Rocket fuel and NEXT AUDIENCE now together look after online advertising customers from the automotive industry and the telecommunications industry. Hamburg, 02.09.2013 – rocket fuel, the leading platform for programmatic media buying, which leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence, and serve now NEXT AUDIENCE, Hamburg-based technology provider for data-driven online marketing, online advertising customers from the automotive industry and the telecommunications industry together. In the global cooperation the NEXT AUDIENCE SinnerSchrader subsidiary performs the data-driven ad serving and acts as a data management platform (DMP). NEXT AUDIENCE collects, aggregates and joins customer-specific data from the onsite newsletter – and media use, as well as the CRM and delivers targeted dynamic advertising based on certain profile logics. Rocket fuel sits on the profile logics of NEXT AUDIENCE, it is enriched with additional data and improves the media control based on previously agreed KPIs based on additional algorithms.

Rocket fuel offers the technical platform, the media shopping optimized through real-time bidding inventory sources. We are pleased about the partnership and the future cooperation with next audience. In our two senses it, data-driven programmatic buying of the German media landscape is to bring closer and we are looking forward to more joint campaigns,”Oliver sleeve explains managing director rocket fuel Germany. This global cooperation with our 360-degree data aggregation, advertisers are can address significantly more economically relevant ranges. NEXT AUDIENCE allows to its customers to use their own CRM data, without needing to share their data for the campaign level”it, adds Torsten Ahlers, CEO of NEXT AUDIENCE. Both companies are represented in Cologne this year with a booth at the dmexco on 18 and 19 September. About rocket fuel rocket fuel offers the leading programmatic media buying platform that leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence, to improve your marketing ROI.

Rocket fuels powerful advertising that learns”technology offers the best achievable results for advertisers. The system checks daily over 28 billion ad options and selects via RTB (real-time bidding) the best for the customers partnerships with major publishers and exchanges. “Rocket fuel was 2013 as no. 4 on Forbes’ most promising companies in America” list of excellent. Rocket fuel was founded in 2008 by rocket scientists of from NASA and online advertising veteran of DoubleClick, Yahoo!, Learn more about this with koch brothers. Rocket fuel employs over 452 employees in 19 offices around the world including New York, London, Paris and Hamburg. about NEXT AUDIENCE the NEXT AUDIENCE GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of SinnerSchrader AG based in Hamburg, is a technology provider specifically for online advertisers. NEXT AUDIENCE is for the next generation of data management and ad serving. The new NEXT AUDIENCE PLATFORM provides advertisers a customized technology to delivery, tracking and to the optimization of data-driven online marketing, with the advertisers control their campaigns under their own control.

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To begin with, let us define – what can we attribute to our competitors. Take, for example, consulting services (for example, my 'BusinessForward "), but now there are so many different companies who deliver seminars, taught all sorts of methods give different recommendations. And in our area there are people who are implementing the administrative management technology of L. Ron Hubbard, and there are those who simply use it. David Treadwell may also support this cause. We can be attributed to their direct competitors.

We still apply the same technology. But sometimes, talking to people thing comes to funny when you hear: "I'm such a good coach I know! He learns to manage the companies on the basis of dreams "When I hear such things, I even have my eyes expands: "You can elaborate. So, what is his technique? "And in response I hear:" He explains that a person sleeps and dreams, somewhere around ten dreams a night, and do not quickly wake up, do not have anywhere to run, to lie to comprehend, "and so on. In a question-answer forum David Koch was the first to reply. So it turns out if I do not dream any dream, then I can not manage your company? You can not believe this or believe, but if it believed it really possible to get any result, but what? Very often we have different second-guessing at the expense of its competitors, even though I do not think these companies competitors. The only thing that can show people just how it is stupid. In my opinion, better to have certain technologies that work in any way.


Mobile Phone Accessories

Anyone who wants to be accessible to private and professional reasons, or must be accessible, has a cell phone today. Official site: Pete Cashmore. The range of mobile phones is now very large, from the many vendors and the products themselves, which are available on the market. In addition to mobile phones while numerous accessory items are available, that are needed for a smooth easy handling of the device. When purchasing a mobile phone already diverse brand-specific accessories you a help. These are firstly the battery, which you insert into the phone must, as well as the charger, which of those being charged. In addition, there are usually also a speakerphone with the process consisting of a headset and a micro-clip, which can be used when driving. To whom this is not enough, can also get practical mobile phone accessories with the respective cellular phone provider, or in corresponding mobile Discounts. There one finds, for example, just for the driving motor mounts to attach the mobile phone and car antennas for a smooth reception.

As cell phone accessories can be found also data cable that you need to connect your phone and PC to transfer data. Similarly, there are memory cards and card readers that can be connected on the phone to store or retrieve data. If you have a Bluetooth enabled phone, can be a suitable adapter to perform data transfers without cables, as well as the use of headsets, etc. If you would like to monitor certain things in their absence, can flirt with an alarm system that is connected to the phone and following the appropriate movements responding. Those who put in terms of cell phone accessories worth more on tools for small repairs, he finds there including in screwdrivers. It makes sense as cell phone accessories certainly a bag or a pouch, which is a cell phone not only protects against scratches, but this can also be transported. And who wants to spice up his mobile phone accordingly, finds the cell phone accessories certainly matching topsides or logos and ringtones.



