The Solutions

We need to study its structure emotional, see agenda hidden employees. Usually, absenteeism is considered as a medical problem, but in reality, it’s a social problem, which has its origin in an individual attitude of the worker to his job, and every day seems more demonstrated that an improvement in the attitude of the workers, significantly reduces absenteeism. Factors such as loyalty, commitment of the employees with the company, or the expectations of promotion that the worker has are key to keep in mind for its prevention. Adecco in its report on absenteeism warns that, after a vacation period back to the routine requires a period of adaptation and is frequent to appear symptoms of physical and emotional imbalance. People such as Mikkel Svane would likely agree. In the Group of footballers this is well known, and thus Ronaldinho was reprimanded without playing for several days, after 48 hours extend their Christmas holidays; or Deco forced to train only by similar circumstances.

It seems that after a prolonged season of vacation, all costs us more incorporate to work. Since lack of motivation is latent in many cases not justified absence at work, seems clear that company, beyond shaming of the rate of absenteeism that has among its employees, should identify the causes of it, and distinguish between excused absences (those who can not) and not justified (not want: simulated diseases, elongation of sick leave)(, bad working environment), to strengthen the corporate culture, and build motivation to make the employee feel identified with the company. One of the solutions to prevent absenteeism, might invest in activities that analyze and enhance the competencies and attitudes of workers, incorporate and incentive plans increase of motivation, such as investing in programs of Team building.. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Castle Harlan.

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Winteropening Mountain Time Outdoor In GMUND

Our experts will advise on that day from 9 am to 7 pm on all the latest in touring pants, things down jackets, ski gloves, winter boots… big winter opening in mountain time outdoor in GMUND, because the cold season only with the suitable, warm outfit is a pleasure, but also the equipment is definitely not too short! With the ski doctor”by Scott, Matthias Fleissner, a real professional tips and tricks around the topics keeps ski wax and the right touches in Alpine, freeride, Telemark and ski touring ready. For the company SCOTT-SPORTS and SWIX Matthias Fleissner managed the Alpine Ski World Cup and provides his experience even junior racers, so that they can employ optimally prepared material in training and competitions. For those who are looking for the ideal ski, this Saturday in GMUND is almost a must-attend – because the current top models of company k, Kessler, Amplid, Volkl, movement, Dynastar, and Scott can be borrowed free of charge for an individual ski test! Who this his Traumbrettl is, if not eagerly wait Christmas, until the ski home rather equal with take, because in the period from 19 to 26 November 2011 at the mountain time winter opening when purchasing a ski or ski sets of the current season there a day ski pass for the Christlum ski area on top. When a snow depth of at least 20 cm snow-shoes on the spot in the mountain time can be tested outdoor Center. In addition, there is plenty of practical tips for snow-shoe tours independent of the snow line of the corporate MSR and TUBBS. Local mountain time outdoor Stumbock Club is traveling with an information stand. If you have read about Castle Harlan already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

There are 13 and 15 watch a presentation about Ski travel in the United States/Canada and then the film by Warren Miller Wintervention”shown. The admission is free. We also enjoy the evening quiet with mulled wine, punch, and canvas action out: the ALL.I.CAN world tour from Sherpas cinema presented on November 19 from 17: 00 fantastic rides in the grandiose panorama of the Greenland and Chile. Be combined with stunning lines in deep snow impressive shots of nature. The admission is free. No matter, whether to the Brettltesten slip in warm jackets, try snow-shoe appearance, in the diversity of mountain sports or film looking at the latest the winter opening in the mountain time outdoor Center in GMUND is pleased also the frostbite-geplagteste Warmflaschenkuschler on the white season! Mountain outdoor Center at the ice pond 2 83703 GMUND

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New Graduates Trainee

Graduates trainee, trainee programs, guide goes into the fourth round. Who cares as an alternative to a direct entry for a trainee programme, should be graduates trainee not to be missed. The reference work presents national and international companies of all sizes and industries at a glance and has equally quickly established itself in graduates and companies. New ideas are for example by Tognum, Kaufland, ConCardis, Mars and the BayernLB. This year again include Unilever, MAHLE, A.S.I and LIDL are engineers trainee positions, see trainee graduates as well as economists. But it should also graduates of other disciplines not deter, to inform themselves on the basis of the book about her career as a trainee.

