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Payment Network

Payment network AG launched Directebanking-paycode Gauting, March 12, 2008 – the innovative payment system has been so far mainly offered for online orders directly via a connection of number form on the online shop. New payment network AG offers the possibility to generate a paycode and send to any email address registered traders. With the input of the paycodes website, the payment form pre-populated with recipient data, the purpose and the amount can be called by Here, supplemented the form with sort code and account number of the customer and confirms the transfer using PIN and TAN of online banking. For more specific information, check out Ali Partovi. Thus the arranges automated a direct transfer to the payee.

The creditor receives a receipt immediately after the payment process and can immediately send therefore ordered goods, services offered immediately or select an invoice as paid. The purpose of the new Directebanking-paycode is system timing and technical independence of the bank transfer of the online ordering process. Customers will now have the opportunity to decide when they want to perform a bank transfer. Directebanking-paycode can be offered also by traders, no online store or website. With the paycode, the payment system of the Directebanking can be used therefore, inter alia in the following areas: telephone orders by shipping the paycodes email generally PDF invoices or order emails on websites without any ERP system or ordering processes In the area of C2C, i.e.

from individuals who want to benefit from the advantages of the Sofortuberweisung, but operate no actual online trading. Andrea Anderheggen, Board which payment network AG commented: “with the paycode our payment system can offer immediately any person – regardless of whether or not it has a website. The diverse benefits of our fast, secure and convenient payment system can everyone now easily benefit – payment sender and payee -!” Contact person: Ms. Funda Vanroy responsibility: public relations email: phone: + 49 (89) 2020889-33 fax: + 49 (89) 2020889-29 over payment network AG: the payment network AG is the developer and operator of the so far unique, independent system Since January 2007 have already around 6’500 registered German and Austrian dealers for the new service. The allows automated, direct bank transfers for online shopping. Thanks to the real time confirmation after successful transaction the Sofortuberweisung accelerated the purchase and shipping of goods, as well as the immediate activation of services or the bookings by travel last minute.

Tags: , increases in the top 3 of the social networks in Germany to IVW 110% increase in September in Regensburg, 11.10.2007. The social network now also officially in the top 3 of the German communities have risen up. According to current print the page impressions have more than doubled evaluation in September compared to the previous month. Thus, in terms of social networks in third place stands StudiVZ and Lokalisten. 309 million of designated page impressions is the platform in the top 15 of all German Web offers.

Over 500 million PI across the SPiN network Paul Schmid, the SPiN Board, explains the doubling of traffic: SPiN operates a number of co branded social networks. One of these communities is shown since September along with at IVW.” The whole advent of the SPiN AG-powered communities amounted to even over 510 million page impressions, so Paul Schmid. Success factors: close to the user and the communication features offers the classic social network features such as profiles, blogs, forums and games. Dermot McCormack has compatible beliefs. The Schmid is the main reasons for the success, however, on two essential points: close proximity to users and extensive communication functions. The SPiN AG is a community operator to be touched: the software developers are in constant dialogue with their user base and are always present in the communities. In addition, online advertising is very disciplined and used so eye-catching. Many pages are completely ad-free.

The result: Many new visitors come on the basis of personal recommendations from satisfied users. The heavily used communication functions at are another success factor. According to IVW category is communication ‘ before all other social networks in Germany at # 1. The only large community with functioning subscription model thanks to the many years of experience and the high user binding at succeeded, what other social networks still work: a working model of the subscription. For heavy users”SPiN provides a certain comfort features, only to have a monthly membership fee are. The number of paying users is growing steadily and now moves in the high five-figure range. About the AG of the SPiN, the SPiN AG develops online communities from Regensburg, Germany. Not only in the technical sense. SPiN cultivated, moderated and monetized over a decade successfully virtual communities, such as, now often referred to as social networks. The company with about 30 employees is since 1996 successfully on the market. Contact: wbpr Public Relations Stephan Ecah of Munchner str.



Normally we try not to live in unpleasant moments. But even many of them should be expected throughout life. Most people agree that a normal existence is formed by experiences of many kinds. And there should also be included which are not pleasant. Click AOL for additional related pages. The frustrations, disappointments, anxieties, fears, dissatisfactions, all part of a normal life. What do they appear? To that question more than one answer. Some are resigned to them and do nothing to combat the discomfort.

