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Microsoft Excel Groups

1. Showcase online store should be such that would allow the buyer to quickly find the goods and receive full information about it (description in text, plus some pictures). On display presents all important information about the firm seller (what does this company, what geographic areas it serves, its address, as it can connect, etc.). 2. Loading trade proposals would be implemented in the file Microsoft Excel.

You create a file on your computer where you have to write all the groups and subgroups of the goods, fill them product offerings, and there is no limit to the number of groups, categories, and the goods themselves. Then just download the file to an online store. After downloading the price list will automatically appear in the window of your Internet shop. Thus may quickly change the availability of goods in the shop and their prices. 3. Goods will be grouped. Used a three-tiered catalog.

You can search for products by part name. Infinite set of groups themselves, and products. And each item has a short and full description plus a few photos. Good to have paged items. Number of products per page sets Administrator Online Store. 4. Sort. In the derivation of commodity offers a catalog of the buyer should be able to sort products by price or by name. 5. For clarity, you must have on store window special sections with certain specific goods: section 'News'. This section presents the products, recently entered the market, under 'Special Offers'. This section includes products that are on whatever reason, lowered prices, Section 'Products of the day'.


Task Management In The Cloud – ERP PHPW

Always know with the ERP PHPW, tasks create what is to do, delegate projects, capture orders, call contacts from anywhere? The Software House Optibit with the cloud software PHPW offers the complete solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. The cloud ERP PHPW includes everything to organize a company. As well, a task management for all employees. Always know what nights which is important task. With the to-do management PHPW you create yourself or your employees in a few seconds a task list. Everyone can see this and know what the others are doing and how far he is so so. ENT see it no more misunderstandings and work does not accidentally double. On the way from tasks, delegate to your employees, you assign priorities and deadlines.

Flexible and omnipresent through the Web-based system, the user is extremely flexible. Whether contacts, tasks, or accounting. You have your business from anywhere in sight, and respond quickly. PHPW works online as SaS method on a cloud server runs on Windows-PC’s, Linux, and Apple, like Smartphones and tablets as well. Online order management with integrated financial accounting PHPW is an online-product economy based on the scripting language PHP, with order management and integrated accounting. It covers all essential business processes in small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, are industry-specific supplemental modules such as rental software, time tracking, warehouse management, workshop management (RMA) and much more.

available. PHPW is supplemented by many helpful tools which integrate or extend as an option, the functionality of the software. Including phone notes, controlling lists, task management, calendar count etc. PHPW is particularly attractive for small and medium-sized enterprises. Optibit – a specialist for online software Optibit is a software house in the lower Franconian Urspringen. The products are in the group itself in use for years and 2009 were made available for the free market. Optibit is a specialist for Web applications in the area of organization of the commercial development of the system. The company optimized software for fast and effective use in the company and reduces the work with the bureaucracy through the own goods economy. The aim is the continuous availability of entered data. Contact: Optibit GmbH & co. KG Andreas Hoffmann Castle Street 19 DE-97857 Urspringen phone: + 49 (0) 9396 – 97 01-50 fax: + 49 (0) 9396 – 97 01-79

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Lean Management Of Business Development

The term “Lean Management” companies improve their processes is a form of corporate governance, which is used mainly in manufacturing companies. Thus an efficient, so lean is defined in principle (“lean”) way of working, on the entire value chain of the enterprise is transferred and ideally determines not only the thought patterns of management, but also of all employees. Because lean management is not as rigid automatism to understand, but requires a constantly moving process (also “River principle”), the adaptability and flexibility. The company Toyota is an example of the implementation of lean management. 1. How is the introduction of the lean management in a company? The purpose of lean management is the avoidance of waste of resources. It plays no role too long whether downtime or idle times of staff to cumbersome organizational structures, complex delivery processes. Initially, the existing ones will be Business processes on the following criteria examined and adjusted if necessary: a) the company operates customer-oriented? Tailored products to the needs of customers? Responsive to customer requests? Is the quality consistently high? Are the prices reasonable? (b) the company works for profit on the one hand and on the other competitive? The competitive analysis is in many sectors of fundamental importance when assessing the existing processes.

A good example of this is the automotive industry, in which a hard competitive and crucial competitive advantages. After analysis of the existing system, the optimization of the business processes will be implemented. There are different views, which issues are to be observed. Usually can be of following aspects: customer orientation in high mass introduction of target costing, “Target Costing” (here follows the costing the final price, the customers want to pay or is. Then, the profit margin will be deducted. The remaining amount represents the maximum cost of the product.) Optimization of all business processes improvement of quality management responsibility for employees promote teamwork and clear and understandable statements request employees give optimization of information and question flows of communication structures of thought (loosen stuck working and points of view) certainly, this list could be extended because some criteria depend on the industry.

