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International Dating Sites: Reasons For The Popularity

Why Russian women are increasingly looking for a husband abroad? The reasons for this phenomenon in our modern life are numerous. This social vulnerability, especially single mothers, and women's unemployment, which is known to always higher than men's. But the main reason at the moment is the crisis over the usual model of family relations. That often represents the average Russian family? Almost complete lack of interest to the usual family values. Concepts such as loyalty, sincere attitude, unity, love for children are almost worthy of ridicule. If a man – a respectable family man, in the eyes of others, he often henpecked. If a woman is not keen on achieving their personal goals, is not seeking a career, spending time in close family circle in taking care of their households, often looking at her as uninteresting person.

On the other parties abroad has not lost interest in the simple family . Western men, full of plenty of entrepreneurial and rational countrywomen, refuse to make them family. In our age of high technology has become very easy to establish contacts with the world. And not necessarily for dating with a foreigner becomes even knowing his mother tongue. International dating provide services online translator for their clients. In addition, entrance fee for men is a guarantee of its serious intentions. For women, as a rule, admission is free.

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New Volkswagen Jetta

In mid-June 2010 in the heart of New York City company Volkswagen has presented the new (sixth) generation model vw Jetta. After starting the Jetta sedan 2011 model year at the beginning of this year, the North American market, Volkswagen has shown the European version of one of its most successful cars in the market, which has a new range of engines and upscale interior decoration materials. German engineering means the highest quality and effective technology. And the new Jetta – a shining example. New Volkswagen Jetta Sedan is built on the modernized platform and slightly increased in size, which undoubtedly had a positive impact on the comfort of passengers and luggage capacity. New Jett's 4.64 meters long, 1.45 meters in height and 1.78 meters wide, which makes the car at 0.9 meters longer than the previous model. Jetta European buyers will be provided a choice of six power units, among which two new turbo-diesel: 1.6-liter tdi BlueMotion 105 hp and 140-hp 2.0-liter tdi.

In the range of engines will be the new four-cylinder turbocharged tsi units volume of 1.2 liters (105 hp) and 1.4-liter (160 hp). But at the beginning of all the new Jett will equipped with turbo tsi volume of 1,4 liters (122 hp) and 2.0-liter 200-strong tsi. All engines are paired with either a 6-speed or 7-speed (depending on model) transmission with double clutch. Blue Motion Technology equipped with motors 1,2 tsi and 1,6 tdi. Volkswagen Jetta is available in three trim levels: Trendline, Comfortline and Highline in Germany and the S, se and Sport in the uk.

Externally, the new vw Jetta looks very stylish design echoes the concept of New Compact Coupe, shown at the beginning of the year at the motor show in Detroit. In front of the body are used emphasized horizontal contours that define the entire design. Glossy black grille is made in the same style with trapezoidal headlamps. Harmony and lattice corrector smoothly flows down to a fully painted bumpers. Quiet and sports lines dominate the appearance of the rear part of the new Volkswagen Jetta. The interior of the car, too, has been completely updated, the quality and perfection of the details of this five-seater sedan now finally pulled out of the boundaries of class. In addition, customers can simply ask for the first time Volkswagen dealer to change certain elements of trim, if you want even more individuality. Moreover, the new Jetta offers exclusive perfection of details and trim – intuitive controls. In standard equipment includes esp system and tire pressure control. Package also includes up to six airbags (two front, two side front, two windows – for the head and chest in the area of the front side windows). Production of the Volkswagen Jetta sedan is expected to begin in the 4 th quarter of 2010.