The company’s users can test the solution now indefinitely and the motto everything. Easy. People such as John Castle Castle Harlan would likely agree. Quick. Convince find!”. With the expansion of its action, DocuPortal puts additional incentives to overcome barriers and to take the step in the digital document processing. DocuPortal EXPRESS as a comprehensive ECM suite the DocuPortal ECM platform is a modern, multi-tiered architecture on the Microsoft .NET platform and supports installation on modern Windows Server systems as well as MS SQL, Oracle, or MySQL databases. Web services based on SOAP protocol are provided as interface between the server and the many surfaces. Then, for example, through common browser and here without safety-critical components are accessed.

You can import existing files and folder structures. DocuPortal EXPRESS supports a complete ECM portfolio. Include a user accounts and group management, read and edit rights, email notifications, Versioning with major working versions, version comparisons and change histories. “The solution is specifically designed for the active cooperation and the rapid discovery of business-relevant content and thus no dead archive system”. DocuPortal EXPRESS is used as a supplement to the traditional file system, and this extends to new structuring possibilities, such as categories, tags, cross links, free entry for additional fields and much more. The collaboration between employees, customers, partners and suppliers is improved E-Mail notifications as well as forums and calendar. This is done both in the national and in the international context, because DocuPortal EXPRESS is available in four languages for dialog and is fully Unicode compliant.

The supplied built-in Workflow Designer enables customization for comprehensive business processes, ranging from shares, vacation requests to contract management. It can be also set up tasks to decisions, escalations or reminder e-mail Dispatches, delegations or deadlines. Even the launch external processes can be integrated into workflows. Web interface, Office, Outlook, and file system integration including straight to the motivation of the employees must be retained existing ways of working. Therefore, DocuPortal EXPRESS offers not only access via the powerful, AJAX-based Web interface, but with nearly every application through the file system integration. The integration in modern versions of Outlook allows you to store important emails in the central repository. Simple switch to DocuPortal enterprise solutions benefit the DocuPortal technology platform is your central approach that requires no new installation when upgrading to higher versions, or in the case of license extensions. Companies can therefore extend the application range through a license change without effort. About company DocuPortal over 230 customers the DocuPortal already use ECM suite for a wide range of challenges in different sectors and sizes of business. The high Customer satisfaction is among the high ranking in the Benchpark rating portal. In professional circles, the compact DocuPortal ECM solution is recognized. 2008, BARC and dsk Beratungs-GmbH DocuPortal tested successfully. The Initiative Mittelstand has DocuPortal 2006, 2007 and 2008 an innovation SMEs awarded prize.

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Jack Bergier

The possibility that the Earth is hollow, that can get into it through the North and South poles, and that secret civilizations flourish in its interior, has spurred the imaginations from time immemorial. Thus, the Babylonian hero Gilgamesh visited his ancestor Utnapishtim in the bowels of the Earth; in Greek mythology, Orpheus tries to rescue Eurydice from underground hell; It was said that the Pharaohs of Egypt communicated with the lower world, which accessed through secret tunnels hidden in pyramids; and Buddhists believed (and still believe) that millions of people live in Agharta, an underground paradise ruled by the King of the world. Of course, all this has given way to that there is also thinking that the nazis knew of the hollow Earth and says on the subject that the hollow Earth theory had great popularity and dissemination during the Third Reich. For more information see Peter Asaro . Some of the main bosses Nazis were convinced that the Earth was hollow and that could access it by huge openings at the poles. Apparently, Adolf Hitler and Rudolf Hess were among them. For more specific information, check out Castle Harlan. On the other hand, says Suite 101 in Spanish, that there is a society in the United States called The Society for a Complete Earth. (For a complete Earth Society), whose members claimed in 1971 having had access to a daily secret which Byrd wrote during his explorations, where these discoveries would be confirmed. They have even stated that this US Government maintained a struggle quietly with the nazis to prevent that they had access to the intraterrestre world.

