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Group Principles

The family dog, the pet of all life, feels alienated with the new Homer, which, confused, starts to become depressed. Lisa gets to explain it to Homer that as people advances in intelligence begins to decrease happiness and appears the existential doubt. He no longer laughs at jokes, don’t find the grace or joy in the inconsequential things, the relationship with his wife Marge feels different. Overwhelmed, Homer decides to best to reintegrate the crayola. Holy remedy. Ajua.TODO returns to normal, with his little conscience once again becomes the adorable idiot who devours hot dogs, drink beer with friends, experiencing the emotional ups and downs of a child.

Lisa was only disappointed, but a letter that the Homer-ready wrote to him before returning to the Homero-idiota be filled with joy. The episode ends with Lisa Homer always hugging. It is that the Group seems to have an anthropological term that seeks to protect; It wants approval. The sociological entity exceeds and somehow sacrificed to the individual entity that shows initiative, difference, risk. If you are exceptional, for something good or something bad, polarizing, you consider yourself an agitator, you’re no-tribu. You become the scapegoat in the sacrifice making the group in order to ensure cohesion, standardization, average.

As if the entity has its own life, bureaucracy has a purpose by itself: survive and maintain the status quo to as result. The principles of organizations go beyond the principles of individuals; they have precedence and seem to be inscribed in stone. The company often handles principals and not the directors to the company. To innovate then you must overcome the enterprise; You must persuade her, seduce her, forcing it, so then it may break the inertia and trajectory. This happens in companies large and small, even in couples. With another modality Eric Berne, author of Games People Play, documented a case of a woman who suffered with her alcoholic husband but that, at the same time, the fact of taking care of him gave him a sense of purpose, provided a sense of security that would not go with another that never endure it, accepted it as his cross that selflessly offered as a sacrifice.


When stress builds up, if there is no way to relieve it, began to attack your body, and will soon feel muscles and body aches, fatigue, and nausea. These symptoms may affect your thinking and lead you to make serious mistakes in the work and/or your private life. Regular visits to the spa you provide with a place where you can spend a couple of hours cleaning up your mind while your body is being pampered with a massage that will relax and rejuvenate you, so that you can face another day or week with a clear mind and find solutions to your problems with ease. A spa for all treatment there are a variety of treatments available at the spa and choose the shown conversing with your masseuse only takes a few minutes. He or she ate to ask a couple of questions and probably will ask you to fill out a questionnaire, to analyze it and ensure that you receive the treatment indicated as well as the results that you want. Usually, people visit the spa to remove stress, but there are many other purposes of a spa and are: Therapeutic healing as arthritis, cleaning, toning of muscles, skin firmness, and or massages of recovery. Each treatment has a specific purpose and in order to achieve the desired results, you must let the masseuse know your goals and hopes. Recovery in a spa treatments require multiple sessions to which you must commit yourself apply to treatment if you want to see results.

Many people believe that the spa treatments are miraculous and cure people from one day to another; Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. While the patient will feel significantly better after a massage, therapeutic treatment, he or she will be not cured with only one session and/or without being involved in the process. Other treatments, however, are made to rejuvenate your body and mind shall be a surprising and magical, providing you with a mind clearer, smoother skin, and a relaxed body when this session completes.

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George Will Change

If Hillary Clinton that is intransigent positions and strong temperament, becomes inconvenient to Obama, may be removed from his post, leaving without the Secretary of State and his Senatorship, because to exercise in the Executive should waive the legislative branch, and it can not be returned to the left post. Obama specifically all that we know is that it has no anchor, and as well as now it is in the Center, tomorrow can return to the extreme left. His political past is too cool to have a full perspective of its future proceeding. In any case, he had the decency to admit that not knows everything and you need people with experience on your side. We hope that this attitude of seeking the advice of their elders is constant and do not give an attack of acne narcissistic that will lead to make crazy decisions. The more stunned with his sudden restraint is the extreme left that gave him his vote, trusting that he would execute numerous changes that will obviously not take effect, at least in the first phase of his Government. Not because you don’t want to, but because you can’t. Socialize medicine, raise taxes, increase pensions, and redistribute the wealth, you can try when there is extra money.

