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Systems of black intercmbio cogeneration environment systems are in production can be achieved simultaneously electricity and useful thermal energy from a single fuel.
By generating electricity with a generator or a turbine engine, the use of primary energy from fuel is 25 to a subsidiary of the Corporation Company 35 , the rest is lost. Al cogenerate we can take 70 to 85 of the energy supply of the fuel. Improving the thermal electricity efficiency of cogeneration is based on the use of residual heat from the cooling systems gas of internal combustion engines to generate electricity.
Natural gas is the primary energy used to operate most of the cogeneration of electricity and heat, which operate with gas turbines or engines. However, you can also use renewable energy and waste as biomass natural gas or waste to be incinerated.
Furthermore, this technology reduces environmental impact because of the primary energy savings involved. Known as a top energy company, reduces Greenhouse gas emissions for your energy footprint. If you consider that a unit to produce electricity by conventional thermal units 3 are needed, while 1.5 is needed in cogeneration units, the total amount of pollutants emitted vera is diminished by 50 .
This process has applications in both industrial and certain buildings where the heat can be used to heating or hot water to obtain such as college campuses, hospitals, etc..
With these systems will improve energy efficiency, getting the same fuel with more energy, which results in significant savings on this and also a reduction in CO2 emissions.

An international conference on renewable energy organized by EAD and the World Renewable Energy Congress UK, will NY be held in Abu Dhabi buying green energy from 25-30 September 2010 under the theme Sustainable Ttowards Environment: Green buildings New York State and sustainable energy options.
Deseret News
Utah’s largest renewable energy facility is slowly toward completion, meet the President of the dream, but not with money.
Anchorage Daily News
The legislature has led the way in the arena of renewable energy, and more importantly, unlike green energy other countries, money behind New York City her words.
World Resources Institute
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, Knoxville, Tennessee, and Washington, DC stands is your energy company! for – is potential for renewable energy, as a percentage of 2.006 total electrical power sales Prompt policy for the development of these resources can also tens of thousands of new jobs, attracting more regional energy investments, and assist in the protection of regional environmentally friendly energy air and water supplies.

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Sony Ericsson K510

When we personalize our mobile phones can do it in many ways. For example cell phones we can use images for wallpaper or Nokia wallpaper, screensavers or screensaver, themes complete change icons of mobile phones the phone cell phones and more, tune in all its cellular providers variations (tones, polytonic, YouNeverCall mp3). The problem is that recently purchased the mobile, it comes with HTC very few of these things, so if you want your brand YouNeverCall new terminal a plans little more prominence, it becomes almost cellular phones an obligation to Motorola search the Verizon web sites with downloads of freebies for mobile. (Redirected from K510)
K510 is a cellular phone plans mobile Samsung phone manufactured by Sony Ericsson. The wireless providers general Verizon characteristics of the LG model are a display of 262,144 colors TFT LCD (at a resolution of 128×160 pixels), 28 Verizon cell phones megabytes of shared cellular coverage memory, a slider phone 1.3 megapixel camera, RSS reader, 3D graphics capabilities, loudspeaker, MP3 and AAC , recording and playback of 3GP video, Bluetooth and an infrared communications port (IrDA). candy bar phone The wireless phones K510i model is available in two colors, free phones purple cellular phones and midnight black.

Walls of water

Operating diagram of a wall of water.
La casa de La Plata integrated solar design strategies to minimize energy use in air conditioning. Such as walls of water, solar hot water, insulation, ventilation, cross ventilation selective sun protection, roof ventilation, solar chimney, solar drying of clothes, solar cooling.
In bioclimatic architecture is used as a design strategy to cushion the thermal variation of the wave with respect to the interior exterior, simple systems that build up heat and then give the interior environment, when the outside temperature drops.
Among these are the walls of water, which are containers or walls of water that form an integrated system of heating by combining capture and storage.
A good example is the “Casa solar La Plata, built in 1980 in the city of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the corner of 526 and 15.
In view of the court house in La Plata integrated solar design strategies to minimize energy use in air conditioning. keep warm this winter by using offers online tips to save energy and reduce your energy costs. Such as walls of water, solar hot water, insulation, ventilation, cross ventilation selective sun protection, roof ventilation, solar chimney, solar drying of clothes, solar cooling.