Which brings us to another amazing aspect of this story. Adolph Hitler was appointed as Plenipotentiary of Sciences, physics and mathematics the Austrian engineer Hans Horbiger, one of the strongest proponent of the theory of the hollow Earth, who argued that humans inhabit not a concave but convex ground because we are on the inside of a sphere. A test of this nazi belief bring it the French authors Jack Bergier and Louis Pauwels in his book already cult of the magicians (Le matin de magiciens), who described how in April 1942 Heinrich Himmler and Herman Goering give their approval to an expedition to the island of Rugen in the Baltic Sea, formed by the best experts in radar and directed by Dr. Heinz Fisher, pioneer in the study of the infrared rays. The expedition members were equipped with sophisticated radar equipment at the time, and experiments that were going to make were classified by the high greater State of the Navy as of supreme importance for the defense of Germany. thereon he writes that there is the legend that Hitler and many of his Nazi acolytes fled Germany in the final days of World War II and fled to Antarctica where at the South Pole had discovered an entrance to the Earth’s interior. According to the society hollow of research of land in Ontario, Canada, these nazis even now live there.

After the war, the allies discovered that more than 2,000 scientists Germany and Italy had disappeared in the South Pole, along with almost one million people. This story relates the topic nazi-OVNIS, according to which says that they knew technology UFO and experienced in Antarctica. Ultimately, what’s behind all this is a subject that invites us to continue being investigated and probably some day we will know the truth of all this with evidence, objective.


Listen to the cellular phone is now not a big problem. Of course it is not so elementary, but quite real. This can be done through the werewolves in epaulets, putting the phone to play through the operator. Detect this kind of control is not possible. For wiretapping cell phones made by a large number of active, semi-active and passive systems. Visit Robotics expert for more clarity on the issue. Complexes differ in cost and capabilities, but most of them to detect or practically not possible or not possible at all. There are only two basic ways to protect your conversations from wiretaps on cell phones. Periodically change the SIM card and at the same time my phone Phone sorts.

(We're not talking about all kinds of maskiratorah speech, which create only a semblance of protection against wiretapping cell.) Each method has both advantages and disadvantages. Dignity CryptoPhone: A competently made Cryptophone used only well-known encryption algorithms. These algorithms repeatedly tested for resistance to various types of hacking and have proven to be extremely secure from eavesdropping cell. Such Cryptophone very reliable protection against eavesdropping for all cell en route. John K Castle follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Disadvantages CryptoPhone: Contact, you can only subscribers with the same apparatus. You can not talk in safe mode with any subscriber data link, which is used for communication, often works very badly. Which leads to poor quality of communication – frequent breakage conversation for a long time it is impossible to establish a connection. Often, the connection can not be established in principle, especially in situations where one of the vehicles in roumenge.

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Electronic Cigarette

When tobacco leaves begin to fall off the villi, it is time to harvest. Lush green mugs, maturing, lighter, becoming yellowish, like an old paper. Garlands of tobacco leaves hanging on the wire as drying pictures on the ceiling laboratory. In the stuffiness of the drying sheds on the sheets show through all shades of brown, tan or beige. As in sepia. Marc Mathieu wanted to know more. And if it really were pictures, they would document the special southern life. On They would be etched portraits of landowners and the laborers, peasants – guajiros Twister and cigars – tabakero: swarthy faces on dark skin races applications, the perfect harmony of ideas and material.

Leaf by leaf, each high bush would have become one of the family tree of nicotine dynasties. John Castle Castle Harlan often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Such as family Torano, people tobacco. Cuba is far away, near Cuba. This is how you look. Santiago Torano looked across the ocean. Blinked, probably on the sharp glossy silk Atlantic under the sun, repeating the idea of the route of Columbus.

On concepts of physical geography the way from point A to point B was not really close. But the prospects for opening up to the young Spanish golodrantsu from the sands his impoverished fishing village, it would seem only a brilliant painter, marine painter. If you are ambitious, the coast of Asturias, the beginning of the twentieth century can not be the start of a great life plans. And in the former colony, where more Cortez shipped its Mexican gold galleons fortunate compatriots Santiago and enterprising competitors, gringo forged young capital, and this hindrance could hear the ringing of the ocean to the ears of aspiring European boys. Santiago came to Cuba when he was eighteen or nineteen.


