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Bentley Arnage Cars

When the car goes beyond the phrase "car is not a luxury but a means of transportation, it is immediately clear that we are concerned with the elite cars. Owners of such cars do not think about the practicality of Transport, about the price, they can gather large collections. Well, for manufacturers selling luxury cars is an excellent means of earning. Small survey of passenger cars, which are impressive looks and performance will be presented below. Version of the car can be set, because many manufacturers engaged in production of luxury transportation, there is. When it comes to luxury brands of cars, just remember Bentley.

Truly Machine aristocrats. But the model Bentley Arnage with a price of 17 million Russian rubles can be a brilliant representative of the British luxury. At the same time strict and stylish, this powerful sedan will decorate the courtyard of any house. Sales of expensive cars, luxury is not always performed in salons. Often such machines unit, they must be ordered. Sometimes, an elite transportation can be found from private dealers.

Continues to list in the review car elite Morgan Aero 8. This the car is remarkable in that sports car is essentially, and in appearance it is an old but elegant machine. Stylized, with large headlamps Morgan Aero convertible combines the past and future. One of the most expensive cars built this year, could not become an elite. Maybach 62S MSRP – huge size, again a strict and elegant, but if you look inside the cabin, immediately understand what it means to "elite", and with it the "royal". And here the Germans tried. Another car that combines the tradition of looks and style with modern technology, this convertible Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. I can not believe that 5.5 meters of metal could cost 35 million Russian rubles. No model company's Mercedes-Benz can not make any rating, and if we are talking about elite cars, then even more so. You could name a few models, but dwell on the Mercedes-Benz CL 65 AMG. Five-meter compartment has a familiar, even at first glance, simple form. However, this refinement in combination with modern features makes the car special, and certainly the elite.


Enterprise Solutions

The new version 8 of 1S: Enterprise reflect current market trends massive automation of management and accounting – expanding the range of tasks, the increase in medium-sized solutions, new specifications, which operate the automation system. In developing 1C Enterprise 8 1C considered his main task: to ensure high efficiency of the system for a wide range of businesses through increased functionality, improved performance and scalability, preservation of the entry-level mass of solutions, starting from the smallest of businesses and individual users, as well as increased support for mass industrial solutions. In the design of 1S: Enterprise 8 was carried out serious analysis of the experience of the 1C Enterprise 7.x in different conditions are taken into account the wishes of many partners and users. The following main directions of development platforms: Expanding the range of tasks and increase scalability Creating a new performance ergonomic interface development tools for building economic and analytical reporting improvement of the rapid development of application solutions development capabilities integration of technology development and delivery of application solutions to support development of administrative tools Internationalization Improving scalability 1C: Enterprise application solutions for all regardless of the industry and the company allows a developer to a wide scale. It may be a single-user version for personal use or a very small organization (SOHO), and multi-user version of the file version, and client-server version, which provides efficient operation and reliable storage media in the presence of tens or hundreds of concurrent users. It is important that all these works can be implemented without application of processing solution.

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