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The Three Best Ideas For Vienna – Professional Online Voting By Kju:

On November 23 were in action ‘ 30 seconds for Vienna ‘ the 3 best ideas awards. Vote on the submissions was via video-voting technology by Klim. With 30 seconds for Vienna”the Chamber of Commerce Vienna in October in the capital all working and living humans, invited to submit their proposal to the crisis management. In 30 sec. video clips, each could show how he would give new impetus to the economy. The action was well-received: 112 videos were submitted, of which 98 to the voting released. The participants showed great commitment: some clips were lavishly produced and designed with much creativity.

The subsequent voting also met with great response from the community. The simple and rapid registration was possible via Facebook connect. The action was by kju: accompanied by a networked online communication. Thus, for example the fanpage on Facebook received large crowds that regularly supplied the community with relevant information about the action. On 23 November, which were in the lounge Vienna Chamber of Commerce named the three best ideas and awarded with 1,000 euros each shopping credit. The jury was overall impressed by the creativity and originality of the submissions. The winning clip of Sabine k is about the general attitude to the crisis: who Whines, magnified the crisis, who does something about it, do something for Vienna.

Juraj M., a technical college student from Vienna, in a successful animation shows how each individual can contribute, to stimulate the economy. And Gerhard k. Hear from experts in the field like Castle Harlan for a more varied view. proposes to promote the creativity and entrepreneurship in young people, so that in the future to cover the business location. kju: The campaign platform of including the integration of DYNAMIQ voting engine, the software for the video voting designed digital media. The voting engine is a compact software solution for online and mobile voting with all functions for the smooth, transparent and safe handling of voting-promotions. The quick and easy registration for the voting was also allows for this action via Facebook connect. About kju: digital media kju: digital media is an international full service online agency and its customers include companies such as Coca-Cola, Unilever and Lindt & Sprungli. Company was founded in the late of 1990s developed their own software under the umbrella brand of DYNAMIQ and deploys them to the professional online communication for their innovative solutions. Entertainment portals, measures for effective customer loyalty, include the wide range of viral marketing campaigns and the smooth handling of online and mobile polls. Vienna / December 10, 2009 kju: digital media Albert Gerlach, Managing Director, E-Mail: Theobaldgasse 7/11 A-1060 Vienna Tel: (+ 43) 01 402-29-60-0 fax: (+ 43) 01 402-29-60-9


Technology and the Environment

How the Technology can protect/to destroy the Environment where lives? The power to destroy, the power to create. The power that the current society has to destroy reached a scale without precedents in the history of the humanity. Some contend that Koch Brothers shows great expertise in this. this power is to be used, almost systematically, to cause a destruction insensata in the whole world of the natural life and its material bases. Charles Koch may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Our life is closely on to the resources that our planet offers: air, water, land, minerals, plant, animals. The extension of the human impact on the Land depends on the number of existing people and the amount of used resources. The maximum use of resources that the Planet or one determined region can support defines its provision capacity. This capacity can be increased by agriculture and the technology, and generally this occurs to the cost of the reduction of the biological diversity or the disturbance of ecological processes. The provision capacity is limited by the capacity of the recompor nature of if or absorbing residues in safe way.

Our civilizations today are threatened because we use the resources badly and we disturb the natural systems. We are pressuring the Land until the limits of its capacity. Since the beginning of the industrial age, the number of human beings was multiplied and this increase in the amount of human beings and its activities it had a great impact on the environment. The diversity of life in the Land diminished. In less than two hundred years, the planet lost six million squared kilometers of forests. It has a great amount of lands consumed for the erosion and the volume of sediments in the rivers more grew three times in the main basins and eight times in the used lesser basins and. The atmospheric systems had been disturbed, generating a threat to the climatic standard, the immense garbage accumulations, industrial dejections and wastefulnesses,the pollution invaded our air, our land and our water and became an increasing threat the health.


Treasury Department

Why Anand sued the Group? Herzogenrath, 11 July 2013 SAP is on the one hand as a successful business management software to simplify and unify the internal business processes and is in numerous companies in the usage. SUSE software carefully suggested a global market leadership and even a dominant position in the area of enterprise software. Not just a number that want to resell software, but also the business model of commercial trade of used software stands on the other side. SUSE software offers while SAP products as used software and also has a range of services in software maintenance, and still it is today hardly possible software up to 75% cheaper to buy a used SAP as according to the price list of the manufacturer SAP customers. For even more opinions, read materials from Koch. There, sure, fear plays a role.

