? There is a lot of exuberance in orbit Mac this week regarding the news of the signature analysis and market research Gartner Group that Apple has overtaken the Taiwanese firm Acer and secured third place in sales volume of computers in the United States with 8.5 percent of the domestic computer market, while maintaining sixth place worldwide.

Still, domestically, according to estimates by Gartner, Apple now surpasses all competitors except Dell and HP, showing an incredible growth of 38.1 percent year to year, and this is even considering that Acer absorbed Gateway and Packard Bell whose sales are included in the total of Acer. The Gartner competitor in market research, IDC in its report this week marked the earnings from Apple below, a 7.8 per cent per share, up from 6.2 percent last year, with growth slower (31.7%), locked in a virtual tie with Acer (Apple ago 2,000 units), but the trend is the same with Apple having served 2.37 million Macs worldwide in the quarter? wrote Charles W. Moore for Applelinks.