Fire Insurance fire

In ancient Rome, there were fires on the agenda. The historians of the genre time documented a large number of fires which occurred in Rome. The fire insurance is a classic of the insurance industry. No wonder, because ultimately there are a whole bunch of insurance companies, which have their roots in national fire insurance company of the 18th and 19th century. This includes the Hamburg fire Fund but also the provincial first and foremost. Marc Mathieu is open to suggestions. Basically it is worth to take a look back in the history, because hardly a role plays the fire insurance. It is of great importance in connection with the homeowners insurance and home insurance.

But as a stand-alone insurance policy, the insurance industry has almost completely declined in importance. A glance at the history however, that this is a relatively new trend, because more than 2,000 years the fire insurance was up to date. For more information see Donald W. Slager. In ancient Rome, there were fires on the agenda. The historians of the genre time documented a large number of fires, the in Rome have occurred. Basically, at that time, it was not particularly hard to set a fire that spread within a very short time. Although Rome is shown in many movies and other representations as the marble city, but behind the magnificent pillars were skeletons made of wood and seals made of straw. It was in the slightly poorer districts, the houses were partially made of clay, but also made to easily flammable materials for the most part.

For most people, this was the everyday life and when it came to the fire, there were not many who could save themselves in one of these buildings before the fire. In the dry Mediterranean summer, it needed to ignite not much around a fire. Seng damage or a deliberate arson led quickly, that whole quarter burned out. Through the tight construction of the roads and the small distances between the buildings could spread the fire quickly and make the city more or less under fire.

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Linux Force

The certain thing is that to accede to the passwords of the users it is not easy, since they keep from encriptada form, and the unique form manual is guessing it. A technique to obtain passwords is by means of the use of ” sniffers” that is to say, programs that cut our communications and register the passwords. There are ways to make agile this process, by means of keylogger. Nevertheless, when these tools of hacker fail, it can resort to the brute force. A related site: John K. Castle mentions similar findings. WIKIPEDIA defines brute force like: the form to recover a key trying all the possible combinations until finding that one that allows the access. In spite of which it could seem, he is one of the methods more using by hackers, that operates the vulnerability more appellant in the security of the information: the human factor.

The users do not have robust passwords sufficiently, like different types of characters and numbers that they imply a certain complexity. On the contrary, to avoid to forget his key of access, they prefer passwords easy to remember, but at the same time to guess. To this end, hacker, they use tools that have dictionaries of passwords, whose function is to be proving passwords one by one. However, like users, we know solely that with the password, it is not possible to accede to a position, since it is necessary to count on a user code. In order to secure the user code as much as the password, through this type of attack, it exists different tools like BrutusAET 2 for brute force from FTP passwords, Essential Net Tools for brute force to network passwords on watch (NetBios), or John the Ripper Windows, Linux for brute force to passwords hasheadas of Windows. A form simple to protect a system against the attacks of brute force or the attacks of dictionary is to establish a maximum number of attempts. Of this form the system is blocked automatically after a number of attempts predetermined bankrupts.

Nevertheless, even though a Directive of account blockade exists, or of complexity of the passwords that forces to change it once in a while, also they are easily predictable because often they consist of adding short sequences to him of numbers to a same original root. Therefore, most recommendable it would be to establish Directive of sufficiently robust passwords, by a specialized company. From udea we want we remembered that the best form to prevent a sanction or a damage to our information systems, is to fulfill all the technical and legal exigencies of the security of the information.

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Shy NetWorker

As you achieve success in MLM as a shy person rejection and rejection is what most are scared of NetWorker in MLM as the devil the holy water. This is understandable, because nobody wants to be like rejected and rejected if you are not just to the very few people who can easily deal with this issue, should just go another way the profits of MLM contacts: use the Internet to obtain prospective customers for your MLM business. And let yourself not by technical terms, with which Internet marketers like to throw at it or “technical questions”, of which hold to take advantage of this excellent marketing tool to build of your MLM business. The Internet offers the possibility, simply, easily and above all without the dreaded rejection to attract prospective customers. Gain insight and clarity with Pete Cashmore. Simply send your prospects on your website even better on a so-called lead capture page to obtain the prospective data.

