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Womens Psychology

About the peculiarities of women's psychology and logic, invented a lot of jokes and told the same number of incredible stories. But it is worth considering – what are these features, and where are their roots? Men are often accused representatives of the opposite sex in contradictions, imbalance and a tendency toward excessive emotionality. Women appear to respond to the accusations against the men in the dry, moderation and overindulgence affairs "world scale". Try to figure out who's right. According to research conducted in groups of infants two months of age, boys are most interested in moving objects, which can be touch, catch, hold in their hands. Girls are the same for the most part, focused their views on the faces of the people conducting the study.

That is, if boys are more often the instinct of a hunter, conqueror of the outside world, girls initially choose the role of contemplative, allowing to explore and understand other people. That is what explains the interest in the roles women to other people's lives: how they live, what joy, what sad, that is, the information that men are often called "women's gossip and rumors." The desire to learn about the features of the lives of others and share your own story has little to do with women's banal curiosity. The woman initially configured to openness, understanding the world of another person and that she seemed to also open itself to others. The ability to empathize and share their own experiences allows a woman to easily erase the boundaries between inner worlds of different people – this is the most important difference from the male of female psychology.

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Where there is no vision, the people perish proverbs 29: 18 La Bible thinking strategically means something else to be alert to the opportunities presented to us. You need to have a specific purpose, a clear sense of purpose. It requires also have a clear vision: sense of direction of where you want to move forward. A saying goes without vision there is no occasion. Whenever Kai-Fu Lee listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The key element that moves the mind of the strategist is the projected long-term vision. In this sense, the mind of the strategist always has plans for the future, they are constantly viewing options and evaluating scenarios, because they have a purpose clear, articulated in objectives. He not only sees the present circumstances, but that it is picking up patterns and alternatives that others do not see, as a result of having developed the habit of raising his eyes toward the horizon and look beyond the situation in which they live, which allows you to have capacity of response to unforeseen situations, to anticipate problems and their solutions, because the mind of the strategist thinks with a vision of long term, with a sense of purpose, not be entertaining on a daily basis and short-term. Now the vision that guides the strategist not only is in his thinking but is also present in their emotions; It emerges from its own needs.

The strategist (leader or Manager) need to take emotional contact with the vision, as well as he assumes the commitment and the responsibility for achieving this. >. It is the passion that develops by the vision, what keeps you motivated to carry out strategic actions aimed at realizing this. His emotional contact with the vision and their own needs, your vision becomes an internal compass that guides the strategist. If at some point you lose that internal reviews and events force him to act, it will no longer operate in a strategic way, and will start to react to crisis situations.



They want to make many alone things, to dress of total different form of the remaining portion of the world, to take its proper decisions but they do not open hand of the stewardship, of not wanting to assume responsibilities. However, they know to very charge well the responsibility of the others when something does not go to it well. The advance and penetration of the technologies to a large extent of the homes and access in public domnios, surprisingly increased the electronic presence of television sets, games and computers in the daily habits of the adolescents. This increase brought a concern with constant use e, nor always monitored, of these technological adventos for the adolescents and on the effect of these technologies in the social interaction> with the familiar and communitarian way. The adolescent of today is the child, who in the end of the century XX, he turned target the super-powerful parents who crowded the agenda of its children with lessons of this and that not having free time children to play them of the most famous and old diversion: make-of-he counts.

He makes to this to remember me one old legend of the Kenya (country of the African continent) that the animals congregated next to the river Impumelelo wanted to discover which of them were most important. It was a difficult choice. He could not only take in account the physical aspects, as the force, the beauty, intelligence or even though the esperteza. What it was to be evaluated the animal was which that for its natural task, was essential for all the others, and on it the future of all depended the animals. The animals formosos had been soon considered a true engineer in the construction of its house with clay and the parrot? This age even though capable to imitate the voice of the man! _ The competition intends to establish amongst all the animals that one to who the nature trusted a truily incredible, important task all for the animal kingdom, clarified one of the juries.> The jury after to think and to analyze very the candidates gave to its veridicto well.


