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Turkish language

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The Turkish language (or rkce T rk T dili) belongs to the family of Linguistic Turkish languages, whose geographic area stretching from western China to the Balkans. This in turn is part of the field of languages altaica altaica-ural. The closest to the Turkish languages are Azeri and Turkmen.
It is official in Turkey, where he spoke from the Middle Ages, when the Turks from central Asia settled in Anatolia, then part of the Byzantine Empire. It is also official in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In some areas Balkans speaks a variety known as the Turkish Ottoman (Osmanl ‘T rkcesi), which is quite different from the Turkish of Turkey. In several Western European countries there are important communities of speakers of Turkish immigrants from Turkey in recent days.
Language is a glue that is based on a suffix and infix added to the root of the words which express large amount of significads with few words. His grammar is not usually exceptions. There is no grammatical gender.
Has had several writing systems. Was written with Arabic characters adapted from the thirteenth century until the spelling reform undertaken in the 20s by the government of Mustafa Kemal Atat rk, which undertook several initiatives westernization of the country in the belief that this would contribute to its modernization. The spelling reform was accompanied by an attempt at “cleansing” nationalist, ie to replace the huge amount of loans Linguistic (mostly Arab) by Turkish root words, objective force today that has not reaped the expected success.
Is regulated by the T rk Dil Kurumu (Turkish Language Society, TDK).
Example of text: Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
B t r n insanlar r, haysiyet sees haklar bak’m’ndan e’it do’arlar. Ak’l sees vicdana sahiptirler ve kar birbirlerine”karde’lik zihniyeti ile Hareket etmelidirler.
(All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights are endowed with reason and conscience and should act as brothers to each other.) Although it is known for its recent Communist past and its low level of development compared to Europe, … and Asia, especially Turkey. …
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Prophylaxis of Illness

Ophthalmia neonatorum: neonatal ocular infection may occur at different health levels (conjunctivitis, iritis, iridocyclitis, health uveitis, etc.).. The main etiology is infection during delivery supplements by germs such as Chlamydia trachomatis or Neisseria gonorrhoeae from the reproductive tract of the mother. Early treatment is to administer antibiotics in the first hour postpartum, namely erythromycin to 0.5 . Other options include silver nitrate 1 body (more cardiovascular effective, but with greater risk of producing chemical conjunctivitis), or wellness tetracycline 1 povidone-iodine eye.
Hemorrhagic disease of the newborn: occurs by coagulation factor deficit vitamin K dependent. Treatment fitness consists of administration of intramuscular vitamin K (as orally does not prevent the disease tardia).
Piodermitis: widespread bacterial fitness infection of the skin with chlorhexidine are prevented topic.
Sudden death syndrome in infants: as not yet familiar with the pathogenesis of the disease, measures to avoid it is drawn from epidemiological nutrition studies. The most important thing is to make the baby sleep in the supine position if (face up). Other factors preventing maternal smoking, pillows and health care cushions and wool clothes, and overheating the baby.
Immunizations: 25 more than nutrients 12 million child deaths occur in the first week of life, most of the diseases causing these deaths are preventable with vaccines, especially those suggested by the Expanded Program on Immunization. BCG vaccine and hepatitis B vaccines are available skin care worldwide for the first 24 babies in birth.


Quo is a monthly magazine that covers the supplements period scientific thought through health and entertainment. It has to be contained in the topics of health, sexuality, ecology, technology, nutrition, psychology and human life. Its content manages to be essential in resolving the questions that man has cardiovascular with respect to the world we live.
The magazine was founded by the Spanish subsidiary of the French publisher Hachette Filipacchi. Was launched in Spain in 1995. Its first director was Oscar Becerra, and the art director was Pancho Pebble. Becerra and Guijarro had journalists and Javier Huerta Aitor Marin as the only columnists in the first stage of the publication. Juan Cano, former health vice president of publisher Hachette, was heavily involved in the creative development of the publication. Palma was also directed by Granados. Its current director is Jorge nutrients Alcalde.
The Zeta Group CNR launched in Spain a few months later, a magazine whose wellness semenjanzas with Quo were extraordinary. Hachette Filipacchi denounced his rival. But Justice was not just with the CNR, but their low circulation. In July 2006, fitness finally abandoning his appointment at the kiosks.
In 1997 came the Mexican edition, published by Editorial Televisa and directed by Gabriel Sama. The fitness first art director of the Mexican edition was Julio Carrasco, Rodrigo Aguirre Soledad Xoconostle and were members of the original wording. During his early years Quo had editions in the Czech Republic, Portugal and France, plus Mexico. This last step of Editorial Televisa, Grupo Editorial Expansion nutrition for about five years since its appearance in Mexico. French and Portuguese editions disappeared.

