Outside, the first snow: it's time to think about the warm summer day or so, and design your site well before the actual landing of the ground. I will immediately say: I'm not the gardener and seed for me is not associated with tomatoes and cucumbers, and with perennial and annual flowering plants. Therefore, this article deals only with ornamental planting the initial stage and the most basic: Think about the image of your site: what you want it to be. In this you will help the many sites and colorful magazines devoted to landscape design. Once you decide to do with his plot, draw a plan and it is desirable to do so on a scale to accurately plan, which would be grow If you want to organize a pond next to him reap vodolyubivye plants, otherwise, instead of the beautiful paradise you will slowly decaying pool. Separate perennial and annual plants: because technology growing them are completely different and should not be situations when the plants bloom in the background, the middle of a faded foreground color is gaining