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Skilled Selection Management Mechanism Protective Role

Protective shutters – shutters are webs of lamellae, or, in other words, profiles. Cloth roller shutters moving up and down the rails and rolled into a roll, reeling on the shaft, which is located in a protective box. Management options, roller shutters can be divided into two groups – manual and automatic, or mechanical and electrical. Mechanical or manual control includes a number of mechanisms, such as: tape management, trosikovy gear, cardan, retractable mechanism. Anyway, all the devices of the mechanical control of steel rolling shutters require the application of certain physical effort that distinguishes it from management automatically. When the electric motor control is inside the shaft, and the protective shutters controlled by a switch, when pressed on which they fall or rise. When deciding how to manage protective shutters should consult with a specialist, which accurately calculate the ratio of the mass structure and mode of administration and on the basis of future operating conditions of roller shutters, will pick the best option.

Since in any case when you install shutters it's not just about protecting the building, but also about the comfort, that is, to reduce time and effort. For example, automatic control will be the best solution for buildings that have steel roller shutters protected the windows of the first floor. It could be offices or houses. In this case, the touch of a button, switch or remote control, you can manage all roller shutters in the room. Electric drive also is perfect for control of steel rolling shutters that are installed as a gate in your garage.

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What is a brick now knows every one of us. In the XVIII century, people even could not imagine that this building material will become the decorative element of the city's architecture! While at home, too, were built of brick, and masonry was no less strong than it is now, but the production was so tedious and difficult, that the appearance of sophistication pales into insignificance. When it first appeared ceramic brick? The question is not easy. Archaeologists long been digging in the ground to find a definitive answer, but it is unlikely they will succeed. The oldest brick found in 1952 an international team of archaeologists on the banks of the Jordan. They set a date, approximately is equal to 8300 BC The composition of the bricks was a simple enough – clay mixed with water, then this weight has been given a rectangular shape. Everything was done manually, but with the intent and high hopes. The really sizzle and dried bricks began in the middle of the XIX century.

There have already been built and the annular furnace and the production of well-organized. So that the process of manufacturing bricks would bring pleasure not only citizens, but also workers of brick plants. Masterovityh people at that time there were many, so very often could be found defective material. To avoid such misunderstandings and somehow fix copyrights, brick factories have started to put a mark upon each brick. In the same 19 th century and the first technical details of this brick. The first certificates were issued and announced options of standard bricks. Brick in our time is now we know about the limit Brick strength, its thermal conductivity, frost resistance and other properties. We can calculate the load that maintains the brick wall thickness.

And it says that the modern technology of brick production does not stop, and establishes previously achieved quality standards and develops further. One of the oldest construction materials now has so many varieties that it's hard to even imagine. AND This is good because the ceramic bricks – is not just a material for walls, fences or some other structures. This is a great subject for human creativity, which came to us from past millennia.

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Stained Glass Windows

The word "stained glass" comes from the French vitre, which means "window pane". In the Middle Ages to create stained glass used small figured carved pieces, connected by lead bindings in a single picture. For example, in the windows of medieval cathedrals stained glass windows were inserted in the stone cover, which strengthens the metal parts. Sunlight shone through the stained glass, filled with flowers inside space of the cathedral, creating the illusion of contact with the divine. Today, stained glass again come back to life by decorating the interiors of homes, offices, apartments. Modern stained glass – one of the most active expressive means in the modern interior design. Using stained glass can form a special atmosphere of the interior. If previously stained glass was used with calculation of the sunlight, then the modern interior is increasingly being used artificial lighting to create an atmosphere in the room.

If you previously used as a stained glass window glass, then the modern interior stained glass – it's interior partitions, interior doors, niches, doors, closets, ceilings and even floors. Difficult to find such an interior, where the stained glass would have been superfluous. Most often, stained glass becomes a central decorative element around which the modern interior. According to many designers, the use of stained glass can seamlessly connect different functional purpose in the premises without disturbing the functionality of each. For example, using stained glass as office partitions, can be organically combine office and showroom. With each side of stained glass will integrate harmoniously with the interior of both buildings. Glass works very well with light, allowing you to use as a stained glass ceiling design.