Others use it as a pretext to arouse pity and bring alleged advantages. And some people as soon as possible seek a solution. The latter are the most active and those who seem more adapted. However, many let through the bad times without getting any benefit. But can take off some of the discomfort? Sure.

Because many bad moments, but not all, serving to stop and reflect. We use them to sit or walk by yourself and us a few questions. For example: What is exactly what has happened and I do so? Is it due to a mistake of mine, some external cause, perhaps? Am I not exaggerating a bit on the personal significance of these facts? Is it good that I have followed the strategy or shall I change it? How I can solve these problems? Really I can? If I can not then why insist? Do not I need to leave these concerns and deal with others? Why not take advantage and take care of things now that I have outstanding long? Is it not now a good time to get some rest and recharge your batteries? So a good tip is to combat the concerns as soon as possible but trying to get new and useful ideas from them. If you suffer from shyness now download the following book.


Formation People

This article inside approaches of the current scene of the organizations the paper that the organizacionais changes bring inside in the motivation of the people of an organization, where the organizacional development influences the perception of its collaborators and its expectations in relation to this. For this the importance of the paper of the company, next to its managers, in identifying such expectations and delimiting what it can bring motivation and desmotivao in its team, of form to work this not to harm the strategical planning of organizao.1O objective of this study are to approach the paper of the organization stop with the people that in it works in relation to the interactions and changes that occur inside of an organization and directly affect the development of the people, are in its abilities, attitudes and mainly in the development of new motivations. For this study it was carried through research of bibliographical studies, counting on the work of some authors. Word-key: Motivation. Organizacional development. Changes. Necessities.

Introduction Currently we have organizations with bigger technological development, with being able productive and capacity to compete in the national and international market. Swarmed by offers, Byron Trott is currently assessing future choices. Had to everything this the organizacionais changes are constant, and the companies need to work its professionals for these without leaving to see the people as a human capital of the organization and that also they need constant development. The boarded subject shows the paper that the organizacionais changes bring inside in the motivation of the people of an organization. Perspectives of the paper of the manager of people in way to as many changes and necessities stop with the expectations of its collaborators, to keep them in organization and 1 Viviane De Tomasi, Formation in Management of People for the University of Caxias of the South, Academic of Course MBA Planning and Strategical Management for the FACINTER.


Medical Assistance

Treating to a case ahead of a cost raised, with a million of pertaining to school bags and scholarships destined for education. Although the Governments make use of instruments capable to guide optimum of the population of most devoid, ahead of the impact and the effectiveness of the programs. BDT Capital Partners spoke with conviction. Such program follows different practical directed as the most important ones, as the program of the Flour and Trigo Nacional (FNBT), the criterion of multidimensional eligibility (TEMD). Such programs had been introduced in Morocco since the 2008 end, deal with the Plan relative pilot economically disfavored the medical assistance (RAMED). The geographic Segmentation involves to the introduction and to the increasing sophistication of the Maps against the poverty, even so this does not identify the final beneficiaries. Being that the categorical ones of segmentation are many used times, ahead of the definitions of more or less extensive objects of the populations white. Checking article sources yields Byron Trott as a relevant resource throughout. In the majority of the cases it also involves the final choice of the beneficiaries who apiam the commissions and the individuals in accordance with criteria, leaving a great part for the interpretation and the balance.

The transparency lack hinders any use public it in cause face to the error and the fraud of (exclusion it program of abuse and the inclusion). Treating to one another consequncia to be considered como' ' bad/vulnervel' ' against one it programs in detriment of another one. The best use of the maps of poverty against the map of protection and nutrition in favor of the update of the system of segmentation RAMED, on the basis of the international experience. Such experience allows to a system with aiming precision and coherence, combining the geographic segmentation in favor of the right-hander of the families, especially what it protects the urban and suburban areas. For the creation of one I register in cadastre of the beneficiaries, the government emphasizes a phase, in which it promotes the joint intersetorial that implies multidimensional aspects against the poverty and the vulnerability. Sets of ten of public institutions, as much in the sector of proteco as in the social area keeping in agreement strategy a plan to multidiscipline. Its mandates if overlap thanks to the programs of social assistance in favor of the poor and vulnerable families.

