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Mirrors and Safety

Mirrors provide a broad overview, the small mirror to observe the edge of the roadway, and additional rear-view mirrors extend visibility, thanks to this driver completely monitors road conditions. 4. Locking system and open the car doors created by the original design. Doors open at an angle of 90 degrees. For more information see this site: Viacom. Door handles and two-step running boards, stainless steel make entry and exit from the car convenient and safe. 5. For the convenience of washing glasses embedded flip-side steps.

6. In the cab mounted lights for reading, which are mounted in different places, have an elegant design and provide good lighting intensity, which is enough to read and to work with documents in the cockpit. HOWO heavy truck class has a significant advantage over China in relation to trucks contained in It advances the high technology in the field of comfort, ergonomics, including: – reduced height of the center of gravity of the chassis. From 64 to 40 mm, from 42 to 30 mm. – Construction truck is equipped with an air filter for protection from sand.

– Truck tractor has valves to connect pipelines trailer and modern features advance the trailer brake system, this feature provides an earlier operation of trailer brakes, increasing the safety. – Batteries and Spare wheel mounted on the right. This improves safety and maintainability. – Tractor-trailer has an optional mounting bracket for the spare wheel. – Aluminum fuel tanks capacity of 350 liters match the technological level of fuel tanks of trucks for sale. – Wings of the rear wheels are unique among other cars of China, they folded up inside the wing to strict brush.

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Kremenchug Automobile Plant

Azerbaijan's economy in recent years has grown considerably. Over a period of economic growth in the country has changed, not only in trade and manufacturing sector, but also in the industrial industry, attracting and interest of foreign capital, joint ventures and much, much more. Swarmed by offers, Pete Cashmore is currently assessing future choices. As of this year, Azerbaijan is a leader among CIS countries in terms of economic growth. One of the establishing priorities is the delivery market in the country of heavy trucks, a Ukrainian company AvtoKrAZ, which is the only producer of heavy trucks in Ukraine. A little history .. Roots KrAZ originate from 30-ies. The plant was built in Ukraine, Poltava Kremenchug village.

In the 1945th year, the plant changed its specialization and for eight years, produced construction bridge design. In time after World War II efforts of post-Soviet republics were aimed at rehabilitation and reconstruction of the devastation. In 1956 the plant back on track and began operating in the field of engineering. It with 1958-year Kremenchug plant produced heavy trucks. And the first issue, so to speak pioneer domestic transport – was KrAZ-222.

For all their activities Kremenchug Automobile Plant has repeatedly received prizes and awards for both the quality of donated items and for the long-term performance plan. Active supply KrAZ Azerbaijan occurs at the end of 2006. Despite global crisis, in the year 2006 was delivered 125 vehicles in the 2008th – 113. Since 2009, the year of the 2010th delivery trucks Kraz doubled. Authorized dealer holding company AvtoKrAZ the territory of Azerbaijan – is the company 'Alfateks'. C granting official status to the dealer in Azerbaijan, the company increased its sales tripled. And today, marketing efforts of companies 'Alfateks' aimed at creating its own distribution network, increasing the number of firm service centers and expansion of trade and exhibition centers, offering customers financial schemes for sales of motor vehicles KrAZ loans and leases. Not surprisingly, KrAZ firmly established name "Icebreaker". Kraz actually an icebreaker. They can easily overcome the meter snow cover, ford 1.2 meters deep, steep climb to 60%. KrAZ not afraid of sand, swamps and mountains, tundra, desert and jungle. If there was Kraz, is unlikely to succeed any other car. The site of the official dealer given all the information about cars, there is a detailed catalog of trucks, lorries, timber trucks, chassis, tractors, trailers and much, much more. Kraz is by far one of the most expensive and prestigious brands engineering industry and occupies a leading position in international economic Ranking "league's best." And most important: Kraz – will not let any time! Source:

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Selection Of Tires On Cars, Tips For Beginners

History of a tire has more than 150 years, and its appearance has become a launching pad for a new round in automotive history. We consider the main types of tires and give you some practical advice to help you pick up tires and wheels for your car. Like people who change shoes every season, cars are also sensitive to changes in weather conditions. First of all, the tires are divided into three main types: – summer, winter and season. The main difference is the type of tread pattern, as well as the chemical composition of rubber, which is designed for a particular season.

Summer car tires, primarily distinguished tread on which is dominated by longitudinal grooves for water drainage, and the transverse grooves are poorly expressed, thus providing maximum grip on dry and wet grip. Why not use them in winter? The answer to this question is simple. The chemical composition of rubber does not include driving on snow and ice. In simple terms, summer tires in sub-zero temperatures simply 'dubeet' and it appears that you drive on the wheels of plastic. Winter tires designed for driving on snowy and icy roads. The tread pattern clearly defined and many tires have spikes, which helps to push a wet film and ensure good contact with the road car. Unlike summer tires, winter has less wear and tire themselves are more plastic.

It is because of their plasticity, they are unsuitable for their use in the summer. Because of the high temperatures they are more subject to wear. The first all-season tires plus is their efficiency. They are designed for both dry and wet roads to, but on the other hand, because we do not go in one and the same shoes all year round. The tread pattern provides for a ride in any season, although based on experience is much safer to ride in winter is the winter and all-season tires are not on. One of the main differences is the stopping distance, with winter tires if you brake in the snow, it is shorter than all-season, and therefore safer. But the choice of tires, of course, always rests with the driver. Before you go shopping for new tires, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the range of products and manufacturers. For example, the site you can learn about new models of tires, the price of a particular model of tire and read the description in the catalog and reviews of tires. And a couple of tips for use. Be sure to check the balancing of wheels, it is a question for your safety. Not use studded tires to ride on roads where there is no snow or ice and do not forget to check the tire pressure. Good luck on the road!

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Affordable High Quality Production

A new model of Chinese commercial truck FAW 1083 () went on sale recently, but has become quite in demand among merchants who work with small loads. FAW Truck 1083 to the present universal means to transport goods. This car has been certified in Russia, it adapted to our climate. Buyers are already actively interested in FAW in 1083 and mainly construction companies. Dmitry Brook, Director network of dealers, "Light Truck" (AK GRUZOMOBIL) Such an interest in this model can be easily explained. FAW Car 1083 has several significant advantages, and compares favorably with similar competitor models. Main advantages of a light truck FAW 1083: Reliability assembly Ease of use Versatility fuel economy Affordable High Quality: a long tradition and modern technology FAW-first Automobile Group, a recognized leader in the manufacture of automobiles in China. FAW Group of companies in its production uses the latest developments and technical progress, the latest cutting-edge technology and production methods such famous manufacturers as VOLKSWAGEN, TOYOTA, ISUZU.

Thus, the production truck brand FAW () by using the technology and equipment of the world's leading producer of Japan – ISUZU. It was the Japanese trucks of the brand borrowed the basic components and assemblies Chinese truck FAW. FAW cars successfully combines the quality of Japanese and Chinese industriousness. Flexibility: work in different environments FAW Truck 1083 on truly a universal means for carrying freight. Its maneuverability and compact perfect for work in urban and suburban transport. Beskapotnaya layout, good visibility of the cabin and large mirrors Rear make it much easier to maneuver on narrow city streets.

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