If Hillary Clinton that is intransigent positions and strong temperament, becomes inconvenient to Obama, may be removed from his post, leaving without the Secretary of State and his Senatorship, because to exercise in the Executive should waive the legislative branch, and it can not be returned to the left post. Obama specifically all that we know is that it has no anchor, and as well as now it is in the Center, tomorrow can return to the extreme left. His political past is too cool to have a full perspective of its future proceeding. In any case, he had the decency to admit that not knows everything and you need people with experience on your side. We hope that this attitude of seeking the advice of their elders is constant and do not give an attack of acne narcissistic that will lead to make crazy decisions. The more stunned with his sudden restraint is the extreme left that gave him his vote, trusting that he would execute numerous changes that will obviously not take effect, at least in the first phase of his Government. Not because you don’t want to, but because you can’t. Socialize medicine, raise taxes, increase pensions, and redistribute the wealth, you can try when there is extra money.

In the current conditions, most likely that promises will remain in pledges. Doubting President elect further clarified, in his election campaign when he referred to change, was talking about him, indicating that his person is promised change. The world obviously misinterpreted his words. It must not become very optimistic, giving them time to see how it behaves. Says George Will: the nice part of being pessimistic, is that constantly check that you’re right, or you can be pleasantly surprised. original author and source of the article.