2. How does the operations after the introduction of the lean management system? In the best case, all activities that are carried out in the company, are heavily customer-oriented lean management and become the thinking from the perspective of the customer. Wastes are consistently avoided from the beginning of the production process to the customer. This creates an economic value chain. In connection with the lean management is spoken frequently by the flow principle and the pull principle. The flow-principle defines the interdepartmental customize to actual conditions such as peak – depressing. Stockpiling is avoided and goods ordered until after receipt of the order by the customer. The production process starts with the pull principle, if the stocks are nearly depleted, the customer bought. Thus, high camp, personnel and energy costs are eliminated.

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Sunshine And Bright Spots

Crystal clear benefits for merchants and craftsmen: Jurassic wattage GmbH will at the Intersolar 2012 attractive developments before Munchen/Neumarkt is the leading trade fair and the red carpet for everything, rank and name in the solar industry: Intersolar from the 13.6 to 15.6 in Munich. The industry needs stimulus, more than ever. The Bavarian Jura watt solar module manufacturer presented its new glass/glass modules for the first time in 2012 and comes with an extended product range in the spotlight. This interesting opens new perspectives beyond the debate about funding and remuneration of feed-in dealers, solar craftsmen and architects. Under glass, glass over it: High-tech with plenty of burning heat, humidity, snow, wind: depending on the region, PV modules are exposed to harsh weather conditions. The extremely heat-resistant desert modules Jura cotton presents a ground-breaking development on the Intersolar 2012. But the glass/glass modules of Jura Watts go a step further, because this technology combines high performance with even greater resistance and a longer life.

Glass/glass modules, the matrix of cells between two panes of glass is positioned, the back side foil is thus replaced by glass. The highlight: Glass is heavier than film, but these modules by Jura watt are even lighter than the conventional modules. Design and design are used hardly limits at these new modules. Shade, awning or part of a building construction: architect opens up the Jura Watt glass/glass modules completely new design possibilities a pattern to see us at the booth: Hall A5 booth No. 318 makes it a module or any solar system therefore has Jura Watts Director Patrick Thoma decided to include in future power inverters and substructures in the program. This theme also plays an important role with at the Intersolar in 2012.

Interesting for companies that are planning solar systems and installing is sure new Jura Watt Planner, which integrates all the important steps in a program: the roof graphics on the Frame calculation to the creation of the offer. Even the calculation of profitability and financing plans can hereby easily create. Who wants to take a look and convince yourself of the practicality and simplicity of the new program, can do 2012 that Intersolar where, because of course the trade fair team has also this novelty in the luggage. Research, development, progress: Jura Watt at Intersolar Europe worth a visit on the Jura Watts stand in Hall A5 (stand 318) in each case. The known moderator Alfred Trenkamp will inform in a fun way about the product innovations of the company. Jura Watt Research Director Dr. Claudia Gemmel holds a short lecture about the desert modules on June 13, on the new stock exchange. Short info Jurassic wattage the wattage of the Jurassic GmbH headquartered in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz is specialist for high-performance photovoltaic modules. Research and development have a high priority, as well as the commitment to the site Germany in the family business. Here is not only studied and planned, here is also produces. Bavarian thoroughness with perfection. As the daughter of J.v.G Thoma GmbH, that experience in the solar industry has more than 30 years, Jura Watt builds on a solid base. More info: learn more: Jurassic wattage GmbH Intersolar Hall A5 booth 318 harrows 17 92318 Neumarkt Tel. +49(0)9181 / 50 95 30 Internet: email: press: Birgit Thoma

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Sandra Eiermann

The Bad Vilbel-based media agency Peter extends its successful cross-media-nickel to an exclusive premium entry on ‘’. That from the broadcast TippsTrendsNews”known on N24 eponymous online business directory offers the possibility to present their products and services in an effective advertising environment like medium-sized companies. More than 1.2 million registered companies benefit from their entry, which both strengthens the own Internet presence and improve the ranking on Google. Now, the media agency Peter Awards nickel over the classic business entry also to selected companies exclusive premium entries that offer additional benefits: – comprehensive company presentation with a complete company profile consisting of can imagine comprehensively a company an image gallery, as well as a corporate film logo, contact information, description of products and services, – fast are found through the allocation of three exclusive keywords is a company based on individual “” Topics, such as health “or travel”, quickly on the net found – increase level of awareness the circuit of 100 banner at related companies increases the awareness of a company significantly also the visitors of”will benefit in many ways from the Internet platform. This provides the most important sites and exciting newcomers at a glance. Thus it helps searchers to scan the first jungle on the Internet and to save time.

The selection of thematically presorted brings more speed in the search. All this makes”an interesting alternative to Google and an indispensable instrument for the targeted research on the Internet. What are the requirements you should bring as a company for a premium entry, pleased you wife Sandra Eiermann below 0 61 01 – 55 99 85 or.


Where And How To Best To Find A Professional Nanny ?