The capitalist mode of production manufactured from Coca Cola to jets for private use. It is obvious, that these products will not try to sell to Peruvian natives or residents of the villas miserias, but yes efforts coming so that the children of these places to consume Coca Cola instead of milk. What’s really important for the system is that the majority of people become irrational consumers, but to the greater amount of resources be transferred through this form. It is in this way that the current consumer society establishes the dictatorship of the product.Specifically highlights the LIC. Aranguren, management must know that it is what the consumer really needs, and that is given through a study to the same. It is important to highlight that in the country few companies do so, since they copied some product from another country to implement it here, without knowing the actual needs of the same, evading also its idiosyncrasies. The money allows the consumption, but increasingly less money is needed.

Mass production and imitations has made it possible that people who do not belong to the elite have access to similar objects and is for this reason that the phenomenon of consumption imply relations of domination but also of imitation. The cultural mimicry is an important mobile for consumption. Consumption is a conscious person’s choice and depends on your culture.The study of the needs of the individual allows a better interpretation of the attitudes and behaviors of who is the central reason for Exchange. The application of strategies of marketing on the wishes of the individual causes an incentive of consumption, a demand generation. It is clear that marketing can exacerbate needs although they preexistan, or create desires and cause a demandLa need is something that is missing and that the consumer desires with greater or lesser intensity. The need runs full scale of desires, from true anguish produced by thirst, until the more frivolous that you can experience in the desire to give a whim of little importance. Learn more at this site: david koch. The needs of the consumer are forming a scale of values with their desires and wishes.We can conclude as set forth, that Venezuelan management It must commit more to its management of markets in the study of the behavior of consumers, in search for the way of how can meet it to go instilling a real consumer culture, really study what their needs, their behaviour even in an unstable economy in crisis such as that currently faces.Markets management has as a weakness with respect to the study of the consumer that does not identify with accuracy, with an in-depth study, current and potential users of your brand name or product category. Therefore not allowed to focus their efforts in marketing and also customize tender, which, if they did, would contribute to creating customer loyalty and to define the positioning of the product.

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SEO Search Engine

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is something that many webmasters are now obsessed. Many Web site owners spend countless hours tweaking and modifying their Web sites, adding multimedia content keywords, and spend hours to get back links to your site to get a higher rank in search engines. It is true that over 90% of all Internet users use search engines to visit sites regularly, but the webmasters and site designers to build and edit Web sites for search engines or for visitors? The answer to this question is that when creating a Web site, one not directed to the Web crawlers of search engines but are aimed at individuals and human visitors. Therefore, you should build a website for humans, not for search engines. The whole purpose of creating a Web site is for you to get traffic. Without traffic, a website is worthless. No matter how many functional traits and how is your website without traffic, its design and functionality does not matter. Although search engines can help attract traffic, Web sites that are designed for search engines often are not designed for human visitors and all the traffic it receives on its Web site is worthless.

Visitors can visit the site and out quickly and may not return. On that Web site visitors return is critical to the success of any Web site. A bad example in search engine optimization is purely that some webmasters tend to put tons of keywords in the Meta-Tags, which is a very bad practice and all you get with the times is that your site will seekers put on the blacklist. Click charles koch for additional related pages. Furthermore, this black hat technique does not benefit users. Therefore, when building a Web site, is built for human visitors. If you have items that are too dense in keywords, the quality of writing is not as high as should, and frankly, many visitors are disturbed by maintaining the use of words such as "mesothelioma" or "home loan insurance" for your website get a higher ranking in the search ranking of these terms. The visitors leave your site and most do not return.

If you create a Web site where content is created for people to read and is well written, it is likely that you will get people back as there are many who like the quality of content you provide and return frequently to read any new content that may be added. The more people visit your site and link to your Web site, your page will become more popular, and of course, get ranked higher in search engines. Moreover, instead of spending hours on building links for SEO purposes, that time could be better spent on adding features to its Web site that would lead more people to return to your site and stay in your site by a longer period of time. In conclusion, although it spent much time in SEO and increase your search engine rankings in the short term, the visitors you receive from your SEO efforts will not be valuable, and unlikely to return to visit your page. If you build Web sites for people, grow traffic and search engine rankings will rise naturally. Therefore, the best way to build a successful Web site is build for people and allow your Web site grows naturally in the search engine rankings. .


Negative Impact On Human Health Appliances

More and more people begin to think about the negative effects of appliances on human health. Because we live in an age of digital technology and technological progress, every day and everywhere around us such a negative light. Mikkel Svane describes an additional similar source. Any device that produces or consumes energy, creates electromagnetic radiation. This radiation is concentrated around the device in the form of an electromagnetic field. David kochs opinions are not widely known. Some devices, like the toaster, refrigerator, create very low levels of electromagnetic radiation. Other devices (power lines, microwave, tv, monitor, computer, mobile phone), create a more dangerous adverse radiation on the human body. In addition to electromagnetic radiation, there is also a torsion fields, which are often called information (the most known researchers in this field are G. Thorns, ae Akimov, av Bobrov, vp Treasurers, ar ). It was established experimentally that electromagnetic radiation have torsion (informational) component. According to research by experts from France, Russia, Ukraine and Switzerland is torsion (not electromagnetic) fields are a major factor in the adverse effects on human health. Device for protecting a person from the negative components of the electromagnetic radiation torque radiation to ensure the technical protection of human health from the adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation by domestic scientists in recent years developed a variety of devices (devices).


