The BIOINFORMTICA the bioinformtica is today a science in full growth. The high one offers of jobs in the area is well-known, has seen the amount excessive of produced genmicas information. Due to speed of the growth of the referring studies and information to this promising area, the proper conceptualization of bioinformtica had that to be reformulated with passing of the time, of form that it came to englobar the diverse areas searched in this field of the knowledge. In accordance with the workmanships ‘ ‘ Artificial Intelligence in Bioinformatics (Publishing) Computers and Chemistry’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Earliest pages in bioinformatics, Bioinformatics’ ‘ , the bioinformtica term, in its origin, make reference to reference the analysis of sequncias of data of proteins and the DNA (CORNE AND MARTIN, 2001) (TRIFONOV, 2000). In recent years the term was modified in way to add all the aspects of molecular biology since the amino acid signature analysis until analysis of protein structure, prediction and modelamento of cellular processes, passing for analysis of texts and storage of data (CORNE AND MARTIN, 2001). Therefore, ‘ is concluded in the article; ‘ What is Bioinformatics’ ‘ that the bioinformtica can be observed as a junction between molecular biology and the computer science (BIOPLANET, 2002).

The USE OF ALGORITHMS IN the BIOINFORMTICA Speaking on the relation between the computation and biology, in its didactic material ‘ ‘ Tools of Bioinformtica: Manipulation of sequncias and recovery of flanqueadoras regions of one alvo’ ‘ RIBEIRO affirms that the envolvement of computational techniques, with prominence to the development of efficient algorithms it becomes indispensable for a good analysis of generated data, and thus, consequentemente, generating the finishing successfully of each project. Still for the author, molecular biology in partnership with the genetics is the area that more makes use of computational techniques, of which it is distinguished theory of the computation, mainly through the formularization of algorithms in order to solve diverse problems appeared in recent years in the biological field.