Entrance System

The theoretician understands that the entrance systems can be related with specific parts of the brain, what it is not possible to say of the systems central offices. The cognition must be seen of holistic form, what it implies the current impossibility of description. On the basis of this theory, Fondor explains that the mind possesss two types of projection that functional in different levels: the first one says respect to a level that results of the evolutivo process, is the formation of the modern mind that if in accordance with gave the necessity of adaptation of the man to the world where it lives. This level says respect to the immediate, practically impensveis reactions and many times ' ' estpidas' ' , that they make possible the perception on the coherence of the world. As the level is called slow and contemplativo, and portraies the possibility of improvement of the rationality human being for the identification of the order and structures of the world, say respect to the reactions reflexivas. On the other hand to the mannering universalismo, presented for the theory of the modularity of the language and to the inatismo, the Conexionismo studies the acquisition of the language by means of a computational perspective, trying to describe the cognitivo process to the functioning of a computer, which possesss three procedural levels: the data that feed the mind (input or data of entrance), the processing, properly said (given occult) and the product or output (given of exit). For the conexionismo, all the knowledge is incorporated by a net of units of simple processing by means of connections that if fortify or if they weaken and agreement with the regular answers to the standards of imput. The conexionista model possesss as some characteristics: Is based on the cerebral architecture using computational concepts of us and nets; Acredita that these we are interconnected to form a net of interconnections, being that each knot can be connected the different nets; Afirma that the knowledge is stored in these interconnections and is associated with other knowledge contained in a great net with other connecting, this explains the relation with the associalismo. For being imbricado to the behavioristas perspectives and the associalismo, the conexionista model received critical that they are resembled you tie models, therefore for the scholars, this model not of the account to explain the phenomena of internal representation, as the creativity, denying the influence of social factors, or motivacionais aspects acquired by means of the social experiences, however, this model also received compliments for having if inferred of the structures traditionalistic of ligusticos studies. The conexionista model do not deny the inatismo of acquisition, however it considers the importance of the social use of the language, either verbal or writing, essential for its acquisition, since she believes that she is I accumulate it of the practical experiences happened with the social ones of the use of the language is that she fortifies the associations, facilitating the acquisition.



The tenth sign of the zodiac. The main element – – the Earth (the hardest and dense land – – a stone). The primary level of the element of Earth. The cardinal, negative, feminine, magnetic Zodiac. Saturn is a senior, daily, direktnym ruler of Capricorn.

Uranium is a junior, night, retrograde ruler. Black Moon (Lilith) symbolically has the youngest, a second abode in Capricorn. In this sign the effect of the Black Moon (Lilith) effort. Mars in Capricorn in the exaltation. The Moon and the White Moon (Selena) in Capricorn in exile. Jupiter in Capricorn in the fall. The main idea of the Signs of the Zodiac Capricorn – the desire and move up to the top.

Implementation of this commitment is very slow (Years, decades), sometimes all a person's life. Step by step, step by step. Saturn – – planet ruler of Capricorn, unhurried. Saturn (Cronus) controls the time. The idea of Capricorn win it all yourself, heavy work (in any form), through the obstacles, limitations and losses. Capricorn – – the most goal-oriented Zodiac. He goes to his goal from birth until death. What is the purpose of spiritual choice Zodiac Signs Capricorn? God gives Capricorn desire to achieve top of professionalism in your chosen field of human activity. The idea of Capricorn (given by his light forces) to become a professional to the bone, to the tips of the nails. This Capricorn – it is always a true professional. But Satan is quietly changing the emphasis Capricorn and whispers: 'Do it a career', that is the Dark Force quietly changing the purpose of Capricorn. Instead of professionalism – the pursuit of career levels and power. Capricorn High level of spiritual development – Professional. Capricorn with a low level of spiritual development – a careerist.

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