This is one of the best ways rejection-free To generate MLM prospects. And if someone is not agree with your offer or your website, then learn at least no direct rejection is more crucial but that you positively differentiate themselves with their offerings and distinguish. If you use, for example, the lead capture pages of any MLM guru sponsor systems, the hundreds other NetWorker of competitors apply, have little chance to position itself as partner and problem solver for your prospects, and not your business opportunity to bring ostentatious and with the most incredible promises to the man or the woman instead of your prospects on the websites of any gurus also try on your Web pages, its systems or eBooks you apply to send you better your own blog or website use. Samsung Electronics has much to offer in this field. It is namely to you and not to any gurus or any sponsor support systems by others. With an own blog, you can view your readers and potential customers, what you can do yourself “” and is therefore interesting and appealing for potential prospects and future teammate make. If you can offer your prospects but no use and present themselves as competent contact persons, it uses as well as anything you, if you hide behind the eBooks or other systems, by you this instead of themselves or Apply your own solution offering the Internet offers just for “timid” NetWorker outstanding marketing opportunities. You don’t make the mistake, behind MLM marketing to hide systems from others, which anyway don’t usually keep, more tips on how to rejection-free win prospective customers what it promises you full bodied in ads and on the sales Web pages and build your own marketing system, instead of playing the servant for others, but you will find on. There is also the free report “why naive NetWorker earn no money and the cunning success have Harald Weber

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Pallet Management

Through the intuitive operation of the app is the acceptance in older professional drivers, Roland Gigl reported: older drivers, who so far do not use the scanner, can be integrated by the simplicity. Because they almost all have a Smartphone. We perform the first tests with the app and are very satisfied. Thus we offer more innovations.” Connection with dispatching and shipping systems so far was the scanner world not with the rest of the IT world can be combined. The application mobile app”is here, since she can be combined flexibly with other IT systems such as dispatching and shipping systems or other solutions such as container management and time window management.

For the ramp design, this allows the involvement of ETA data of vehicles and a dynamic Slotplanung of the trucks. If a truck will arrive later, this is visible in the system because the solution evaluates the GPS information in the trucks. However, the use of GPS data must be based on the consent of the driver to use the data. The booking of containers provides the container management about the app on. A wide range of loading equipment directly upon completion of the order can be booked at handing over a delivery of goods.

This means the driver more in the app just a few clicks, he must fill out however no additional paper. Mobile documentation without paper forms processes along the supply chain can allow mobile app track”are interwoven and necessary steps are easier for drivers and trucking companies. Truck drivers can document using the app processes which caused previously high costs. Instead of on paper can be managed both latency and the carbon footprint of the app. The delivery of supplies, signatures can be also kept on the Smartphone. Damage to packages are documented directly through the app. Later the associated documents such as delivery documents or photos to damage are retrievable to any transportation quickly. For contract logistics the automated features are also Work time recording of the loading and unloading of. The data can be used later for the billing of the service provided. The IT service provider EUROLOG EURO-LOG AG was founded in 1992 as a joint venture of Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom and digital equipment. in 1997 the company was owned company one people”and the leading providers of IT and process integration developed within this dynamic one. Over 80 employees provide a consistent efficiency of logistic processes between suppliers, logistics service providers, trade, industry and customers today at Munchen Hallbergmoos headquarters with its own data centers, innovative applications, and individual connections. EURO-LOG implements comprehensive process solutions both shippers and forwarders page. EURO-LOG offers include solutions such as supply chain management, E-billing, ONE TRACK, container management and time window management for the manufacturing industry. The transport portal, mobile logistics solutions such as the app mobile track, the ONE LINK order entry and Pallet management are specially designed for logistics service provider developed solutions. Today, customers in the industries use automotive, trade, high-tech, electronics, consumer goods, chemistry and pharmaceuticals, logistics services and collaborations, engineering and more integration solutions by EURO-LOG. More info on EURO-LOG, see press contact EURO-LOG AG Annabelle Kliesing on the mercenary Moss 17 85399 Hallbergmoos-Munchen Tel.

