The word "stained glass" comes from the French vitre, which means "window pane". In the Middle Ages to create stained glass used small figured carved pieces, connected by lead bindings in a single picture. For example, in the windows of medieval cathedrals stained glass windows were inserted in the stone cover, which strengthens the metal parts. Sunlight shone through the stained glass, filled with flowers inside space of the cathedral, creating the illusion of contact with the divine. Today, stained glass again come back to life by decorating the interiors of homes, offices, apartments. Modern stained glass – one of the most active expressive means in the modern interior design. Using stained glass can form a special atmosphere of the interior. If previously stained glass was used with calculation of the sunlight, then the modern interior is increasingly being used artificial lighting to create an atmosphere in the room.

If you previously used as a stained glass window glass, then the modern interior stained glass – it's interior partitions, interior doors, niches, doors, closets, ceilings and even floors. Difficult to find such an interior, where the stained glass would have been superfluous. Most often, stained glass becomes a central decorative element around which the modern interior. According to many designers, the use of stained glass can seamlessly connect different functional purpose in the premises without disturbing the functionality of each. For example, using stained glass as office partitions, can be organically combine office and showroom. With each side of stained glass will integrate harmoniously with the interior of both buildings. Glass works very well with light, allowing you to use as a stained glass ceiling design.

Behind her place lamps, a combination of glass and allows light to illuminate different areas of the room. In addition, the ceiling becomes a festive appearance. It is also very active use of art glass for design of doors or windows. In this case, stained glass is selected on the basis of artistic ideas and plan the interior. Until recently it was thought that the stained glass and art glass in general – is expensive. But, thanks to modern technology and supplies many kinds of stained glass "on the conveyor, the price of modern stained glass became" affordable "even people with average income. Price per square meter of one of the expensive stained glass techniques Tiffany produced in Asia, is worth less than 16,000 rubles per square meter in Russia. Although many of the old-fashioned, considering art glass costly, exhibit a very high price for the stained glass. Modern stained-glass windows, in contrast to the classical do not need a strict selection of glass, clear color boundaries are exempt from the stylistic framework, developing a flexible plastic decorative tool. This leads to that stained glass is a central element of any modern interior. To date, stained-glass window of the monumental art is transformed into a decorative element, and returns to the public interior. Expands the scope of art glass. Now it's not only windows but also doors and walls, niches, ceilings, floors, bar tops. According to psychologists, stress relief a person must change the atmosphere in the house once a year. And here the stained glass out of competition, since the change of lighting is changing, and look not only stained glass but also the interior of the premises.

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