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School Technologies

Altina Magalhes Coast the advances scientific are caracterizadores of huge changes in the seio of the society how much to the form to think, of speaking, to act, at last of living. It is important to detach that the world-wide net of computers, the Internet is instruments that make possible the pupils to bring for the context of the classroom: questions, information, new features that influence in day-by-day of the school. This is a challenge for the educators who urgently need to insert themselves in this hardwired society. more than to insert itself is necessary to visualize that the technologies, the medias favor the communication, the captation of information, but they do not guarantee changes in the process teach-learning. What it goes to guarantee is the processing of the caught information and the transformation of these in knowledge and sharing of this in knowledge with the humanity.

The young is not enough to have access to the information is necessary that the school promotes inclusion digital e, over all an education that it makes possible attribution of meanings what it is disponibilizado in the Internet. It is basic that the school breaches with this model of old education and creates articulated environments of learning with other environments of virtual knowledge. The existing technologies and medias in the society alone influence positively in the pertaining to school context will be the service of the curricular contents. One knows that the school still is very shy in this aspect. The technologies still are used as illustration of contents, and this by itself does not characterize change in the act to teach and to learn. It is essential to invest in the formation of the professors, to stimulate them in all the aspects so that they are felt motivated to leave the common place, to face plus this great challenge and to assume a flexible position front to this new society and this new project of education.


TIC Education

Introduction Many professors if question on the best way to use the computer in its educational activities. However, considered already demonstrated utility of the technology for the learning process, bedding for the old controversy inexists today on the importance of the knowledge in the area of the educational technology. Doubts remain only on the important points for the choice of a methodology adjusted for the increment of the educational technology in Present-day Brazil. Without a doubt, this increment will still demand a long passage, for two basic reasons: the lack of resources and the resistance of professors and educational managers. Development of the reflections The technologies of the information and the communication (TICs) open new perspectives for the education and education online. This because the had access information way Internet dinamizam, motivates and leads the pupil the unexpected ones discovered. This brief article has the objective to present some reflections on the subject, with the intention not to deepen it in surplus for an almost beginning teacher, but to show the potentialities of the learning it saw connections in net.

Old, in the traditional model of education, the paper of the pupil was limited to decorate, to remember and to repeat it the information supplied for the professors. Today, the function of the professor does not have more than to be to only transmit information, but yes knowledge. The advance of the technology brought enormous possibility of use of the TIC in the education, as much in actual education as in the ED modality. This technology does not have to represent a purpose in same itself: it constitutes, yes, pleasant pedagogical tool of being used and plays important function for its utility for pupils and professors in the process teach-learning. Differently of the lessons of the past, the TICs is presented as renovador element in the process teach-learning and has contributed for bigger socialization of the right to study and to learn.


New Technologies

When if it speaks in technology is usual that if it imagines computers with multiprocessors of last generation, specialized staff and one fund technological highly informatizado. However, one knows that the creation and the appropriation of techniques are part of the development of the humanity. Exactly in its primrdios the man invents, innovates, reinventa and renews. When making aluso to the society of the beginning of the historical times, Saints (1998), standes out that, each human group construa its space of life with the techniques that invented to take off of its piece of nature the indispensable elements to its proper survival. Organizing the production, it organized the social life and it organized the space, in the measure of its proper forces, necessities and desires. But, after all, what it is technology? Etimologicamente, the term has origin Greek, with the junction of the terms techn (technique or art) and logos (joint to know), however the technology definition if extends to the being associated with the way of effective production in the society. It can be said that, of the secular techniques, since the use of the chalk and the black picture until the emergent and current educational technologies, a long evolutiva trajectory in the didactic organization of the professor was covered.

However, the sprouting each sped up time more of new ways has brought certain confusion in the way to think the educational education, school and politics for this sector. In this scene of uncertainties they are the New Technologies of Information and Communication (NTICs). Deriving mainly of the Third Industrial Revolution, the new technologies make possible the advent of what &#039 is called; ' society of conhecimento' ' or ' ' society of informao' '. The study if it more justifies for the presence each sped up time of these new ways – mainly the computer and the Internet – in the daily life educandos them, them professors and of the school, it is inquired: which the purpose of the new technologies in the pertaining to school environment? That interests are in game? To assume of vocbulo technology to express the decurrent product of the creativity human being would so only be so pueril how much to assign the devilish expression of the being, that is, the perpetual existing doubt enters the substitution of the man for the machine or the transformation of the machine in element auxiliary in the way of production and the daily life of the people.