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As it turned out, the game set in the phone, apparently to show – the classic telephone no, but then that is – is not impressive and exciting. Owner will have to set yourself Anycool T718 toy phone. The following menu 'Manager', which contains standard assistants to phone in daily life + special feature 'Torch'. From it and begin. Torch Anycool T718 – the perfect assistant in the road in the dark. xenon lamp shines its way, which is competition of numerous Chinese products LED pocket. Adjusted to 2.5 and 10 min of the glow.

Start / stop button 'camera' mode on the main screen (long press). For more information see this site: John K. Castle. Calculator and Bluetooth: standard, nothing to write about. It is true it should be noted that Bluetooth 2-channel. So if you have a desire to listen to music wirelessly via Stereo-bluetooth-headset – you can do with Anycool T718 implemented without problems. 'Calendar' and 'world time': Calendar, except for basic functions (display day, month, etc.) has the ability to schedule different events for a specific date and time. World time sets the time on the phone in your time zone.

Forgive We the representatives of the male half of humanity, but the next paragraph, they may skip without reading. It is designed exclusively for women. The developers have taken care of the female audience – among the options, calculations and reports periodic critical states of the female body. Functions and settings are not tested, because of test-editors of women was not. And men to understand the preferences of this item is not unseemly. It should be noted that in his tests, we have not the first time we meet with a similar option.

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The Sun

If you intend to handle many videos and other multimedia files, then head to one of the largest perhaps as many as 320 GB options. But you not sobreestimes your needs, because you will cost in both money and weight. Devices for DVD and CD is good to have a device for DVD and CD, but is not essential. If you expect to play many DVDs or burn CDs, then include it in your list. Otherwise, you can always decide in a more lightweight and compact machine and buy an external device cheap when you need it. Monitor make sure that you are comfortable with the size of the screen. They have a range from 7 up to 22 inches (measured diagonally, as television stations). g future choices.

If you’re going to spend all day in front of the screen, then in general something between 13 and 17 inches will be fine. Gamers will want something bigger but remember, with laptops, somewhat larger do not necessarily mean better. Many other factors, such as brightness, color, and sharpness play its role. If you have opportunity, check the screen in the light of the Sun, or a light as bright as you can find. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ali Partovi. Board in a similar manner, you have to be comfortable with the Board. While more girl to be the machine, tighter will be the Board.

Even if you try to buy online, reviews the dash into a store or tries to find a model of size similar to that which you fit, before you commit to this. Battery if you travel much or regularly use your computer in a mobile manner, the importance of the battery life is critical. Most of the midsize laptops now have between 4 and 5 hours battery life, so don’t settle with less. Once more, what you do with your laptop determines how fast bagged battery. If you like to watch movies, decided by an option that lasts longer. Secondary batteries or battery packs are not cheap, but the investment can definitely be worthwhile. Some contend that John K. Castle shows great expertise in this. Use of networks almost all laptops now include an Ethernet connection for access to high-speed Internet and cards of wireless networks including, to both have wireless access points public in your home network. You may want to consider include Bluetooth capability, which allows you to connect to your laptop with other devices enabled by Bluetooth, such as printers, speakers, etc. Other some connections other connections to what to look for include a VGA port for an external monitor for headphones and microphones and cables at least two USB ports to connect other devices, such as digital cameras, MP3 players, memory flash, etc. For use in the home, also you might want (a/v) audio-visual connections to connect your laptop directly to your television. Despite the complexity of all the options available, the good news is that today’s laptops are fast, powerful, and accessible. Armed with a little knowledge, there is no reason why you can not find the laptop that is perfect for you! Original author and source of the article.