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Vyshgorodsky Road

Drove a lot, but the need for water or take a margin or walk a mile to the camp. Entrances to the site – rammed a primer, so that we can not be afraid to get stuck, but a lot of roots. After this heavenly place the road begins to deteriorate rapidly, turns become sharper and closure: bush vegetation rushing straight on the road. And for us, just a joy – we're pretty ruthlessly take turns, loading test tires Kumho. At a pressure of 2.2 atmosphere KU31 fairly resilient, with if in turn flies in the pothole, you can feel the shift of the trajectory of the front axle. However, it quickly corrected – side load Ecsta well tolerated.

30-kilometer zone from Vyshgorodsky dam is marked by mortar attack – there is no road, there are only a plane for potholes with a diameter up to a meter (!) are better on the slip speed of 120 km per hour – they are shallow, but very shaken. After this check we had to turn left to the hills. Bridgehead 4: Paradise on a precipice – 34,2 km This is where you begin a new terrain. Sandy beach ends cliffs of varying heights, and this place is very suitable for going small company, which is inclined to contemplation. Designated Tent enough, but to look for a clean spot on the anthills. Landlocked in the form of the opening in the sandy cliff. But swimming here is best: the bottom is excellent and has a depth.


Modern Technology

Damage to the bumper of the car – always a nuisance for the owner. You should not forget, however, that the bumper is designed to extinguish the crash, so the damage – much less trouble than the injury to occupants. Bumper repair usually costs much cheaper than buying new, the cost of repair is directly dependent on the nature of the damage and plastic material from which made the bumper. Most bumpers are made of thermoplastic plastic, which can melt at high temperature. Simple heating fix minor damage – dents and scratches. If you have any cracks or loss of fragments surface of the bumper requires the use of plastic welding technology.

It consists in the fact that at first made a thorough preparation of the future of the weld. His smooth out the width of 15 mm, attached to edges of a V-shaped profile, and the ends cracks to prevent further spread. Welding was performed by heating the crack technical phenomenon, fused in her special plastic welding rods. This technology allows one to the most durable connection while repairing bumpers. Considerable fragments, if they survived, scald on the perimeter, or used material from other 'broken' bumpers, the appropriate chemical composition. Bumpers made from thermoset plastic materials, we can not weld because they can not be melted.

In this case, the bonding technology is more expensive, but it remains the only possible. To this end, using special high-adhesive joints, which, after solidification are durable polymer material. Here it is crucial to choose the right kind of glue, carefully crafted bonding surfaces, providing the best adhesion (bond) adhesive composition with the material of the bumper. It should be noted that subsequent grinding and paint with high temperature drying should be subject to a Properties of the bond, so it is preferable to perform all work in one workshop. Only in very rare cases, repair the bumper becomes economically less profitable than its replacement. These masters never will refuse to repair, even if it is a unique tuning bumper, custom-made. Repair or tuning body kit bumper technology is no different from the native bumper repair, established by the izgotovitilem car.


Separ Engine

Step 5 The final filtration remaining in the fuel particles and water filter element is made of special material. Elements are supplied with different values cells. Refined fuel leaves the filter through the outlet C or D (unused hole closes of attached cover) Backwash Stop the engine. Remove the screw on the lid of depressurization filter. Open the drain valve. Clean fuel, located above the filter element at the top of the filter falls back down and promoet element of water droplets and dirt particles.

Necessary to produce discharge from the filter until wash the dirt from the filter. Steve Wozniak has much to offer in this field. Then close the tap and, if necessary, removing the lid, fill the fuel filter to remove air from the fuel system. Tighten the bolt depressurization and let the engine. If there is loss of power, replace the filter element. In any case, the filter element is required to change at least 1 time per year. Separ fuel filter 2000 can be installed on any vehicle (passenger cars and trucks, buses, construction and agricultural machines) with a diesel engine.

Separ 2000 with the heated fuel is available for both 12 and for a 24-volt network. A completely new multi-level system guarantees 100% solution clean fuel from water and dirt. In addition to the undoubted benefits of Separ-2000 are high capacity, long service life of the filter element, ease of installation and maintenance. For areas with low temperatures, especially in cases where the possible long simple transport the engine shut off at t <-15 or the presence of summer diesel fuel in the tank, which leads to the separation of the fuel wax filters Separ-2000 comes with preheater.