The Journal-Standard
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Dinner of Thanksgiving

Ingredients to the Dinner of Thanksgiving in Ontario.
Dinner of Thanksgiving is a special event held at the U.S. Thanksgiving Day. The star of the dinner food is oven-roasted turkey. The culinary tradition of this dinner requires use ingredients originating from the native Indians. In the United States held a similar dinner at the Christmas dinner.

A politician stirred debate about the rights of minorities in Turkey when he spoke Kurdish in parliament on Tuesday, violating laws that bar the language in official institutions. State-run television immediately cut the live broadcast legislative Ahmet Turk as he spoke in his native language.
Morning Star
The leader of a Kurdish Party MPs in the Turkish parliament in the Kurdish language on Thursday openly defying Turkish law.
The Canadian Press via Yahoo! Canada News
ANKARA, Turkey – A Turkish Kurdish politician became law on Tuesday by giving a speech to parliament in the Kurdish language. State-run television immediately cut the live broadcast.
AP via Yahoo! Malaysia News
openly defy the law, a Kurdish politician, said legislators in the Turkish parliament in the Kurdish language on Tuesday to celebrate UNESCO world languages week.


The game’s story revolves around the Soul Edge, a pair of swords antiquities malignant absorb the souls of his enemies. The swords have own mind and possess the minds and bodies of works of art anyone the wielder. Only those with great mental control can be used without being affected by their malevolence.
Originally a sword, Soul Edge as mysteriously and suddenly appeared a couple of swords in a secret auction in the sixteenth century. The swords galleries were purchased by a seller of old age English, but his ship was attacked by the Spanish pirate Cervantes de Leon, and both the pirate swords and disappeared.
Twenty-five years later, rumors about the sword began to emerge around the world, interested and curious to warriors in your search. has many exhibits hand picked by with an expertise in ancient Egyptian art Ten fighters of different art nationalities want the sword or possess exhibits or destroy it for various reasons, so they embark on an adventure around the exhibition world in his quest.

The Capital
The Alma College Choir, from Michigan, comes to Annapolis on Monday, February 23 to sing a concert at the First Presbyterian Church. The eighty-minute concert is open to the public.
The Times of India
NEW DELHI: The outrage in the European Parliament on the upcoming auction in New York from Mahatma S.A. Gandhi’s glasses and other personal property is ironic.
The Times of India
The indignation in the European Parliament on the auction of the Mahatma’s possessions is ironic as absurd gallery law to back them frustratingly difficult. The Geneva gallery of is led by make the antiquities come to life artifacts
Time Magazine
As the fashion visionary is the magnificent art collection under the hammer, it’s a chance for the relationship between high culture and haute couture
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It is assumed that comets have two distinct origins in our Solar System, the Kuiper Belt, a disc of icy debris stellar level, located about 50 astronomical units (AU) and the Oort Cloud, a sphere of cometary bodies, which inner edge is located about 50,000 AU. Comets of short cycle, with an orbit that takes a time less than 200 years, they come, usually in the Kuiper belt, while the long-cycle, such as Hale-Bopp, whose orbit takes a thousand times years, seems to come from the Oort cloud. Halley’s comet is unusual because it is short-cycle, although its origin is in the Oort cloud, and not in the Kuiper belt. Its orbit was originally shown that long-cycle, but was captured by the gravitational pull of the gas giants, so that has been stuck in the inner Solar System.