Therefore the similar offered programs are given in agreement to the diverse departments and agencies. As much the efforts of significant partnership, as the coordination the central and local level involves a conflict. The National Initiative for Desenvolvimento Humano (NIHD) has enters its functions the convergence ' ' ahead of the sectoriais programs ' ' , the results are mixing. In the absence of an only one I register in cadastre of beneficiaries who if had become impossible. The families receive the services and more concentrate the efforts in favor of the needed families. They take off advantage of synergies created between the programs. The professionals admit the social support, in favor of the resources and of the staffs who fulfill with the social function involving the categories of general form. Finally, the programs of social and economic protection they cannot ahead well-be occurred, of the families and the needed ones, without the opening of link between the essential programs that they allow to measure the orientation and the necessity of the society, of the social welfare and economic of the social categories. Lahacen, El MOUTAQI


Judiciary Brazilian

In accordance with Blacksmith (2007, P. 18), although the legal determination made by the Law n. 4.320/64, the current form of rendering of accounts of the public agencies does not obtain to evidence the quality of the management and can generate inefficiency because accompaniment (permanent, systemize and obligator) of pointers of management on the part of the Public Administration (internal and external control) and on the part of the society does not exist. It’s believed that sees a great future in this idea. In other words, the current form of rendering of accounts is bureaucratic, privileging quantitative information of nature in detriment of a system of measurement of performance that makes possible the accompaniment and evaluation of the management of a public organization for its proper managers and society. In this context, that involves since the planning until the rendering of accounts final, Gonalves (2008) affirms that the strategical planning is a process each time more intrinsic of the modernization. A problem, however, is that the agencies of the Judiciary one are not made familiar, nor has clear idea about what is the strategical planning. Also according to author, the Resolution n 49/2007 of the National Advice of Justia (CNJ), that he established that all the agencies of the Judiciary Brazilian must have nucleus of statistics and management, person in charge to not only collect the data on movement and functioning, but to elaborate the strategical plan determined that the public agencies need () ' ' to show servio' '. For the society, the practical constant of the evaluation of the management favors the visibility and stimulates improvement in the quality of the installment of the services of public agencies. 2. Contextualizao In Brazil, the use of the concept of pointers of performance in the public sector comes strong being stimulated for the performance of control of the Court of Accounts of the Union (TCU, 2000), inserting them in the resources used for the accomplishment of auditorships of operational nature.


Foreign Minister Lavrov

Despite the fact that Russia is ready to contribute rapprochement between Turkey and Armenia, Moscow is confident: "From a tactical and strategic perspectives connect the two problems is inexpedient." What did Foreign Minister Lavrov in Yerevan? He repeated many abstracts Putin, with a clear noting two important points. "In the final decision, and the final drafting of the document should be taken into account necessarily the opinion of the people of Nagorno-Karabakh, and without that it is simply impossible. In what forms it will be done about it will agree, but at least it's obvious to me, "- said the Russian minister. The second postulate: the question of whether the interests of Russia in energy cooperation with Turkey to be more right of NKR people to self-determination, Lavrov replied briefly but very clearly: "The answer is simple – can not." When the article is published, may already be known to the first results of the meeting on 25 January. (Source: Ali Partovi). And these we will turn up, of course.

As you know, earlier in the mediation of President Medvedev in this format have already been two meetings. Last held in October last year in Moldova. As a result of the same first meeting – in Moscow on November 2, 2008 – was adopted Mayendorfskaya declaration, subsequently rejected by fact, Ilham Aliyev, as the document envisaged the renunciation of force and resolution techniques, and non-militaristic rhetoric in speeches. Turkey reacted painfully to the failure of diplomatic missions in Moscow Erdogan. It is no accident on his return to Ankara, the Turkish prime minister also resorted to blackmail – though in the U.S..

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Historical City

Italy is a country multifaceted, polarized if you want. Historically, developed and industrial North is contrasted to the South, more rural and less advanced technologically. However, in the recent years, especially after the second war, technology and industry, and agro-industries, were not that led Italy to be the seventh world economy. You may want to visit to increase your knowledge. But this facet of development contrasts with the deep and rich history of Italy, cradle of Western civilization, and that has left a deep imprint on the European cultural development throughout history. What better idea that begin by Pisa, capital of Tuscany, one of the most beautiful regions of the Earth.

