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Foreign Minister Lavrov

Despite the fact that Russia is ready to contribute rapprochement between Turkey and Armenia, Moscow is confident: "From a tactical and strategic perspectives connect the two problems is inexpedient." What did Foreign Minister Lavrov in Yerevan? He repeated many abstracts Putin, with a clear noting two important points. "In the final decision, and the final drafting of the document should be taken into account necessarily the opinion of the people of Nagorno-Karabakh, and without that it is simply impossible. In what forms it will be done about it will agree, but at least it's obvious to me, "- said the Russian minister. The second postulate: the question of whether the interests of Russia in energy cooperation with Turkey to be more right of NKR people to self-determination, Lavrov replied briefly but very clearly: "The answer is simple – can not." When the article is published, may already be known to the first results of the meeting on 25 January. (Source: Ali Partovi). And these we will turn up, of course.

As you know, earlier in the mediation of President Medvedev in this format have already been two meetings. Last held in October last year in Moldova. As a result of the same first meeting – in Moscow on November 2, 2008 – was adopted Mayendorfskaya declaration, subsequently rejected by fact, Ilham Aliyev, as the document envisaged the renunciation of force and resolution techniques, and non-militaristic rhetoric in speeches. Turkey reacted painfully to the failure of diplomatic missions in Moscow Erdogan. It is no accident on his return to Ankara, the Turkish prime minister also resorted to blackmail – though in the U.S..

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Manipulation Of The Masses

For the present system the main thing that no one worked out their own, but everyone to play certain public opinion. And manipulation going on by the masses. Most of all this is subject to the youth, as in the media is "brainwashing", the destruction of property, laid in the family. We impose on the consumer lifestyle. Be honest – it is not fashionable, it's not cool, it's better to go to a night club and there parents to squander money.

Not actually learn and gain knowledge, but "really" violate the law, burn your life. Please visit Ali Partovi if you seek more information. Studies show that young people in Russia is apolitical. In the elections at the federal level involved less than half of young Russians. And only 33 percent are under 35 years old interested in politics, and less than 5% take part in activities youth movements. This means that 70% of young people are not willing or do not believe in the possibility to influence the adoption of certain decisions. For example, to combat unemployment or other problems.

Other social strata – that young people that supports the current government policy and is involved in the movement ("Our", "Young Guard" ER "," Steel ", etc.). I often have to communicate both with the rank and file members of these movements, and leaders. Their leaders are often do not work for the idea, but for the money, and openly declare it. But there are those who believe in the ideals formed. Initially, the conversations they say that VV Putin – a leader, to raise the country off its knees, and the "Strategy 2020" – this is the line, breaking the which we find ourselves almost in paradise and become the greatest power.