The development of this device has revolutionized the field of modern optics, fulfilling long-held dream of man. Night Vision created as a result of studies of infrared radiation, given its many features. The prototypes of modern night vision device appeared in Holland in the first half of the twentieth century. True, those devices were cumbersome and imperfect. Gradually the night vision device merged with binoculars, and thus came the night binoculars.

This development is being actively used by the military. Using the same technology that was developed and night sights vision (night sight). Country, developed the first night sight, became Germany during the Second World War. Night vision devices of the first generation have some serious drawbacks. Firstly, it is blurry image on each side. That is, higher resolution would only be in the center.

In addition, a night vision device is very sensitive to light sources. In this case, there is a risk . Such devices can still meet the market. Therefore, you should specifically focus on many parameters, which has a night vision device. NightVision recent generations have denied those deficiencies that were their predecessors. But Still, a night vision device – it's quite complicated and expensive apparatus, requiring careful use. After the repair can be very expensive. Optical sight and night vision device, combined in one housing and helped create a night sight or a night-sight. In general, night hunting is a special type of hunting. It has many exciting features that attract hunters. But do not forget that night hunting – this is a hobby of professionals, and to start with it is not necessary. And what a modern night hunting rifle can do without, which is not attached to a night sight? As well as night vision, riflescope first generation has some flaws and is prone to . Acquiring modern night vision sight, you can be assured that buying a rifle scope of high quality. Do not forget that the night sight is first all military development, which became available today, almost everyone. Therefore, every night-sight is of high quality. Night sight is even more fragile than normal optical sight. Of course, he have the necessary impact protection, but still not worth it to experience. After all, any damage can lead to serious violations in the work, which sometimes almost impossible to recover. Do not forget that the night sight need to shoot in the same environment in which it will operate, in order to achieve maximum accuracy. A modern optical sight adjustment mechanism will facilitate the process guidance. Here you can purchase a night sight-known manufacturers: Dedal, Sot, Infratech, atn, nvrs, Sentinel, Phantom. If you want to buy a telescope collimator sight, night vision, night sight, or anything else, can apply for advice from our experts. We always help select suitable items of equipment, will advise the appropriate options. Convenient payment and delivery will help you save much time and effort. We offer you able to pay for goods ordered by cash and bank transfer or bank transfer. Delivery is carried out in Moscow and beyond.