Mirrors provide a broad overview, the small mirror to observe the edge of the roadway, and additional rear-view mirrors extend visibility, thanks to this driver completely monitors road conditions. 4. Locking system and open the car doors created by the original design. Doors open at an angle of 90 degrees. For more information see this site: Viacom. Door handles and two-step running boards, stainless steel make entry and exit from the car convenient and safe. 5. For the convenience of washing glasses embedded flip-side steps.

6. In the cab mounted lights for reading, which are mounted in different places, have an elegant design and provide good lighting intensity, which is enough to read and to work with documents in the cockpit. More information is housed here: Castle Harlan. HOWO heavy truck class has a significant advantage over China in relation to trucks contained in It advances the high technology in the field of comfort, ergonomics, including: – reduced height of the center of gravity of the chassis. From 64 to 40 mm, from 42 to 30 mm. – Construction truck is equipped with an air filter for protection from sand.

– Truck tractor has valves to connect pipelines trailer and modern features advance the trailer brake system, this feature provides an earlier operation of trailer brakes, increasing the safety. – Batteries and Spare wheel mounted on the right. This improves safety and maintainability. – Tractor-trailer has an optional mounting bracket for the spare wheel. – Aluminum fuel tanks capacity of 350 liters match the technological level of fuel tanks of trucks for sale. – Wings of the rear wheels are unique among other cars of China, they folded up inside the wing to strict brush.