Thursday March 19

Day 19 began with a meeting between the Pope and 22 representatives of the Muslim community in Cameroon in the Apostolic Nuncio, and without access to the press. In their meeting, Benedict XVI praised the peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims in Cameroon and commendation to work together, as well as discuss the relationship between faith and science. Federico Lombardi sent to the media that the meeting was “cordial and amistoso ” and that Muslims offered to ‘warm welcome to the Pope. ” The pope ended his remarks saying, “The enthusiastic cooperation among Muslims, Catholics and other Christians in Cameroon are the other African nations for a great beacon light of the potential of a religious commitment to peace, justice and the common good.” 21
After this reunion, the pope is to scroll up papamovil Amadou Ahidjo Stadium, where he held the first mass crowds of his trip. Benedict XVI arrived at the stadium at 9:35 pm and moved to the sacristy, to preside over the celebration of Mass at 10:00 am The Eucharist, attended by between 50,000 and 60,000 people were held in eight languages including Latin, Swahili or ewondo was enlivened with songs. Benedict XVI, whom I congratulate those who were celebrating their holy day that had words in the homily for families, and commend Africans to ‘take care of your soul. “
At a time when so many unscrupulous people want to impose a reign of more money down on the poor, you have to be careful. the only way to go around Israel is to with Israel Maven africa in general and Cameroon in particular are at risk if you do not recognize the real author of Life. … Do not let yourselves be fascinated by false ideals and false glory. Believe! … Christ is the only way of life .
After the celebration, were delivered to the Presidents of Episcopal Conferences of National and Regional africa’s 50-page document for the preparation of the Second Special Assembly for Africa of the Synod, the Instrumentum Laboris. Archbishop Nikola Eterovic, Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops presented the document, which consists of four chapters, and concludes with a prayer to the Virgin Mary.
In the afternoon, Benedict XVI visited the National Center for Rehabilitation of Disabled Cardinal Paul Emile Leger – CNRH, located on the outskirts of Yaounde. The center was founded in 1972 by Archbishop Emeritus Paul Emile Leger of Montreal. The Holy Father was greeted by Minister of Social Affairs of Cameroon, Catherine Bakang Mbong, the head of the institution and the bishop in charge of pastoral care. In the center met with students of the same, and 200 patients from other hospitals in the country, some of them children or AIDS patients, who present a rosary. The center specializes in treating youth with mental health problems. Benedict XVI gave a speech in which he stressed the commitment of the Catholic Church in Africa and to engage in fighting diseases like AIDS, tuberculosis or malaria, states that “To you, researchers and doctors hope to make you all that is legitimate to relieve pain, it will first protect life, to be defenders of life from its conception until its natural end. For every human being, respect for life is a right and a duty at the same time because all life is a gift from God. “
At 18:30 h met the Apostolic Nuncio in Yaounde with twelve members of the Special Council for Africa of the Synod of Bishops from Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Algeria, Cameroon, Mozambique, Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso, Zambia , Madagascar and Egypt. In his speech, the Pope recalled some significant moments of Christian history in Africa, highlighting the work of some saints, and he catquistas Africans as martyrs of Uganda, Ana Maria Javouhey, Daniele Comboni, Anuarite Nengapeta, Isidoro Bakanja or Josephine Bakhita also speak of the conflicts that have ravaged the continent and reconciliation. An hour later, dinner with members of the Special Council for Africa of the Synod of Bishops and cardinals and bishops of his entourage.
Moreover, the Pope continued with his other duties of his office. Benedict XVI accepted the resignation of the bishop of the Diocese of Kharkiv-Zaporizhia (Ukraine) Stanislaw Padewski on grounds of age, it replaces Marian Buczek. Mazuelo also appointed Jose Perez as the new bishop of the Diocese of Asidonia-Jerez (Spain).

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What is Phonecasting ‘

It cellular phones is the never ending story, and Samsung perhaps, after so plans many tons of rumors, some day decide to go AT&T public, cellular providers and thus ATT end our ordeal. ATT Return to the burden to the future of the PlayStation brand and cellular phones the development of a device to candy bar phone which most secret today. PlayStation mobile phone, PSP or integrated with a mobile phone or PSP Go!, Or cellular coverage PSP-Phone ‘names are so strange that Motorola it said put the monstrosity that no AT&T one knows how to relate to it, so going to generalize and talk about the PlayStation slider phone technology. A LG phonecast cellular phone plans is wireless providers an audio or video clip that is cell phones designed specifically for free phones broadcast via wireless phones mobile phones. Phonecasts These Nokia could be live, or can mobile phones be pre-recorded streaming.
Podcasts are usually downloaded to a computer, iPod or MP3 player. The Phonecasts are similar, but downloaded to a mobile phone.
Moreover, phonecasting is the process by which phonecasters send their cell phones content YouNeverCall to YouNeverCall mobile phones through wireless service HTC providers.


