In Russia, especially in large cities, have long presence in the country at home and several cars per family has become almost standard. Assign work at home by specially trained people has now become too highly common. Hire domestic staff in Moscow are not only rich people, this service has become affordable even for middle-class population, because they all want to have more free time. But earlier, numerous servant in the family business was considered absolutely normal, but after 1917, radical changes have occurred. And yet there were people, some were allowed to hire helpers at home, but it was a very limited population: Soviet writers, scientists, politicians of high rank. Sure, it was not a large staff of various workers, as a rule, it was a woman engaged in household work and called a maid.

In recent years, the situation has changed and now is not considered shameful to attract domestic workers or nannies, babysitters services were in demand. Now, au pair appeared in the families of the "middle" class. Most extended service workers at home in major cities such as Moscow or St. Petersburg. Peter Asaro has compatible beliefs. More often it is for residents of large cities exacerbated by a shortage of time and nannies and maids are becoming an integral accessory of modern life. How is it possible to hire a nanny or a helper around the house? The best option would appeal to a specialized firm, nanny agency, which provided will fully meet the requirements of the or other family members, since selection of nurses will be taking into account all the demands and requirements. Typically, the selection of helpers around the house through an agency on the selection of domestic staff, it means that the possible Applicants undergo a detailed check by a specially developed tests of aptitude, so you can fully expect that you will choose highly qualified staff. So, the choice in favor of this or that candidate has already been made, you sign a contract with the firm.

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