an alternative world to carry out important processes for social and cultural development of human communities of the 21st century. Then, education must be an opportunity where the flame of spirituality can be deployed to their full potential, so you need an open mind where parents, teachers and others can respect the fundamental questions of the student: as who I am do, what is death do who created the world what Ramon Gallegos refers to human values signal that in humans there are three types of needs?????: the materials that we share with the higher mammals and with the newly born, they are prepersonales needs that arise before the language and consciousness of itself, there are before forming an ego and a memory; psychic or psychological needs are personal and characteristic of human beings and are linked to language, the ego and the memory; and the spiritual which are Transpersonal, the need to transcend the ego, to connect with the essence of oneself, it is the need to belong to all, belong to the universe. Spirituality not can be disciplined or conditioned as mental functioning but it continues a process of liberation and descondicionamiento because the transpersonal does not develop. Therefore, the values are beyond the psychic apparatus of pensamientos-emociones, only can be made in relation to one whole greater than the ego. Human values, says Ramon Gallegos, are perennial and universal, a natural expression of the internal order. In holistic education human values are at the heart of the educational process, a trust is necessary for its Bloom, a feeling in children and youth that are in an environment where you can rely on this fundamental trust, the right thing is perceived as something inherent to basic human nature, do the right thing satisfies the spiritual yearning and produces coherence and meaning.

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Latin America

A small barrier reef runs along much of the coast. Their usefulness lies in that are areas where fishery, which is concentrated in the small ports of La Fe, Los Arroyos and port hope is practised. Except for the that they are in some keys, all the beaches are muddy type, being without doubt the best are which are located in the cays Hutias and Levisa, places that are recommended to visit. Cayo Medano, can be seen in certain maps with facilities similar to Cayo Jutias and Levisa. Currently, only the last two preserved tourist use. How to get to the Hutias cays and Levisa? The visit to both cays have differences. We move on to the first.

In the case of Cayo Jutias can go directly by car, either own or renting in Vinales or from anywhere else, but always going through Vinales, since other highways that run parallel to the North Coast are in very poor condition and almost impassable, so maps do not reflect the State of roads. The distance from Vinales to Cayo Jutias is not more than 65 km. The first 17 km. pass by valleys, while the rest passes through mountains to the coast, in the hamlet of Santa Lucia. During the first part of the journey, passing by narrow valleys, there is chain of mogotes on one side and pine forests and coffee plantations on the other. If you want you can visit the community the Moncada, 15 km.

from ales, one of the first built after the triumph of the revolution, very small and with a unique and very original architectural style in Cuba. There you will also find the great cavern of Santo Tomas, the largest in Latin America, which you can visit during the day and all she in natural state, without any alteration of their environment. Very interesting tours, accompanied by specialized guides can be made and where offer them media for the tour.

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Nowadays it is common to find us with a lot of people have quite tight agendas of working and living, that accelerated pace prevents from seeing wonderful things in this world, perhaps weeks have passed and we’re not devoting time to contemplation, see a little within ourselves. Our life goes beyond the conscious experience, there are phenomenal spiritual forces to even try to explain, however essence it is know that they exist and we form part them, then has time to make a stop at the automated pace and begin to see our world differently. One of the great pillars of transformation positive of our being is gratitude, think for a moment it is his Super ability of self-consciousness, the vast majority of creatures does not have that capacity, this is a big step to understand that we are special beings. Notice how wonderful the power of creation, flowers, animals, wind, rivers, the sea, etc. Pay attention to the smallest details, so thank for everything therefore happen that after a while he will move his consciousness to understand that everything is abundance, in the subliminal videos I won $500 a day, shows a production of gratitude, these sounds, messages and words are organized in a very special way to send stimuli to your subconscious mind that abundance already exists and that it is in you, only should be in that tune. How wonderful to take consciousness of abundance is that helps balance our life, they disappear the feelings of guilt by wish to accumulate material goods why? Because you now understand that prosperity is a spiritual state, is a personal decision and that it is possible for all, only that some people have decided to play another role, but that is not reason to justify that it does not exist, between more people understand that role then the creative force manifests itself with greater power and this is what has happened in the Nations most prosperous.

What is the positive appreciation and prosperity? It helps us to develop our talents, learn to connect our desires with the current creator of the universe and as here where the boundaries disappear, arise dramatic changes. Through subliminal videos I won 500 dollars a day, you will begin to change their own world, early changes are imperceptible, but to measure when your mind begins to accept those ideas then gradually will be observing new ways of seeing, feeling and thinking, this opens a world of opportunities and you can make an effective exchangei.e. it will bring something unique and special to the universe. The thoughts of scarcity are the biggest problems have brought to humanity, here arises the envy, bad wishes, selfishness, etc. But this does not fit into a mind that is aware of his own abilities.

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This is the key to working with our maximum server: the subconscious. This man is our employee more abides faithful, simply by all our orders at the foot of the letter, escuhalo well: at the foot of the letter, this means that you have to be very aware of the orders that you are going to give. Agreement, then live as if what they’ve proposed you already reach you had at this moment of your life here and now means that if for example in your dreams you viualizas with a yacht sailing on weekends with your friends and family and especially with your partner, because you feel as if you had already achieved it, you have to locate mentallyinside you, bodily sensations, your physical appearance, your emotional state, as it would be if that desire is a reality at this moment, here and now, as imaginary, how it would the countenance of your face, your voice tone as serious, Date permission to experience this little by little if you is a little difficult, it looks abriendote to that possibility in your mindRemember that creation takes place on two occasions one in your mind and the other in real life. A first building is created in the mind of the architect and then it is brought to reality. The same happens with your life, you must first create it in your inner Kingdom, there is no other way that is manifested in reality.

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