Systems of black intercmbio cogeneration environment systems are in production can be achieved simultaneously electricity and useful thermal energy from a single fuel.
By generating electricity with a generator or a turbine engine, the use of primary energy from fuel is 25 to a subsidiary of the Corporation Company 35 , the rest is lost. Al cogenerate we can take 70 to 85 of the energy supply of the fuel. Improving the thermal electricity efficiency of cogeneration is based on the use of residual heat from the cooling systems gas of internal combustion engines to generate electricity.
Natural gas is the primary energy used to operate most of the cogeneration of electricity and heat, which operate with gas turbines or engines. However, you can also use renewable energy and waste as biomass natural gas or waste to be incinerated.
Furthermore, this technology reduces environmental impact because of the primary energy savings involved. Known as a top energy company, reduces Greenhouse gas emissions for your energy footprint. If you consider that a unit to produce electricity by conventional thermal units 3 are needed, while 1.5 is needed in cogeneration units, the total amount of pollutants emitted vera is diminished by 50 .
This process has applications in both industrial and certain buildings where the heat can be used to heating or hot water to obtain such as college campuses, hospitals, etc..
With these systems will improve energy efficiency, getting the same fuel with more energy, which results in significant savings on this and also a reduction in CO2 emissions.

An international conference on renewable energy organized by EAD and the World Renewable Energy Congress UK, will NY be held in Abu Dhabi buying green energy from 25-30 September 2010 under the theme Sustainable Ttowards Environment: Green buildings New York State and sustainable energy options.
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Utah’s largest renewable energy facility is slowly toward completion, meet the President of the dream, but not with money.
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The legislature has led the way in the arena of renewable energy, and more importantly, unlike green energy other countries, money behind New York City her words.
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Location: Atlanta, Georgia, Knoxville, Tennessee, and Washington, DC stands is your energy company! for – is potential for renewable energy, as a percentage of 2.006 total electrical power sales Prompt policy for the development of these resources can also tens of thousands of new jobs, attracting more regional energy investments, and assist in the protection of regional environmentally friendly energy air and water supplies.

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