British scientists have created a fish-robot, which will be the newest weapon in the fight against pollution of the oceans. As one of the stages of a three-year research project, it will be released in the port Spanish city of Gijon (Gijon). If successful, the researchers released fish robots into rivers, lakes and seas around the world, including Britain. The fish-robot is a copy of carp and moves the same way as ordinary fish. For determine the level of potentially harmful water pollution, in particular, the leakage of vessels lying at the port and underwater pipelines, it is equipped with tiny chemical sensors. Each fish will transmit the obtained data to the port on the technology Wi-Fi.

Charge up to 8 hours. Fish moves at a speed of 1 meter per second. The world’s first project of its kind. Scientists involved in the creation of a robot used ‘advanced’ methods for determine the level of water pollution. The project itself may seem like pure fiction, but scientists say that there were practical reasons for choosing such a form. It will not only investigate the quality of water at surface, but also to identify the chemical elements dissolved in water. Currently produced five fish-robots, each worth 20 thousand pounds sterling. Scientists hope to release them into the water at the end of next year.