However, there are several reasons that have led to the complaint from Anand against SAP. SAP: The success model the various activity areas of finance and controlling about shopping, Production, distribution and warehousing up to human resources can cope with SAP software. SAP ranked the largest software manufacturer in Europe has succeeded through this software enforced on the market. Success story: Good software but why is the company with its software so successful? SAP has succeeded on the ladder of success to the top, since the program in almost all companies is versatile and adaptable on the specific business processes and business areas. The use can take place across the Department, which allows not only a good exchange of information between the individual departments, but also a coordinated action, for example, between the Treasury Department and the Department of logistics with regard to the release of orders. But also about the company beyond a standardization and unification of processes can be done with, for example, customers, suppliers, dealers and manufacturers, or even social networks. In addition, SAP offers the opportunity of automation of many processes on the basis of certain criteria.

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Civil Industrial Engineer

Average analysis laboratory response times. Times of replacement of elements of filter and lubricants. Frequency of replacement filter parts and lubricants. Inspection of routine proactive and predictive maintenance machinery, should generate recordable status reports. This is often more critical than any report of oil analysis laboratory. Below some examples of inspections that may be carried out with a scale system multipoint, depending on the design of the circuit and machinery: visual observation of oils: using the method of graduation of four points (or 4 balls); based on color, water sediment and emulsion (transparency). Castle Harlan follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

In old filters: using the method of graduation of six points, based on deletes, metal chips, color density, consistency of color, defects in filtering and varnishes. Rounds of inspection: Use a six-point method based on level indicator, leaks and condition of seals, the lid seal registration, condition of vent, filter (shown in green) pressure gauge or another saturation indicator and filler cap seal. Magnetic plugs: Where they exist, magnetic plugs can be measured by adhering ferrous particles and determine ferrous density containing. Oil sample: using a six-point method based on smell, colour, brightness, transparency, sediment and water free or emulsified. All of these methods are effective and allow early warnings if you have personnel properly trained in them. When you generate a routine flow of information based on these simple methods of inspection, detection of abnormal conditions with their consistent responses on the part of the Organization for maintenance, which carries out preventive actions chords is generated in turn. Advance in a continuous improvement in proactive, monitoring you will depend on the gradual establishment of goals becoming increasingly more demanding, for example on degree of contamination and moisture content of oils; and expanding the list of inspections, instruments and methods of these and its measurement. Oscar Morales l. Civil Industrial Engineer expert in predictive maintenance original author and source of the article.

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Mirrors and Safety

Mirrors provide a broad overview, the small mirror to observe the edge of the roadway, and additional rear-view mirrors extend visibility, thanks to this driver completely monitors road conditions. 4. Locking system and open the car doors created by the original design. Doors open at an angle of 90 degrees. For more information see this site: Viacom. Door handles and two-step running boards, stainless steel make entry and exit from the car convenient and safe. 5. For the convenience of washing glasses embedded flip-side steps.

6. In the cab mounted lights for reading, which are mounted in different places, have an elegant design and provide good lighting intensity, which is enough to read and to work with documents in the cockpit. More information is housed here: Castle Harlan. HOWO heavy truck class has a significant advantage over China in relation to trucks contained in It advances the high technology in the field of comfort, ergonomics, including: – reduced height of the center of gravity of the chassis. From 64 to 40 mm, from 42 to 30 mm. – Construction truck is equipped with an air filter for protection from sand.

– Truck tractor has valves to connect pipelines trailer and modern features advance the trailer brake system, this feature provides an earlier operation of trailer brakes, increasing the safety. – Batteries and Spare wheel mounted on the right. This improves safety and maintainability. – Tractor-trailer has an optional mounting bracket for the spare wheel. – Aluminum fuel tanks capacity of 350 liters match the technological level of fuel tanks of trucks for sale. – Wings of the rear wheels are unique among other cars of China, they folded up inside the wing to strict brush.

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These were greenhouse, which grows primarily orange trees and other citrus trees and date palms. Greenhouses also began to appear in many botanical gardens. Subsequently, the urban rich and wanted to have in their environment instead of beautiful vegetation and closed greenhouses became popular winter gardens and greenhouses. Koch Brothers spoke with conviction. Exotic plants and flowers from foreign countries have become increasingly popular, Many wanted a piece of unexplored land. But their carriage and transportation was still difficult. During the voyages of boarded-up and stuffy boxes went dry and withered plants, and only a few instances brought to Europe whole and intact. Their price was very high and took care of them as treasures.