In the current conditions, most likely that promises will remain in pledges. Doubting President elect further clarified, in his election campaign when he referred to change, was talking about him, indicating that his person is promised change. The world obviously misinterpreted his words. It must not become very optimistic, giving them time to see how it behaves. Says George Will: the nice part of being pessimistic, is that constantly check that you’re right, or you can be pleasantly surprised. original author and source of the article.


Enric Sagnier

A Historicodurante road trip were constantly surrounded by nature with some stunning houses scattered through the trees. Also an emblematic building, was, among the buildings of the mountain, the Fabra Observatory, silhouette that is part of the landscape of Barcelona, a work of the architect Josep Domenech 1902 stage i which houses a telescope. 11 Asteroids have been discovered in this Observatory and Halley participated in the monitoring of the comet. Another historic building that we could see the road is Villa Joana, place where he died poet Jacint Verdaguer in a landscape surrounded by forests and situated next to the Centre of information of the Collserola Park. At the foot of Tibidabo is located the Museum of the Barcelona Science, and on its side stands the convent of Valldonzella, Temple of neo-Gothic style, and other fine houses that surprised us, as the House Roviralta (or Frare Blanc), the Casacuberta House or Casa Muntadas, of Joan Puig i Cadafalch. Beauty at the time cimUna arrived at the top of the Tibidabo, which was full of people, we were impacted with the spectacular magnificence of the expiatory Temple of the sacred heart that my reminded me a little bit to the Basilica of the Sacre C ur of the Parisian neighborhood of Montmartre. It is a masterpiece of the architect modernist Enric Sagnier i Villavecchia, divided into three parts: the crypt built with stone of brown colour, enough, heavy; the Church above the crypt with stone grey color of Gerona, and the image of copper at the top. In addition, we also had to side the Torre de Collserola, a modern telecommunications antenna designed by Norman Foster and opened in 1992 on the occasion of the Olympic Games of Barcelona 1992, and Radio Barcelona Pavilion, small work rationalist built between 1926 and 1929 by the architect Nicolau Maria Rubio i Tuduri which constitutes the first example of architectural rationalism and the first radio station that operated in Spain.


How To Upgrade Backward Mining Equipment

How to upgrade backward mining equipment The mineral resources are exploited and utilized in a wide range and the demand amount is greatly increasing, which will effectively promote the rapid development of the mining machinery industry. Although the gangue can be exploited in a number of industries, it can be utilized after be crushed. Thus, crusher, grinder or mill equipment is needed. Hongxing mining equipment manufacturer is specializing in the production of these devices, it is with a good reputation and quality, commonly used in the treatment of renewable resources; using these devices can be a measure protect the environment. Gangue is a solid waste discharged from coal mining and coal washing process, it is a hard black gray rock with lower carbon content associated with the coal seam coal in coal-forming process.

It is mainly used to produce gangue cement, lightweight aggregate concrete, bricks and other building materials, but can also be used to recycle coal, coal gangue co-firing power generation, preparation of crystalline aluminum chloride, sodium silicate and other chemical products and extraction of precious metals rare, tambien pueden used as fertilizer; It now is an ideal green building materials, has been widely used in construction and road building industries. With the shutting down of various regions of manufacturers which have serious pollution in production process, due to excess capacity, mining equipment will likely continue to face more stringent administrative measures in energy and environment-unfriendly factors; due to the living conditions of pressure, making the development of high-end equipment manufacturing is Gardner. In order to speed up the transformation way of mining equipment, Raymond mill, cone crusher, sand making machine have also been included in the list of the emergency rescue work supporting; to the advocate of corporate social responsibility and enhance the public image of the industry, government departments, agencies, organizations and rescue unit build an information platform to publish the universal emergency rescue knowledge, which provides a strong guarantee for the requisition of rescue equipment, while expanding the use of mining equipment, therefore, clean energy and high-end equipment manufacturing will become an important task of the transformation of the manufacturing industry. The development of environmental protection and energy saving is increasingly attaching Industria Manufacturera s attention, the industry which is in line with the domestic medium-and long-term development will become an important support object in the future, so that developing environmental protection and energy saving and efficient is the inevitable trend of upgrading and restructuring low-end mining equipment.

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