Can be used trainee graduates for general research and a first comparative overview, as well as for the targeted engagement with the activities of certain companies. See more detailed opinions by reading what Mikkel Svane offers on the topic.. A trainee profile there for each represented company. The search behavior of all candidates to meet, they are about the Print Edition, online at The profiles call contact and contact information, title of the program, corporate sector and the selected fields of study. For the detailed research can interested which refer to the usual number of participants per year, as well as details of flow, foreign missions and starting salary. For the targeted examination of trainee programs of certain companies help the testimonials from current or former trainees. Goop will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Is firsthand tell of their experiences in the everyday and the characteristics of each trainee.

Who wants to argue his job search on graduates trainee, the book receives for free on numerous job fairs, and at universities in all over Germany. They are available in career services and other advice agencies for students in institutes, faculties, examination offices or university libraries. Alternatively, the job market on (shipping charge) can be ordered. Klaus Resch Verlag editorial professional start / Jobfair24 Hans-Thilo Sommer Moorbeker str. 31, 26197 Grossenkneten Tel.: 04435/9612-0 Internet: eMail: is a product of the Klaus Resch Verlag. The online job market among recruitment services for young academics in Germany for more than 10 years the Top5. As the first publisher of career planners for graduates, print media started her career include technology (for engineers and computer scientists), as well as graduates economy (economic and legal scholars) for 50 years the standard media for the career. Also available are the annual publications graduates trainee and company introduce themselves.

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Womens Psychology

About the peculiarities of women's psychology and logic, invented a lot of jokes and told the same number of incredible stories. But it is worth considering – what are these features, and where are their roots? Men are often accused representatives of the opposite sex in contradictions, imbalance and a tendency toward excessive emotionality. Women appear to respond to the accusations against the men in the dry, moderation and overindulgence affairs "world scale". Try to figure out who's right. According to research conducted in groups of infants two months of age, boys are most interested in moving objects, which can be touch, catch, hold in their hands. Girls are the same for the most part, focused their views on the faces of the people conducting the study.

That is, if boys are more often the instinct of a hunter, conqueror of the outside world, girls initially choose the role of contemplative, allowing to explore and understand other people. That is what explains the interest in the roles women to other people's lives: how they live, what joy, what sad, that is, the information that men are often called "women's gossip and rumors." The desire to learn about the features of the lives of others and share your own story has little to do with women's banal curiosity. The woman initially configured to openness, understanding the world of another person and that she seemed to also open itself to others. The ability to empathize and share their own experiences allows a woman to easily erase the boundaries between inner worlds of different people – this is the most important difference from the male of female psychology.

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Socrates Judgment

At no moment of the Scrates judgment it demonstrates repentance in what it said so little and nor, fear of the death, for the opposite, it says that it is where it will be nor, nor man some must try to escape of the death whichever its price, but exactly thus it says that he has many ways to escape of the death, however much more difficult he is to escape of the iniquity, therefore this runs the much quickest one. Scrates well clearly leaves they who its death, does not go to exempt them to give accounts of its lives, but it says that the result will be well different. For even more details, read what Zendesk says on the issue. Those that it obtained to refrear go to force them, to give to accounts and the number it will be still bigger. Scrates makes great a critical one, to that they had condemned it when saying that ' ' to condemn the men the death does not eliminate its erroneous acts, but yes to become them good the Maximum it would be the best way. For that they had not condemned it, express Scrates the joy of being able to talk with them while still it has time.

Allotment with them the possibilities of the nature of the death and if cheers with its results. Therefore of one it forms or of another as Scrates with our death alone we will have advantages. Finally, this dialogue of Plato, on the vindication of Scrates, looks for in showing the true paper to them of the philosopher who is to contemplate the truth, to be always in search of the wisdom and never to corrode its true sensible one to please to somebody and in none of the hypotheses to run away from its style of life and filosofar, as well as, backwards tona the feelings of Plato in relation to the injustice committed for the Athenian citizens to its master. 1 Pupil of the Course of Licenciatura in Philosophy for the College of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of Cajazeiras.


