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Finally, I resigned to belong to the minority of humans that we are different from others, but one and thousand times have repeated me the world and you do not agree and forced to listen to it, I thought-although those who told me were not far from the reality, since the difference is not OK the joke that hurts, nor aggression free anyone, and above all, different because I didn’t find you.-I don’t have the genius of the sinestesicos who see the wonderful colors of sounds, moreover, we could almost say that I am a simple man, which makes simple acts, and complies with find you in a simple way, sitting here, in front of the monitor, waiting to discover yourself after a nick to enter to the site when I am connectedDesiring to write your name on the keyboard, feeling that runs through my skin and that feeling called hope-original author and source of the article is nested in the heart



Outside, the first snow: it's time to think about the warm summer day or so, and design your site well before the actual landing of the ground. I will immediately say: I'm not the gardener and seed for me is not associated with tomatoes and cucumbers, and with perennial and annual flowering plants. Therefore, this article deals only with ornamental planting the initial stage and the most basic: Think about the image of your site: what you want it to be. In this you will help the many sites and colorful magazines devoted to landscape design. Once you decide to do with his plot, draw a plan and it is desirable to do so on a scale to accurately plan, which would be grow If you want to organize a pond next to him reap vodolyubivye plants, otherwise, instead of the beautiful paradise you will slowly decaying pool. Separate perennial and annual plants: because technology growing them are completely different and should not be situations when the plants bloom in the background, the middle of a faded foreground color is gaining


Computer Choices

It is best to go along the beaten road, where already passed your friends and acquaintances. If two or three of them have already taken the computer in the same place and are happy, come in their footsteps. In extreme cases, will blame on someone when there will problems. Of course this is a joke. But seriously, what in the world of computers, where technology is changing every day, enjoy a good reputation only those firms that follow the market, collecting only validated options PCs, trying not to let their customers.

Such firms may be small, even consist of one person. And if you recommend them – it is much more important than the primary, the purchase cost of the computer. Thus, when buying a computer first question to be resolved: who will deal with them in the 'what if …'? What feedback about the specialist? Whether it serves the 'home'? If you find such a person – we will take the configuration of its choice experience. Identify major milestones – the maximum price at which you expect – the problem that you are going to solve on your computer – your preferences on the main characteristics of the computer manufacturers and companies accessories – your suggestions on design. The result is a 'good as' computer for the money that you have decided to allocate. In this note: there is no limit to good, and the cost is enough 'decent' computer is usually between $ 750-1500.

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Coordinating Committee

The barrel of the gun was is made of birch intercepted iron hoops. During the Great Patriotic War on the aircraft manufacturing plants did not have enough metal on the tanks for gasoline, and they started making out bbakelizirovannoy plywood. Wooden tank covered with rubber and installed on an aircraft. When in the early sixties of the xx century, the decision of cocom – Coordinating Committee on Export of strategic goods to the socialist countries (Coordinating Committee of East-West Trade Policy) has been banned exports to the Soviet Union, one of the specific species of wood (grown in Latin America), then our "masters" on the basis of birch was a new material – turned the embargo in an empty sound. This material was used for manufacture of propeller shaft sleeves of high-speed missile boats. During the planned economy, in Leningrad (and not only) produces tubes of birch plywood for pumping oil and gas for ventilation in mines. On such tubes even pumped pulp (fuzzy land) from the city zemsnaryadov.V Kadu (Vologda region) has been established to produce production of birch plywood barrelware. Kaduyskie plywood drums are widely used for packaging food products intended for the Far North, for example: powdered eggs, powdered milk, dried vegetables, etc.

Now oao severtara (formerly Kaduysky factory-pressed plywood drums) is the only enterprise in Russia and the cis for the production of plywood stamped barrels. The appearance of fiberboard In 1858 American Lyman was obtained the first patent for the production of fiberboard. A few years later, in 1864, another scientist named Munch came to think that the paper – this is essentially a very thin fiberboard. He developed equipment for the production of plates without binder by hot pressing. Improved way of producing fibreboard American Mason in 1924, quite by accident. The scientist had gone, first unplug the steam valve for hot-pressing, but due to faulty valve steam continued to flow into the press. When he returned, Mason found in the installation plate is very high density.

The invention Particleboard Particleboard As for the history, the use of first proposed Ernst Hubbard in 1887. He tried to make plates from sawdust and casein glue. German Beckman in 1918 polished slab veneer. And in 1926 another German scientist Freudenberg first calculated the amount of binder (3-10%). Seven years later, American Anthony began to be used as a binder phenolic or urea resin. mdf – Forgotten Ancient Technology And yet, of course, we must mention about that, as appeared in the light of the first mdf. In the form in which we know them today, they were made in 1965 in the usa. mdf – a Medium Density Fiberboard, which translates as Plate medium density. Ancient technology timber that existed during the time of the Aztecs and Mayas, was revived after centuries of neglect only in the late 18 th century in Britain. In the early 19 th century in the U.S. had the first factory for manufacturing fiber board of the porous type. To date, plywood is still cheap and popular material. Among the modern varieties and bakelite plywood, and laminated plywood decorative plywood and air, and water-resistant plywood, wbp, and many others. Plywood demand in virtually all industries. It is used in engineering, construction, furniture manufacture, for the manufacture of musical instruments, toys, for decorative trim and other areas.