They want to make many alone things, to dress of total different form of the remaining portion of the world, to take its proper decisions but they do not open hand of the stewardship, of not wanting to assume responsibilities. However, they know to very charge well the responsibility of the others when something does not go to it well. The advance and penetration of the technologies to a large extent of the homes and access in public domnios, surprisingly increased the electronic presence of television sets, games and computers in the daily habits of the adolescents. This increase brought a concern with constant use e, nor always monitored, of these technological adventos for the adolescents and on the effect of these technologies in the social interaction> with the familiar and communitarian way. The adolescent of today is the child, who in the end of the century XX, he turned target the super-powerful parents who crowded the agenda of its children with lessons of this and that not having free time children to play them of the most famous and old diversion: make-of-he counts.

He makes to this to remember me one old legend of the Kenya (country of the African continent) that the animals congregated next to the river Impumelelo wanted to discover which of them were most important. It was a difficult choice. He could not only take in account the physical aspects, as the force, the beauty, intelligence or even though the esperteza. What it was to be evaluated the animal was which that for its natural task, was essential for all the others, and on it the future of all depended the animals. The animals formosos had been soon considered a true engineer in the construction of its house with clay and the parrot? This age even though capable to imitate the voice of the man! _ The competition intends to establish amongst all the animals that one to who the nature trusted a truily incredible, important task all for the animal kingdom, clarified one of the juries.> The jury after to think and to analyze very the candidates gave to its veridicto well.