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Hot Mosaic Techniques

Hot Mosaic – a type of monumental art. In the mosaic of images and ornaments are made from pieces of colored natural stones, glass, ceramics (ceramic mosaic), wood and other materials. Beautiful and original ceramic mosaic – very old stuff, but it has not lost its popularity in our days. This is explained by the fact that Mosaic has a number of incontestable advantages. Its easy to pack, it can be veneer curved surfaces. Mosaics in the ancient world was largely subject to high and fine art in our days of, Mosaic has an excellent material for unique finishes and decorating individual rooms objects, the correct choice of colors, materials and textures – the key to success for creating something special and stands out in our environment. It would seem, for selected metals, glass mixtures, ceramics, natural stones, and other raw materials are not able to individually recreate into something so special that captures the spirit, but when you combine a small mosaic elements of all of the components, and to put something bright floors, walls, ceiling and any other surface, get a unique mosaic trophy.

Mosaic products are endless opportunities for, quality glass mosaics not only serves the art coating, but also a great material for creating original 'accents' in interior design, creating unique and intricate patterns, is fashionable finish for fireplaces, furniture objects, decorating a room, saunas, baths and so on, just glass mosaic is durable and resistant against external factors, has high water resistance. Ceramic mosaic – it is nothing like small ceramic tiles. Glazed ceramic mosaic designs are ideal for swimming pools and bathrooms. Not glazed ceramic mosaic tiles can be a special highlight of the interior room, living room, the other equally umestnyi other types: ceramic mosaic, glass mosaic and marble mosaic. Laying a mosaic of marble – craft handed down from generation to generation, continually evolving with time.

Today the elegant mosaic of marble – is a solid raw material for finishing the interior of the premises, original packing floor, walls, stairs, and also for decoration and finishing of the outer part, tezhe walls, paths, decorating the facade. Classical mosaic of smalt, still remains the most sophisticated design options of decorative panels. Stone is used mainly to create a durable, outdoor images; metal – to add decor features and modern spirit, ceramic – for decoration of public buildings. Modern mosaic panels also are limitless for the imagination, in the first place almost no limits to the background in classical times were the most exquisite mosaics on a gold background, and secondly by using the mosaic, you can create a unique masterpiece decor, which will be a real luxury decoration for your environment. Manufacture of mosaic is a complex and delicate creative process, which involved artists, designers, chemists and technologists, as well as experts in packing. It would not go forward today new technology, no matter how varied preferences and tastes, one thing remains the same preference, the preference and practicality of natural resources and natural materials, natural stones, and to this day the most popular and practical.

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The Width of the Stairs

Construction regulations provided for stairway width (the distance from the wall to the fence or two guards) at least 90 cm, and distance between the opposite walls of at least 110 cm in smaller sizes for moving flight of stairs furniture and other bulky things (especially when turning 90? ili180?) will be quite difficult. In any case, determining the width of the pace stair railings and take into account the width of the backlash between the marches, which should be about 10 cm per second indicator at a flight of stairs is its inclination (slope), which depends on the width and height of the staircase steps. These sizes depend on many factors, however, they must be such that the ladder was safe and convenient to use. This means that the tread width and height of risers must comply with the average length of the step of man. That is to maintain the ratio between the distance to which man rises or falls, and the distance at which it moves forward. This relation determines the steepness of the stairs, which must be such that the ratio of the height of the march to its horizontal projection was 1:2 – 1:1,75 (ie be in the range of 30?).

In any case, slope of stairs shall not exceed the ratio of 1:1.25 (40?) As on slopes over 1:1 (45?) can only go down backwards and not forward. Use a ladder is inconvenient and dangerous. In calculating the ladder should stick to the rule that all steps within a single march should be the same size in height and width. Deviation in height and width of even a few millimeters at one stage may be affected at the end of a flight of stairs, and as a result – skewed ladder. Formula safety and convenience of the calculation formula of the steps and risers used formula.

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Think Big

Finally something in our modern time, there was a book that captivated most of the population globally, with it, not only children but also their parents. A series of 'Harry Potter' during its existence joined the ranks of such books, as the Bible, quote pad Mao Tse Tung, the book of Guinness and a few other equally great and popular books. Really, people finally began to read? Or is there something else The phenomenon of "Harry Potter" was discussed many times, but what is so in this children's tale, which has an interest all its innocuous beginning magic began to acquire in the future more and more frightening pace and events? Captured the world 'Harry Potter': the creation of multi-million dollar screenings, production of computer games, merchandise, create multiple groups and organizations Potter fans, write alternative versions of history and its sequels, and so forth, away, away Well if all this affects, For example, the child population, for whom, and in general it was originally intended and a fairy tale of a surreal world? And what they see in most book readers that they so interested? The answer to each his own. Many have tried and are trying to to understand the causes of this phenomenon, it would seem so unusual in today's world. With all the statements we can agree: it's fairy tales, and the style of narration, and identification with the real world and stuff All it is present. But this is the point? In this sense there is a fairy tale? And the tale it all? Many questions it raises a controversial product.



This question is not only about the main thing about this is that: You feel pride in their work. Systematized materials several times to save you time – any time you can find the right paper or knigi.Pri form of such an order in a case, the children have for you more . loves systematized materials, folders, and signature on polkah.Ne turn it into office in the warehouse broken equipment and arrangements with the assistant warden removed from office somewhere in the back room all computers unusable (broken and beyond repair or obsolete). Keep only the technique that you use in the classroom. Choose a time and wipe each computer, put it nicely, talk to him. Computers – our most important assistants in the office, and they are waiting for your attention and love (it's not a joke, I really think so). Proud of your work you may have seen in some organizations on the walls and diplomas testifying to the achievements of the employees of these firms.

And what prevents you to be proud of a? Surely, you or your students have and diplomas of winners of Olympiads, contests man, various tournaments. Make color copies of these documents and hang them in a beautiful frame on the wall of the cabinet. You do not even imagine imagine how they have an effect on everyone who comes to you: students, teachers, administration, parents! And when you yourself will look at them, then every time you realize that you are not a random person that you there is something to be proud! Fill your room 'living energy' to the office was warm and snug, there should be a living creature – plant. They have an amazing ability to turn the computer room of the 'technological zone' in 'Living area' where it is warm, cozy and comfortable to anyone who goes there, and for you this office will be friends, relatives and loved ones!