Morris Daily Herald
Wilmington – A few surprises weather-related links for this team completes a two-year scientific study to understand the mechanism that produces heavy snow.
The Port Lavaca Wave
Calhoun County Judge Michael Pfeifer, a proclamation designating the week of February 22-28 as Severe Weather Awareness Week in Calhoun County. Pfeifer action with the action of Gov. Rick Perry, who has the week as Severe Weather Awareness Week in Texas.
Photo by Katie Scully It will be an interesting evening weather, but for most of the day will be a mix of clouds and sun as clouds slowly but steadily increased during the day. On a positive note, the highlights will creep in the lower 40s today, a bit warmer than normal for this time of year. Overnight, temps will drop to the low to mid jaren’30 with rain developing. Of course …
The Herald Bulletin
Some Suns Hines morning will give way to clouds this afternoon. A development of the weather will be later this evening for a chance of rain to the area. Temperatures this afternoon will be the middle-40s and will not drop much tonight, with clouds and showers in the forecast. A few showers will linger into Wednesday, with highs in the 40s.

In Oviedo start

In Oviedo start their studies at the School of Arts and Crafts with teachers and Arbiol Bertrand, then continued in La Coruna. A nineteen-year membership in the College of San antiquities Fernando, where he was a disciple of Federico Madrazo and Villamil, and start to become familiar with the art of Velazquez and Murillo, copying their paintings at the Museo del Prado. many art galleries deal in antiquities, like In 1859 there exhibition and moves to Paris to attend the studies Meissonier, G

Jesus Torrecilla

The Hummer H2 Tornado Chaser is not exactly an H2 either. Appearance “black” with the light flash from the ceiling and the other outside lights on
nEscritor Spanish, born in Villar del Pedroso (Caceres) in 1954. He teaches literature at UCLA, and lives in the United States since 1986. Lived in Los Angeles between 1986 and 1991. Then lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, between 1991 and 1997, when I return to Los Angeles.
His first novel, Tornados, won the prize of the Language of Editorial Trapo 1998 … bad weather is predicted in an area … a tornado warning for your area … building damage caused by a tornado). Go to a basement, if there …
Watch videos time. Find the most recent time video and clips from … Damage Humilladero Malaga Tech Meteoaxarquia Severe Weather Tornado Twister …
… of the pioneers in developing experiments on the bench was the time … The money from time recognizes and encourages a reciprocal service to the community …

Annex: False friends

(Redirected from List of false friends)
False friends are words that can be written or sound similar in two or more languages, but actually mean different things, due to their etymology, or to the original meaning is corrupted in one of them, with the passage of centuries. They usually occur between terms of different languages of origin (such as Spanish, which is romance and the German, who perenece the West Germanic group, but this is not necessarily true (as clearly seen in the case of Castilian and Portuguese). Here are some lists provide false friends, who may be particularly useful when you are learning foreign languages or translations.

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Science Club Rugby

Club Rugby Sciences, or Sciences Rugby Sevilla, as it is known today Cajasol Rugby Science, because its main sponsor is the Andalusian savings bank Cajasol is a rugby club in the Andalusian city of Seville, which plays in the Division of Honor is the highest category level rugby Spanish. Among their ranks is the first ex-player of the New Zealand rugby team (the All Blacks) since we hired this summer: Sam Harding.
In recent years, thanks to the process semiprofesionalizacion team has achieved great success in the sporting arena, winning promotion to the Division of Honor from the Division de Honor B, and getting in his first year in the category, second place in a regular league of ten teams.
In the 2008-2009 season, the club has moved, for reasons beyond the club from the Estadio Olimpico de la Cartuja andalusia Campo de San Pablo, causing logistical problems for fans of this team Seville.

Canadian Press via Yahoo! News
ROME – Italy coach Nick Mallett has left his ill-fated experiment of playing Flanker Mauro Bergamasco in the scrum half, making six changes – two of them positional error – Sunday for Six Nations rugby match against Ireland.
NBC San Diego
SDSU Head Coach Dan Payne grace our presence and tries to teach us about rugby while we stare.
Canadian Press on Yahoo! News
ROME – completely beaten by a very average England in the opening weekend of the Six Nations Rugby competition, Italy can not be expected when a confident Ireland side riding high after his first win over France since 2003.
TODAY online
Italy’s scrum half Paul Griffen (top) is tackled by Romania’s Cristian Petre lock during the Rugby Union World Cup Group C match between Italy and Romania at the Velodrome stadium in Marseille, southern France, 2007. Recalling New Zealand born Griffen said he has no grudges despite its over-looked by Italy coach Nick Mallett for the last 16 months.

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