Bentley Arnage Cars

When the car goes beyond the phrase "car is not a luxury but a means of transportation, it is immediately clear that we are concerned with the elite cars. Owners of such cars do not think about the practicality of Transport, about the price, they can gather large collections. Well, for manufacturers selling luxury cars is an excellent means of earning. Small survey of passenger cars, which are impressive looks and performance will be presented below. Version of the car can be set, because many manufacturers engaged in production of luxury transportation, there is. When it comes to luxury brands of cars, just remember Bentley.

Truly Machine aristocrats. But the model Bentley Arnage with a price of 17 million Russian rubles can be a brilliant representative of the British luxury. At the same time strict and stylish, this powerful sedan will decorate the courtyard of any house. Sales of expensive cars, luxury is not always performed in salons. Often such machines unit, they must be ordered. Sometimes, an elite transportation can be found from private dealers.

Continues to list in the review car elite Morgan Aero 8. This the car is remarkable in that sports car is essentially, and in appearance it is an old but elegant machine. Stylized, with large headlamps Morgan Aero convertible combines the past and future. One of the most expensive cars built this year, could not become an elite. Maybach 62S MSRP – huge size, again a strict and elegant, but if you look inside the cabin, immediately understand what it means to "elite", and with it the "royal". And here the Germans tried. Another car that combines the tradition of looks and style with modern technology, this convertible Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. I can not believe that 5.5 meters of metal could cost 35 million Russian rubles. No model company's Mercedes-Benz can not make any rating, and if we are talking about elite cars, then even more so. You could name a few models, but dwell on the Mercedes-Benz CL 65 AMG. Five-meter compartment has a familiar, even at first glance, simple form. However, this refinement in combination with modern features makes the car special, and certainly the elite.


New Volkswagen Jetta

In mid-June 2010 in the heart of New York City company Volkswagen has presented the new (sixth) generation model vw Jetta. After starting the Jetta sedan 2011 model year at the beginning of this year, the North American market, Volkswagen has shown the European version of one of its most successful cars in the market, which has a new range of engines and upscale interior decoration materials. German engineering means the highest quality and effective technology. And the new Jetta – a shining example. New Volkswagen Jetta Sedan is built on the modernized platform and slightly increased in size, which undoubtedly had a positive impact on the comfort of passengers and luggage capacity. New Jett's 4.64 meters long, 1.45 meters in height and 1.78 meters wide, which makes the car at 0.9 meters longer than the previous model. Jetta European buyers will be provided a choice of six power units, among which two new turbo-diesel: 1.6-liter tdi BlueMotion 105 hp and 140-hp 2.0-liter tdi.

In the range of engines will be the new four-cylinder turbocharged tsi units volume of 1.2 liters (105 hp) and 1.4-liter (160 hp). But at the beginning of all the new Jett will equipped with turbo tsi volume of 1,4 liters (122 hp) and 2.0-liter 200-strong tsi. All engines are paired with either a 6-speed or 7-speed (depending on model) transmission with double clutch. Blue Motion Technology equipped with motors 1,2 tsi and 1,6 tdi. Volkswagen Jetta is available in three trim levels: Trendline, Comfortline and Highline in Germany and the S, se and Sport in the uk.

Externally, the new vw Jetta looks very stylish design echoes the concept of New Compact Coupe, shown at the beginning of the year at the motor show in Detroit. In front of the body are used emphasized horizontal contours that define the entire design. Glossy black grille is made in the same style with trapezoidal headlamps. Harmony and lattice corrector smoothly flows down to a fully painted bumpers. Quiet and sports lines dominate the appearance of the rear part of the new Volkswagen Jetta. The interior of the car, too, has been completely updated, the quality and perfection of the details of this five-seater sedan now finally pulled out of the boundaries of class. In addition, customers can simply ask for the first time Volkswagen dealer to change certain elements of trim, if you want even more individuality. Moreover, the new Jetta offers exclusive perfection of details and trim – intuitive controls. In standard equipment includes esp system and tire pressure control. Package also includes up to six airbags (two front, two side front, two windows – for the head and chest in the area of the front side windows). Production of the Volkswagen Jetta sedan is expected to begin in the 4 th quarter of 2010.