He spent a month and whenever I waved to get answered in a bad mood. One afternoon when I just do not get to say goodbye. On that occasion I accompanied one of my daughters and we spent to our friends ask if I knew of that population, with their eyes fixed on the ground told us that he was Tomelloso, so people outside the residence and acquaintances the bar, did not know many more people. Come on, you will respond if our people. Well, let's see if now when we come, not in a bad mood and smiles a little. We said goodbye to his expression sullen and somewhat insecure in his footsteps closing it behind us and thinking we were about intrusive.

One morning I saw him pass by my house and he was surprised to see me. Do you live here? I asked between shy and embarrassed. Eulalio For the first time a smile of confidence in his thin lips, through which loomed a Duchy which rose a spiral of smoke that disappeared at the edge of the visor of his cap. The days passed and one afternoon Eulalio asked me if when he came to Tomelloso gave permission to visit. He came to town every two weeks to see two cousins, sometimes in the traveler and others with Gonzalo, the Social Worker. One morning at ten o'clock to open Eulalio called and stood in the doorway with his cap removed and turning over in his hands nervously and explaining that I would be very little time because I had to see their premiums and then before one being the residence of Tomelloso for lunch and from there back with Gonzalo home.