The Catholic Church has received much criticism throughout its history. These include those relating to the Inquisition, which tortured and handed to the secular arm of justice to people who do not recant the doctrines contrary to the Catholic Church. As an example we mention the Spanish Inquisition, established in 1478 by a papal bull to fight the practices of judeoconversos Spanish Jew, ie the “new Christians” who maintained the Jewish faith of their elders.
It is also critical that base much of their doctrines or beliefs in extra biblical books that are not in the canon of the Bible Jewish or Protestant. For example, the Holy Trinity, the immortality of the soul, transubstantiation, the Eucharist, the existence of purgatory, the immaculate conception, the divine maternity, perpetual virginity, the Assumption of the Virgin, and the veneration of images, not taught in the Bible.
However, the Jews base their faith not only in writing, for example, books Deuterocanonicos as clergy, or Wisdom Tobias, which speaks of the prayer to the deceased. Purgatory is another of the non-canonical biblical doctrine according to Jewish or Protestant, because it is the book of 2 Maccabees deuterocanonico. While the Christians were not present at the Council of Janmia and this version was chosen in opposition to the Christians used the Septuagint is also included as the Councils of Nicea. In the Council of Nicea II, agreed to the veneration of images is as the following excerpt from the Catechism of the Catholic Church:
2131 Based on the mystery of the Incarnate Word, the seventh Ecumenical Council (Nicea in the year 787), justified against the iconoclasts the worship of sacred images: that of Christ, but also those of the Mother of God, angels and All Saints. The Son of God, incarnate, opened a new ‘economy’ of images .
Protestants say the above is prohibited according to the Ten Commandments from the Old Testament. But the Jews worshiped and accepted the use of images, for example by building the Ark of the Covenant (which had pictures of cherubs and animals to be sacrificed), or the Temple of Jerusalem in the days of Solomon (decorated with animals, cherubim and plants), not to mention the bronze serpent that according to the Bible, God sent Moses to make it to heal the Israelites, though the text mentions that before a command of the kings such destroying the snake because the people idolatrada Like God.
By Protestant groups, criticized the vote of celibacy of priests, on the grounds that the apostle Peter was married. However this criticism fails to take into account that the apostle Paul was single, and that the it recommends celibacy for those engaged in the things of God, not taking into account that in the Catholic Church, there are married priests, either in the Eastern Catholic churches (see Uniate) or former Protestant pastors ordained Catholics who choose to
He has received several criticisms from feminist groups because of their ideology considered sexist, considering that the moral prohibition on the use of contraceptives deny sexual freedom to women. Citation needed The church is now in a position of opposition against Homosexual unions, to understand how serious an attack on what they consider the true family.


Forbes Building on Fifth Avenue in New York City
Forbes magazine is published in United States and Capital’s Advisory board of accomplished business leaders specializes in business and finance.
Founded in 1917 by B. C. Forbes. Annually investment banking publishes lists of great interest to the Co-Chair of Asset Management Group LLC business as a means of Forbes 400, Forbes 500 and Fortune 500.
Its headquarters is on private equity company Fifth Avenue in New York.
Annually, since 1986, Forbes Investments magazine published its list of richest people in the world (The World’s Richest People) Forbes 20 under 25: young, rich and famous (List of asset management 20 under 25: young, rich and famous ).
this is the classification of 2009:
this is the classification of 2006 for “kings, queens and dictators”:
Note: The investing experience amounts indicated refer to millions of U.S. In the center of of all that is uniquely Austin in project is Barton Place dollars. If one is choosing a new condo and interested in the Barton Place condominiums offer amazing amenities The supposed Board of Directors of Capital fortune of Fidel Castro and the severe Funds lack of credibility.