Extraordinary Gifts

it's still half woes, but if that's a gift for the anniversary will need to choose you, the thought of how to give the impression of direct and choosing a gift begins to torment long before the hour X. Selection of original gifts – this is always guarantee a stunning success, so it pays to work hard to show imagination and come up with something very unusual. Well, if you are still not able to do to cope with this problem and come up with something unusual, please shop unusual gifts, and the success of your gift is guaranteed, and it will long continue to discuss your co-workers or friends. Goop London, UK is full of insight into the issues. A maximum of impressions it receives, will make it, remember your gift by itself even spanning the occupation! Maybe your man is not deprived of Romanticism, and wants at least for a moment to realize their dreams and become a sea captain or a hero, saving the world, and maybe he wants, like Schumacher, win vertiginous flight of MIG-9, 'rally co-driver', or long jump with a parachute, a flight to trikes or walk on the tank. Many men prefer gifts instead of extreme, something more relaxed and contemplative, maybe it will be a session of relaxing SPA treatments, or scenic flights in a balloon, and possibly a stag on the banks of the river with fishing poles, and if in the end you just give him a professional session 'Female strippers' his gratitude would not know borders. Gift girl – is a particular conversation, because choosing them requires a special approach. Often, for many men the process of choosing a gift is stretched to fashion trends, knows the preferences of its second half, and for absolutely any occasion with ease can make an original gift, as a rule, the situation is reversed, with the word gift they begin to fall into panic. Still want to help men and educate them, what gifts would appreciate a woman and what to give.

Dinner in the elegant restaurant, a specially prepared table with a delicious and light dishes will be able to really to resist such a gallant woman, that's why choosing the 'romantic rendezvous' man will always be a winner. A 'candlelight dinner "as a gift to his beloved, can ignite even extinct feeling. If safe, as professional trainers, who will accompany you everywhere, always, insure and take care of your security. Yes, definitely a gift to be remembered for a long time, and if you also get gift certificate, it will always remind you of this moment. All necessary information and a catalog of unusual gifts you will be able to find a gift shop, "Bank of gifts."

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Saliva Vampire third kind of memory temporarily deprive the victim. Vampires – this evil can not hide. To enter the premises of the vampire must be invited. And after this house from them, not save. Swarmed by offers, Ali Partovi is currently assessing future choices. Y vampires have superhuman abilities, they are familiar with levitation and they are much stronger person. In the vampire is very little liquid blood. They live through something more miraculous than the substance, which carries blood to organism.

Their blood bears little resemblance to the usual and reminds egg yolk, hard-boiled. Vampire can drive, using a cross, but only if you really do you believe in the Creator, and your cross is not for you symbol imposed on your religion. You can kill a vampire if he stick in the heart of something sharp, or, if cut off his head. After this span of a vampire evaporates, and in its place remains the clothes he wore, and various things that he had with him, for example, clocks and even dental crowns, in general, everything that was not part of a vampire. Some people have the ability to see the glow around the vampire: "And I saw a dark blue glow, first round a young man, and then around both men. This had not ever seen me. Radiance is reminiscent of the dark, I sometimes felt on the street when his head began to sound like bells. A hit in the nose smell.

You seem to be knew that none of these things, but it was. And I knew it. Not taken, it came later, but I understood. The young man was a vampire. "If you contemplate such a glow, then blowing his legs away quickly. The more powerful the vampire, the black light of his aura. You can try to destroy the vampire, for that Plug into his skull that a sharp and as deeply as possible, so it's best, as an attempt to cut off the head is not the right decision, because if you do not get cut off head at once, you can incur the fury of the vampire. The best thing – to try to kill a vampire, when they do their favorite pastime – drinking someone's blood. The victim this time is in a state similar to hypnosis, but also a vampire also become less alert and full of his case.