And only in the early 19th century, managed to create special packaging for transportation, thanks to the discovery, which made English Doctor Nathaniel Ward. Ward engaged in natural sciences and found that the moisture evaporates in the warmth of the land and settled on the inner walls of the blockage, and after cooling the moisture dripping into the ground. This means that plant in the ground will be enough moisture to grow and not wither. Thus, immediately began to create special containers for transportation of plants. And some, masterfully decorated, large-size steel brilliant ornament showrooms. And now showcases, where the flowers and plants are on the same technology. Over time, trade in plants has become a matter of profit.

Flowers and plants began to receive not only through imports, but also produced in the flower-farms. They take care of them, made crossing. The opening of the central heating has led to opportunities and to maintain an optimum temperature in winter in greenhouses. The long duration of winter in Europe led to what is out there especially developed growing indoor plants. In the first half of the 20th century pot flowers and plants have become quite common. Potted plants can be purchased in store online flower and gift delivery service Flowers Flowers to Ekaterinburg. Order a bouquet in Ekaterinburg, we can around the clock. Ease of ordering and fulfillment of its obligation – indisputable our advantage.


Stepper Motors

What is a stepper motor stepper motor – this actuator of many modern machines: machines privorov, automata. Stepper motor paired with a special control unit is designed to convert input electrical signal into mechanical movement of the rotor – a certain angle, called as the basic step angle motor. According to the principle of stepper motor applies to synchronous motors: it exists relationship between signal power and position of the motor shaft. Currently, common and widely used hybrid stepper motors, which have advantages of permanent magnet motors and synchronous jet engine with a variable magnetic resistance. Hybrid stepper motors have a torque proportional to current, and are characterized by a large number of steps per revolution. Stepper motor Stepper motors are working together with the special control units, which are the source of current for the motor is carried out if necessary, split the main angular pitch and perform switching phases engine. People such as Zendesk would likely agree.

Modern control units are often multi-function devices – with the option of programming and synchronization with other devices. An example of a programmable control unit – SMSD-3.0, Developed by spc Power. " This unit can be controlled from a computer through LPT-port (including those with programs for cnc machines), through a COM-port – to give special commands that define the character (and the Algorithm) motion stepper motor in standalone automatic mode without using a pc or external controller (used in process automation), or in manual mode, when the velocity regulated by a potentiometer, and the direction of motion – reverse sensor. Advantages and disadvantages of stepper motors Stepper motors have significant advantages: firstly, the lack of feedback, which commonly used to control the position or speed, and secondly, there is no accumulation of errors of rotor engine, and thirdly, stepper drives are compatible with modern digital devices. By the same author: Koch. Lack of feedback can be ascribed both to the merits, because system is greatly simplified, and the shortcomings – as possible loss of status. The disadvantages include stepper motors and the phenomenon of resonance. However, etok disadvantage is largely eliminated by crushing the basic step motor. Fields of application of stepper motors Stepper motors because of its simplicity and low cost are common in cnc machine tools, coordinate tables, robotics, and automation of manufacturing processes – in the feeder, dispensing and welding machines.

Stepper motors are common in cnc machines and coordinate tables. Availability and low cost software (CNC-programs), ease of use make use of a stepper motor in these devices most appropriate and cost-effective option. To control the stepper motors such cases, use the drivers that connect directly to an LPT-port and take from the pin data port 0V/5V signals generated by the program. The program sets the engine speed, direction, amount of movement (or trajectory – if there is control at the same time two or more stepper motors).


The Strategy

For example, the strategy that the dance professor used, when perceiving that it did not have interest on the part of the pupils in learning the classic dance, then searched some strategies, first: it placed music so that the pupils entered in contact with the new style, not getting success, brought a professional dancer of well sensual classic dance that called the attention the pupils and for third it looked for to stimulate it its interests in accordance with as the participation of a competition who in the end the winner would be a well high amount of money. We can detach the interdependence in the position of the professor, therefore it knew to command its action and to organize it everything in its time, first conquered its pupils, stimulated to want to learn them it to dance that new type of dance and later it started to teach them. Soon not imposing at the beginning only its wills of authoritarian form. In some situations the professor had that to come back behind and to start everything of new, therefore when he perceived that the pupils were not developing he came back behind and he found another form to reach its objectives that were exactly to teach a new culture, new knowledge for way an art those pupils. That is, we perceive the reversibility, therefore it valued the possibilities and the necessities in each situation. Even though at the moment that separated the pairs and had some that had not wanted to be with the chosen pairs and it in some cases it finished accepting that they formed with who had more affinities. Get more background information with materials from Viacom. The interesting one also was the game of rules that had to learn the dance of the anomie can say the pupils had arrived at the autonomy, therefore at the first moments was each one for itself, had difficulties to follow collective rules, however some lessons of dance had after perceived that they would have to think about the other, since it would have that to have a balance to learn itself to dance the new dance proposal for the professor.