Behind her place lamps, a combination of glass and allows light to illuminate different areas of the room. In addition, the ceiling becomes a festive appearance. It is also very active use of art glass for design of doors or windows. In this case, stained glass is selected on the basis of artistic ideas and plan the interior. Until recently it was thought that the stained glass and art glass in general – is expensive. But, thanks to modern technology and supplies many kinds of stained glass "on the conveyor, the price of modern stained glass became" affordable "even people with average income. Price per square meter of one of the expensive stained glass techniques Tiffany produced in Asia, is worth less than 16,000 rubles per square meter in Russia. Although many of the old-fashioned, considering art glass costly, exhibit a very high price for the stained glass. Modern stained-glass windows, in contrast to the classical do not need a strict selection of glass, clear color boundaries are exempt from the stylistic framework, developing a flexible plastic decorative tool. This leads to that stained glass is a central element of any modern interior. To date, stained-glass window of the monumental art is transformed into a decorative element, and returns to the public interior. Expands the scope of art glass. Now it's not only windows but also doors and walls, niches, ceilings, floors, bar tops. According to psychologists, stress relief a person must change the atmosphere in the house once a year. And here the stained glass out of competition, since the change of lighting is changing, and look not only stained glass but also the interior of the premises.

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Hot Mosaic Techniques

Hot Mosaic – a type of monumental art. In the mosaic of images and ornaments are made from pieces of colored natural stones, glass, ceramics (ceramic mosaic), wood and other materials. Beautiful and original ceramic mosaic – very old stuff, but it has not lost its popularity in our days. This is explained by the fact that Mosaic has a number of incontestable advantages. Its easy to pack, it can be veneer curved surfaces. Mosaics in the ancient world was largely subject to high and fine art in our days of, Mosaic has an excellent material for unique finishes and decorating individual rooms objects, the correct choice of colors, materials and textures – the key to success for creating something special and stands out in our environment. It would seem, for selected metals, glass mixtures, ceramics, natural stones, and other raw materials are not able to individually recreate into something so special that captures the spirit, but when you combine a small mosaic elements of all of the components, and to put something bright floors, walls, ceiling and any other surface, get a unique mosaic trophy.

Mosaic products are endless opportunities for, quality glass mosaics not only serves the art coating, but also a great material for creating original 'accents' in interior design, creating unique and intricate patterns, is fashionable finish for fireplaces, furniture objects, decorating a room, saunas, baths and so on, just glass mosaic is durable and resistant against external factors, has high water resistance. Ceramic mosaic – it is nothing like small ceramic tiles. Glazed ceramic mosaic designs are ideal for swimming pools and bathrooms. Not glazed ceramic mosaic tiles can be a special highlight of the interior room, living room, the other equally umestnyi other types: ceramic mosaic, glass mosaic and marble mosaic. Laying a mosaic of marble – craft handed down from generation to generation, continually evolving with time.

Today the elegant mosaic of marble – is a solid raw material for finishing the interior of the premises, original packing floor, walls, stairs, and also for decoration and finishing of the outer part, tezhe walls, paths, decorating the facade. Classical mosaic of smalt, still remains the most sophisticated design options of decorative panels. Stone is used mainly to create a durable, outdoor images; metal – to add decor features and modern spirit, ceramic – for decoration of public buildings. Modern mosaic panels also are limitless for the imagination, in the first place almost no limits to the background in classical times were the most exquisite mosaics on a gold background, and secondly by using the mosaic, you can create a unique masterpiece decor, which will be a real luxury decoration for your environment. Manufacture of mosaic is a complex and delicate creative process, which involved artists, designers, chemists and technologists, as well as experts in packing. It would not go forward today new technology, no matter how varied preferences and tastes, one thing remains the same preference, the preference and practicality of natural resources and natural materials, natural stones, and to this day the most popular and practical.

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