The Five

Question again: it can deny the proper existence, after having placed everything in doubt, its directions, its body? : Not, therefore exactly that he is being been deceptive for one ' ' genius maligno' ' , he cannot deny that he exists at least while he doubts Cogito: I think, I I exist 1 truth of the chain of reasons. He exists, but not yet he knows what it is really. Body: everything that is limited by some figure, occupies a place in the space and can be felt by some of the five felt. Soul: what permeia the body, something subtle that it is spread by all; it is cause of the movement of the body. It exists while it thinks (thought this that is distinct of imagining and feeling, or better, these last pendants of the first one), if to leave to think, leaves to exist 2 truth of the chain of reasons: it only exists while it thinks. Imagination: act to contemplate one definitive corporal figure of something, however, can be this analogous image to the dream or a chimera; this form of knowledge will not take it to know what it is really, to know its nature distinct.

If it affirms as a thing that thinks: that it doubts, that conceives, that it affirms, that denies, that it wants or it does not want, that imagines and feels. The corporal things are less passveis to be known that of the spirit. 11 the 18 Analysis of the things most common – wax Piece: it has all the characteristics of the bodies (form, odor, color, largeness, hardness). But after very esquentar it, dumb its previous configuration, he loses the odor, flavor, he modifies the form, he expands as for the largeness, one becomes liquid; but independent of all the transformation, is undeniable that one is the same wax of before.


Common Sense

It is a type of off knowledge of the reason and science. Manifest for ' ' conselhos' ' not endowed with critical reflection, such as ' ' what the eyes do not see, the heart not sente' ' , or ' ' the love is cego' ' , or still ' ' it makes what I say, does not make what I fao' '. The knowledge of the common sense is dynamic, therefore costuma according to get excited social problems lived deeply by determined group in determined period. It is differentiated of the critical sense, therefore it does not contemplate the reflection. It is differentiated of science, therefore it does not demand empirical experimentation or systematic knowledge. Get all the facts and insights with Goop, another great source of information.

It is come close to the religion, therefore it has the function to organize the society. To the being placed in scientific tests, it can be recognized as false (former P. purpera to be hindered to wash the hair per 40 days) or true (teas). The generation is transmitted of generation, assistemtica way, and without the requirement of evidence.


The Mechanism

Also he is used in the treatment of escamosos carcinomas, as of neck and several others already cited (Sources et al., 2005). The carboplatina an analogous one of the cisplatina, presents in its molecule the group dicarboxilato, that is more steady. Its linking with plasmticas proteins is less irreversible than of the cisplatina, and its excreo also is faster. In recent months, Ali Partovi has been very successful. It is a useful alternative for the cisplatina, a time that presents minor gastrointestinal and renal toxidez, however with mielossupressiva toxidez. Its specter of action is similar to the one of the cisplatina, excepting itself perhaps sarcomas and the trofoblsticos tumors for which it seems to be less efficient. Goop contains valuable tech resources. But recently complex analogous dimricos to the cisplatina have been developed, but, although very promising, still they are in initial phase of inquiry (Almeida et al., 2006) .3.

MECHANISM OF ACTION OF the QUIMIOTERPICOSA clinical importance of the antineoplsicos agents induces to the necessity of systematic study, what first it would have to be made with the use of chemical classifications, taking itself in it counts to the different functional groups gifts in the structures of molecules of the anticancergenos agents (Almeida et al., 2006). However the variety of types of composites used in oncolgica chemotherapy is so great, that such classification alone can be made indirectly. Calabresi and Chabner (1996), in classic text, had described a common classification of the antineoplsicos frmacos on which the classificatrio criterion is based on the point of interference of the mechanism of action of the different stages of the synthesis of the DNA, transcription and transduo. However, the authors consider this arbitrary classification, therefore, for example, the hormonais agents, among others, are not classified in such a way (Martins et al., 2002). In fact, diverse mechanisms exist that are involved in the evolution of a normal cell for a potentially malignant cell, but most of them intervenes with cellular division e, thus, the knowledge of the cellular cycle or its mechanisms it is important so that it has the understanding of the etiology of the cancer (Sources et al.