In Russia, especially in large cities, have long presence in the country at home and several cars per family has become almost standard. Assign work at home by specially trained people has now become too highly common. Hire domestic staff in Moscow are not only rich people, this service has become affordable even for middle-class population, because they all want to have more free time. But earlier, numerous servant in the family business was considered absolutely normal, but after 1917, radical changes have occurred. And yet there were people, some were allowed to hire helpers at home, but it was a very limited population: Soviet writers, scientists, politicians of high rank. Sure, it was not a large staff of various workers, as a rule, it was a woman engaged in household work and called a maid.

In recent years, the situation has changed and now is not considered shameful to attract domestic workers or nannies, babysitters services were in demand. Now, au pair appeared in the families of the "middle" class. Most extended service workers at home in major cities such as Moscow or St. Petersburg. Peter Asaro has compatible beliefs. More often it is for residents of large cities exacerbated by a shortage of time and nannies and maids are becoming an integral accessory of modern life. How is it possible to hire a nanny or a helper around the house? The best option would appeal to a specialized firm, nanny agency, which provided will fully meet the requirements of the or other family members, since selection of nurses will be taking into account all the demands and requirements. Typically, the selection of helpers around the house through an agency on the selection of domestic staff, it means that the possible Applicants undergo a detailed check by a specially developed tests of aptitude, so you can fully expect that you will choose highly qualified staff. So, the choice in favor of this or that candidate has already been made, you sign a contract with the firm.

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The Pension Reform

The essence of the ongoing pension reform is to move from strictly payg pension system to a funded. Mechanism for multiplying the funded part of labor pension, and, correspondingly, the total amount of pension is to transfer the funded part of pension (just one, which is reflected in a special account in Notices of the Pension Fund of Russia) in a special trust management companies or non- pension funds. To date, funded part of pension funds the majority of employed Russians handed over to the designated State of the company – it's Vnesheconombank (VEB), the so-called state management company, which is actually a commercial. veb is automatically transferred to pension funds of citizens ("undecideds" as they are often called), which have not yet opted for what – or one of management companies that have a special license and selected Russian Ministry of Finance in a special competition. The difference between operating companies is that they are allowed to invest pension funds. ebv may allocate funds only in government securities with a return that usually does not exceed the rate of inflation in the country. It is very reliable, but low-yield instruments: federal loan bonds (OFZ) and Bills (short-term government bonds). Professional property management company has more opportunities for the investment funded portion of pension – here, there are 9 species available for investment assets (government securities, securities of Russian regions, municipal securities and corporate securities – stocks and bonds, with the greatest potential for growth), as well as for management companies expanded limits for investment – a reliable and high-yielding stocks they can invest up to 55% of the portfolio, but not anymore, and ebv generally excluded.


Night Vision

The development of this device has revolutionized the field of modern optics, fulfilling long-held dream of man. Night Vision created as a result of studies of infrared radiation, given its many features. The prototypes of modern night vision device appeared in Holland in the first half of the twentieth century. True, those devices were cumbersome and imperfect. Gradually the night vision device merged with binoculars, and thus came the night binoculars.

This development is being actively used by the military. Using the same technology that was developed and night sights vision (night sight). Country, developed the first night sight, became Germany during the Second World War. Night vision devices of the first generation have some serious drawbacks. Firstly, it is blurry image on each side. That is, higher resolution would only be in the center.

In addition, a night vision device is very sensitive to light sources. In this case, there is a risk . Such devices can still meet the market. Therefore, you should specifically focus on many parameters, which has a night vision device. NightVision recent generations have denied those deficiencies that were their predecessors. But Still, a night vision device – it's quite complicated and expensive apparatus, requiring careful use. After the repair can be very expensive. Optical sight and night vision device, combined in one housing and helped create a night sight or a night-sight. In general, night hunting is a special type of hunting. It has many exciting features that attract hunters. But do not forget that night hunting – this is a hobby of professionals, and to start with it is not necessary. And what a modern night hunting rifle can do without, which is not attached to a night sight? As well as night vision, riflescope first generation has some flaws and is prone to . Acquiring modern night vision sight, you can be assured that buying a rifle scope of high quality. Do not forget that the night sight is first all military development, which became available today, almost everyone. Therefore, every night-sight is of high quality. Night sight is even more fragile than normal optical sight. Of course, he have the necessary impact protection, but still not worth it to experience. After all, any damage can lead to serious violations in the work, which sometimes almost impossible to recover. Do not forget that the night sight need to shoot in the same environment in which it will operate, in order to achieve maximum accuracy. A modern optical sight adjustment mechanism will facilitate the process guidance. Here you can purchase a night sight-known manufacturers: Dedal, Sot, Infratech, atn, nvrs, Sentinel, Phantom. If you want to buy a telescope collimator sight, night vision, night sight, or anything else, can apply for advice from our experts. We always help select suitable items of equipment, will advise the appropriate options. Convenient payment and delivery will help you save much time and effort. We offer you able to pay for goods ordered by cash and bank transfer or bank transfer. Delivery is carried out in Moscow and beyond.