It is best to go along the beaten road, where already passed your friends and acquaintances. If two or three of them have already taken the computer in the same place and are happy, come in their footsteps. In extreme cases, will blame on someone when there will problems. Of course this is a joke. But seriously, what in the world of computers, where technology is changing every day, enjoy a good reputation only those firms that follow the market, collecting only validated options PCs, trying not to let their customers.

Such firms may be small, even consist of one person. And if you recommend them – it is much more important than the primary, the purchase cost of the computer. Thus, when buying a computer first question to be resolved: who will deal with them in the 'what if …'? What feedback about the specialist? Whether it serves the 'home'? If you find such a person – we will take the configuration of its choice experience. Identify major milestones – the maximum price at which you expect – the problem that you are going to solve on your computer – your preferences on the main characteristics of the computer manufacturers and companies accessories – your suggestions on design. The result is a 'good as' computer for the money that you have decided to allocate. In this note: there is no limit to good, and the cost is enough 'decent' computer is usually between $ 750-1500.