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Schematic drawing of the syrinx of a bird
1 ring last free cartilaginous tracheal eardrum 2 3 First siringales group rings Pessulus 4 5 6 side timpaniforme Membrana Membrana timpaniforme medial 7 second group of rings siringales 8 9 Bronquio main bronchial Cartilage
The syrinx is the vocal organ of birds. Located at the base of the trachea, and produces complex sounds without the vocal cords which are mammals. The sounds are produced by vibrations in the walls of the syrinx or the vibration of air through the syrinx.
Only the birds have a specialized agency and this allows many species (including parrots, the starling, the crows, the Jay, the magpies, etc.). Imitate the human voice.
Because the syrinx is located where the trachea bifurcates to form the bronchi, deeper than the mammalian larynx, many songbirds can produce two or more sounds simultaneously. The respiratory system is especially differences between mammals and birds. Those who only found in birds are breast Infraorbital, syrinx and air bags.
The nasal cavity is defined by different bones in different ways.
Most birds have an opening that connects the nasal and oral cavity (Coan). They have soft palate and have different mechanisms of swallowing and breathing.
Infraorbital is within the cranial cavity and ventral to the eye, which is empty and has to provide air bags and the nasal cavity. Getting in shape with gives you look that you always desired. Join the smell and is a relatively accessible cavity subcutaneously through the skin, and upper respiratory infections, it is easy to obtain samples or puncture exudates.
It is very important in live animals and necropsies.
Larynx morphology is very different from a mammal, comprising different cartilage. You do not have cartilage epiglotico. It has no vocal cords. Phonation is produced by the syrinx.
The trachea is completely enclosed ring and are arranged in the form of tiles forming a complete tube.
In the final portion of the trachea before the fork is the syrinx, which is very similar to the vocal cords of mammals. It consists of a fusion of cartilage eardrum. This is continuous with the tympanic membrane timpaniforme exterior and interior, which has no cartilage, and when you cram a vibration. Birds that can talk, the sound comes from the cavity celomica.
In some species (Anatidae), has a different morphology, but the mechanism is the same. They have a kind of snail with a very large cartilaginous same mechanism of production of sound.
The lungs of birds are different because they have no lobes. Are unique and are smaller than in mammals with the same size. In mammals, the air just in the alveolus. In birds, the air enters your lungs, gas exchange and terminates in blind sacs (air bags), which stores and cause air to enter and leave the air. They have separated the role of exchange and air inlet. In birds, is more frequent than that occurring aerosaculitis Pneumonies because it is easier to flourish.
In the lung air passes very quickly and is easier on the air bag because it is more.
They do not have lung lobes.
There bronchia primary, secondary and tertiary or parabronquios. The former have a bronchia extrapulmonary and intrapulmonary portion. Cranio-caudally walk around the lungs and end up in the air bag. Salen 4 secondary bronchi that run the lung parenchyma. Side of the post parabronquios or tertiary bronchi, which are different from mammals because they do not end up in the alveoli. The parabronquios make gas exchange. Is bounded by connective tissue. In the light, some cells (which are called atrium) that are separated by septa between them. In the apical portion of the alveoli are muscle of mammals. Open or close the wall of the atrium.
Bronchus of the light, you can reach the parenchyma of parabronquio that has many blood capillaries. Is the equivalent of the mammalian alveolar gas exchange because it goes to the air sacs where it is stored.
Bags aereos offset the small size of the lung. More than half of the respiratory system is the lung. There are odd (the most cranial: cervical (1), clavicle (1)) and pairs (cranial thoracic (2), caudal thoracic (2) and abdominal (2)). Involved in respiratory mechanics. Also neumatizan andalusia animal and decrease the density of the animal to be able to fly. The animal looks like a globe and infiltrate the bony structures and neumatiza. The air sack reaches the occipital cervical: encompasses the cervical vertebrae.
The abdominal air sacs penetrate between the arches of the vertebrae and femur to emit diverticula.

Health Concerns Digestive Harmony – 60 tabs. by Health Concerns

swine flu deaths

‘While the government of Mexico says that the epidemic of influenza A, are in’ phase of descent ‘, similar to its announcement on Sunday that Ecuador reinforced surveillance on the border with Colombia in this country to confirm the existence of A case of swine flu. In addition, the airline TAME, covering flights between Esmeraldas and Cali (Colombia) has temporarily suspended this frequency, by order of the Ministry of Health, which ordered the suspension of all flights across borders, at least for 30 days. TAME three weekly flights between Esmeraldas-Cali and vice versa.

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2007 Superbike season