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Rumor: The New Product is an Apple MacBook Touch

Are you ready for the Newton 2.0 MacBook touch?

That said our source? The same as we notice wireless direct sales via the iTunes store and iPod iPhone, one week before the Apple announcement? Staccato music.

Think of the screen MacBook, possibly a little smaller, glass, style iPhone, but multit├íctil fullest capacity. Bookstore gestures, Mac OS X full … This is why we bought P.A. Semi. Possibly touch with immersive technology, slot-loading SuperDrive. Fairly expensive to produce initially, but sold at a price lower than the reduced margins. Apple wants to move these beauties. And they will. They are something incredible. Compatible with the App-Store, able to run Mac applications. In October at the latest.

The Growth of the Market Share Apple is “remarkable”

? There is a lot of exuberance in orbit Mac this week regarding the news of the signature analysis and market research Gartner Group that Apple has overtaken the Taiwanese firm Acer and secured third place in sales volume of computers in the United States with 8.5 percent of the domestic computer market, while maintaining sixth place worldwide.

Still, domestically, according to estimates by Gartner, Apple now surpasses all competitors except Dell and HP, showing an incredible growth of 38.1 percent year to year, and this is even considering that Acer absorbed Gateway and Packard Bell whose sales are included in the total of Acer. The Gartner competitor in market research, IDC in its report this week marked the earnings from Apple below, a 7.8 per cent per share, up from 6.2 percent last year, with growth slower (31.7%), locked in a virtual tie with Acer (Apple ago 2,000 units), but the trend is the same with Apple having served 2.37 million Macs worldwide in the quarter? wrote Charles W. Moore for Applelinks.


I am looking forward to the Olympics as I love to watch sports

The Niche of Hardcore Gamer, Uri

In 2000 he wrote a manifesto called The Scratchware Manifesto Manifesto who spoke of the situation in the world of video games and go as moving things, that document was completely catastrophist but denounced a series of things that at the end se han ido satisfied.

Wakfu Cross Media in

With Wakfu, only we do not want to schedule a new MMORPG, but create an entire universe thanks to cross-media side of individual projects.

What is the cross-media?: The term “Cross-media” where English comes from the “cross” is defined as “interweaves” and “media” refers to a stand of release or publication. A cross-media project is thus one in which several projects, each on a carrier itself, converge towards a single universe.

Wall Street Ends in Balance After Some Conflicting Data

AFP – New York (AFP) – The New York Stock Exchange closed on Thursday in balance, following the publication of disparate data that make it difficult to interpret the direction of the economy. The Dow Jones index gained 73.03 points (0.65%) and arrived at 11.288,54. The technological Nasdaq lost 6.08 (0.27%) and remained at 2.245,38.
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Equipt, the Software by Subscription from Microsoft is Already a Reality

Microsoft has launched equipt, a software package subscription that his time was known by the name of Albany. When hiring a subscription to equipt we may use Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Live OneCare for one year as much as 3 computers for the price of 69 dollars. By acquiring this software subscription also link with a Windows Live ID, so they have access to services such as Office Live Workspace which will enable us to connect their work at different equipos.Además equipt comes with Windows Live software, such as Photo Gallery , Mail, Writer, Messenger, etc..

This is a package aimed at home users, and the root of this edition is included Home Office and Students, which comes only with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote (a program to organize and take notes and notes). Outlook is not included, and their place is occupied by applications and services free Windows Live.

If not renew the subscription equipt software will continue on our computer, but will enter into reduced functionality mode (similar to basic mode in which fall copies of Windows Vista that have not been activated). OneCare will continue to operate but will not receive any more updates, and Microsoft Office will provide us with only display functions, not editing. Meanwhile, the Windows Live services, as are free, will continue to operate as if nothing happened.

The biggest advantage is that while equipt pay the cost? Rent? will have the latest version ever. In addition the price of this pack is highly desirable, since the OneCare subscription alone costs 49 dollars a year, so for 20 euros plus we are getting Microsoft Office for use in several PCs.

In Microsoft indicate that this product is targeted at users who use Microsoft Office, but who stay in old versions that do not want to pay for an upgrade. For example those people who say? Why buy Office 2007 to 2003 if I have enough?.

However, it is somewhat misguided strategy of focusing this product only to students and home users, especially considering that the software subscription model is much more adhoc with the needs of companies and businesses, for whom procurement of products like equipt would certainly an important cost savings (assuming you are currently paying for licenses for Microsoft Office). And indeed, companies are generally those who stay in older versions of both Office and Windows spend less money.

If successful mode of software by subscription to the best thing we could see changes in the way as scheduled and develop new versions of Microsoft applications, as it most likely would reduce the time between one version and another, and start bet more by small periodic upgrades rather than major releases every 4 years.

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Richards says anger, not racism, sparked tirade

Richards says anger, not racism, sparked tirade

Sony Firmware Updates on the Playstation 3

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced a free update for its PlayStation 3 console, which adds new possibilities via the Internet and will be available from today, reported this multinational. This is firmware 2.40 that allows access to XMBt, which entails the PS3 can access the menu at any time simply by pressing the button PS.