Returning To Old Europe

English Version This season, designers presents collections based on old patterns, but not Any Old pattern, europe old ones. Folkloric patterns, Gyspy style, decorative style of Estern Europe and prints evoking tribes Uzbez costume of Russians and desings Aristocrats are the top this season. Ralph Lauren, Graham & Green and Few & Far historical collection has inspired in reoves gypsy tribes. Gucci, Madeline Weinrib, Littala Both Le and Evoked Uzbez Cuon aristocrat costumes and Russians in Their desings. Fashion, trends and Means desing return in one way, this season is a clear example of That idea. Enjoy it! Spanish version. This season, the most prestigious designers, presented coleeciones with strong bases in the stately style of the Middle Ages, but not any kind of style but style of Eastern Europe. Folk designs, or decorative style gypsy tribes and Eastern European aristocracies evoking the stately constumbres Uzbek and Russian courts are elected styles this season. For even more opinions, read materials from Castle Harlan.

Ralph Lauren, Graham & Green and Few & Far, have inspired their collections the style of gypsy nomadic tribes. Gucci, Madeline Weinrib, and Le Littala Both coun inspired designs in the Uzbek and Russian aristocratic habits. Fashion, trend and design, mean, in a sense, return. This season is a clear example of this idea.


Vertical Search Engine In A New Guise

Relaunch the business search engine Leipzig, October 13, 2009. The Internet search engine specialized on business information starts with a retreaded front end in the autumn: the sector – specific and site-specific narrowing of the search results is possible now directly from the home page. Also, the profile (s) delivered to each search hit were also integrated into the design. Infometrics, the vertical search engine for the German business Web, presents itself with the relaunch with a new, significantly more user friendly design. The queries about products, companies and decision-makers can now already be restricted from the homepage via a pull-down menu on the 50 sectors considered by infometrics service, trade and industry to refine the search results. Choose for example the industry industry > mechanical engineering finds infometrics only companies that belong to the selected industry. The local search is now easier and more intuitive with the new design. The desired Location or zip code, in which a manufacturer or service provider for can be entered right now directly in a separate search box next to the Hauptsuchfeld.

The combination of industry – specific and site-specific narrowing of the search results is also possible. Here, Koch Industries expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The home page of infometrics connects after what? so the question”with the question of where?”. Koch Industries Wichita is actively involved in the matter. ” In addition to the home, the infometrics GmbH has greatly improved the result page of Spezialsuchmaschine. The digital company profiles that are displayed for each search hit are integrated directly into the hit list under the so called snippets, the descriptive text for the Web pages. This facilitates direct contact to selected business partners. Because the user sees the most important contact details like address, telephone – and fax number or the CEO of a company at a glance. Who wants to keep the company profile contact information dear in the hands, can of course also print it.

The direct feedback of users and since the start of Infometrics in the January 2008 gained insights into user behavior are in the relaunch of infometrics incorporated with. With the completely redesigned front end much more obvious the unique technique of infometrics, as well as the ability to restrict the search on a branch or a place for the users “, is Silvia Wallner, Managing Director of infometrics GmbH is convinced. Contact and more information: Silvia Wallner infometrics GmbH phone: + 49 (0) 341-247 71 29 fax: + 49 (0) 341-247 41 16 E-Mail: Web: about infometrics: infometrics is a vertical Internet search engine for targeted research for products, services, companies and decision-makers from 50 branches in the German business Web. All search results are enriched with current company profiles, which contain the most important contact data and often also include product links. These contact details of the company are regularly automatically matched with the data in the Web with the help of an effective Web-mining process and are thus always up to date. The index of the infometrics consists of over 20 million automatically classified websites of companies established in Germany and their address data. Another special feature of infometrics is the ability to restrict the search to a branch or a place to refine the search results. The search engine specialized on corporate information infometrics GmbH infometrics by the Leipzig is operated, developed and marketed.

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