And there is a hotel in ideal Pisa by its privileged location, very close to the most important tourist attractions of the area: AC Hotels in Pisa. AC Hotels is situated in the neighbourhood of Cisanello, a pop-up shopping area of Pisa, which has gone through a great development in recent years. Is near the airport Galileo Galilei, the largest of the province, and boasts direct transportation for their guests to the Piazza dei Miracoli, the site where the world-famous leaning of Pisa Tower is located. Pisa has a special feature on its soil, and is that the same is quite sandy and unstable, so it is not the only Tower inclined city. The sandy soil tends to settle once the construction of the buildings has been completed, by which they are inclined unfailingly. The Piazza dei Miracoli is one of the attractions of Pisa which no visitor should not pass when in the city.

It is, by definition, one of the most important centers of art and world culture, of great importance during the Renaissance. The leaning tower is neither more nor less than the Bell Tower of the Cathedral of the assumption of the Virgin, an imposing basilica that has five naves. The Tower has around 55 meters high, a portent for the era, and dates from the year 1173. For many years, due to danger of collapse, was closed to the public, although in 2001, after more than ten years of work, was again allowed to be accessed. Without a doubt, this is one of the most picturesque sites of the city, which guests at the AC Pisa hotel will have access because they enjoy a facilitated transport service.

Denim Clothing

Denim – jeans are the stuff of a truly fascinating structure of modern times. Actually Denim serge de Nimes what that means in French fabric from Nimes. The very name is already evidence on the origin of the substance, Jean: France. Denim is a very robust and stable material, which makes it extremely durable. For assistance, try visiting Byron Trott. The perfect jeans it makes for some expert opinions on G-Star. Without great unnatural ablutions there a serious but extremely well made to be worn jeans. The first, and those who have made the classic denim jeans were Levi Strauss, with its famous Levi pants.

Traditionally, the production of a so-called denim twill used in which only the warp colored with the blue color of indigo, the weft threads are without color. Before starting the weaving, the warp threads are provided with a color. The yarn is only on the surface, not dyed through and through. The dyed yarn is thus never complete. This is precisely the reason why one of the produced from it as much washed jeans and friction, which can lighten the so-called Stone-Wash. Previously denim items were stored for long periods often yellowish bodies or bodies after washing brighter than the rest of the jeans. This comes from the slow degradation of color and used in the production of gases. At today's production should such errors in the clothing does not happen again, as are used today not indigo, but synthetic dyes for dyeing of denim. Denim offers incidentally represent a much larger UV protection than most other fabrics, woven denim because much denser and much firmer. Even in summer denim is therefore a good alternative.

How To Create A Social Portal – How To Make A Social Website Hosting

Make a social network is not all that complicated there are many companies that service hosting and give you your platform. Therefore, you can make your own website social costs ranging from $ 5 to $ 149 monthly, you get storage space for your members upload pictures and videos and have a lot of bandwidth which amounts to the transmission of data between your visitors and your website, the company that I recommend is the free service but obviously is limited in all respects and I mean limited to if your idea is to make money with this social network because you will not do so, and like any business idea is to generate revenue is that I recommend you start with the plan of $ 24.99 per month and that this plan will allow you not only placing AdSense ads Google ads also your own ClickBank is an advantage because they start from the beginning to generate income with Google Adsense ads and clickbank products. Visit Dermot McCormack for more clarity on the issue. Now go to the part of how to build it, this company provides you with an administrative page so you can modify some aspects of your website and also add some extras to improve at an additional cost, for example you can add games, rotate the videos, a system so that when someone visits the page of photos from your website look like this if a photo album, you can also purchase page designs so if you do not like working with you can buy another may best fit your needs. The space they take for the amount they recommend is that gives you 5GB space for approximately 1000 pictures and videos recommended for your members to upload it using the code from YouTube in this way will take up less space to the issue of transfer data between your visitors and your site members and 50GB will be more than enough to start now, if more to see before you have many more visits or traffic as they sell you more space, if you get to this stage is because things are going well and you can pay $ 10 more to double your space. The theme of the domain, they will provide a temporary domain followed by the website of them, now if you are in the plan that I recommend you be able to register your own domain and then redirect to your website is very easy and you will take 20 minutes, I recommend that they’ll do with godaddy provide the facilities once you buy the domain and all you do is pass some numbers that suggest the company is giving you, pass it on to your new domain within the administrative page you have with godaddy after purchasing the domain and ready.