These were greenhouse, which grows primarily orange trees and other citrus trees and date palms. Greenhouses also began to appear in many botanical gardens. Subsequently, the urban rich and wanted to have in their environment instead of beautiful vegetation and closed greenhouses became popular winter gardens and greenhouses. Koch Brothers spoke with conviction. Exotic plants and flowers from foreign countries have become increasingly popular, Many wanted a piece of unexplored land. But their carriage and transportation was still difficult. During the voyages of boarded-up and stuffy boxes went dry and withered plants, and only a few instances brought to Europe whole and intact. Their price was very high and took care of them as treasures.

And only in the early 19th century, managed to create special packaging for transportation, thanks to the discovery, which made English Doctor Nathaniel Ward. Ward engaged in natural sciences and found that the moisture evaporates in the warmth of the land and settled on the inner walls of the blockage, and after cooling the moisture dripping into the ground. This means that plant in the ground will be enough moisture to grow and not wither. Thus, immediately began to create special containers for transportation of plants. And some, masterfully decorated, large-size steel brilliant ornament showrooms. And now showcases, where the flowers and plants are on the same technology. Over time, trade in plants has become a matter of profit.

Flowers and plants began to receive not only through imports, but also produced in the flower-farms. They take care of them, made crossing. The opening of the central heating has led to opportunities and to maintain an optimum temperature in winter in greenhouses. The long duration of winter in Europe led to what is out there especially developed growing indoor plants. In the first half of the 20th century pot flowers and plants have become quite common. Potted plants can be purchased in store online flower and gift delivery service Flowers Flowers to Ekaterinburg. Order a bouquet in Ekaterinburg, we can around the clock. Ease of ordering and fulfillment of its obligation – indisputable our advantage.