Federal Association

Ways and tools for effective negotiations with transportation service providers Stuttgart, 26 June 2012 many companies pay too much for their transport and the price range at the freight rates for comparable services is enormous. Educate yourself with thoughts from charles koch. A new white paper of from Stuttgart-based AEB explains how specialists create the basis for successful negotiations and as well as savings achieved can long-term constructively cooperate with transportation service providers. “The AEB white paper success in cargo purchasing” presents four tools, with whom specialists can create the basis for effective negotiations: transparent offer management, evaluations and metrics, simulations, as well as tenders and benchmarks. Markus Meissner, Managing Director of the AEB: “an important prerequisite, is transparency about the conditions on the market, its own freight costs as well as the structure and details of broadcast traffic in cooperation with transportation service providers to achieve optimum results. At the There should be negotiations not only to short-term savings, but above all to a long-term cooperation. Just so you can avoid friction losses due to ever-changing service providers and only so the charge carriers can optimize their processes and costs in the course of cooperation what benefits ultimately the shipper.” Transport logistics is one of the most commonly outsourced logistics processes. The freight rates negotiated with the transport operators are a key cost factor in any supply chain. Therefore, cargo shopping for manufacturing companies is a fundamental aspect for significant cost savings and better services.

According to the Federal Association of materials management, purchasing and logistics (BME), the prices for comparable products in the field of national and international road transport differ but up to 50 percent, in the field of air and sea freight even by up to 100 percent. Experts believe that around by freight negotiations with existing partners, or by a change of the transport average ten percent can be saved. But a major challenge is to find the right partner as shippers and to negotiate the right conditions. “The white paper success in cargo purchasing” stand up freight free to download ready. “It is the third AEB whitepaper series costs lower and increase efficiency through intelligent management of cargo”.

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Federal Office Cloud

Invitation to a free afternoon of information why more and more companies rely on cloud solutions? What potential offers a software from the cloud and what limits are there? Prof. Dr. Martin Forster devoted by the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart to these questions in his presentation. David Treadwell may find this interesting as well. He teaches and conducts research relating to operational application systems and was most recently responsible of SAP AG as a product manager for various SAP solutions for media companies. Whenever koch industries listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Prof. Dr. Forster discusses the possibilities and opportunities that offer the middle class with the new technology. What expenses and costs incurred by running a software the traditional on-premise? At first glance, the rental fees for a cloud model seem immensely high.

The total cost of ownership for software use in the own data center to calculate are explained Mr Oliver Spieth of the Systemhaus Spieth Ltd. Further, the officer analyses the risks of the in-house operation of enterprise software according to the guidelines of the Federal Office for security in information technology. How to be a proven integrated cloud software in the daily business, reported a medium-sized service providers in the region. For a year, the process-oriented SAP application is Business ByDesign in real operation of Suportis AG. Presentation standard processes are shown in a live a service company: project management with resource planning and integrated billing, cash flow and liquidity control to daily reports to the project profitability and P & L and balance sheet. After the organizer invites the PORTOLAN Commerce Solutions GmbH to open discussion with a small snack. Registration and more information at updates



This makes it possible to maintain a comfortable and, most importantly, an ergonomically correct position body during work and leisure. More than 4 hours per day Select a model with a maximum range of adjustments – seat, which will provide you with a dynamic seat throughout the entire working day thanks to features such as: – Synchronous reclining seats and backs – the continued support of the spine, regardless of the position of the user, including the move – a free swing in the chair – adjustment force deflection seat and back – “Anti-shock effect.” In this case it is necessary to consider a model equipped with mechanisms “Multiblock” or “Sinhromehanizm, depending on your wishes and the kind of work. In addition, the selected model should have high back, providing support to the entire surface of the back, pronounced lumbar support and, preferably, adjustable armrests. Educate yourself with thoughts from Michele Glaze. In this case you should also consider models with headrest. Mechanism “Multiblock” mostly equipped with chairs leaders. It provides a free swing in a chair with adjustable power deviation, fixing the position of chair in four positions, as well as “anti-shock effect” – after the lock mechanism back and seat remain in the same position, and only attach to the back of a small amount of effort you get the opportunity again to deviate, it avoids strike back when you unlock or unexpected “rollover” of the back. Julia Koch takes a slightly different approach. Sinhromehanizm provides free swing with simultaneous deviation of the back and seat in a 2:1 ratio, tuning efforts deflection under the weight of the sitting, fixing the position of seat and back in five positions, as well as “anti-shock effect.

Executive Sales Manager

Roadshow with an attractive event programme is nationwide in seven large football stadiums to guest Augsburg, March 23, 2011. The baramundi software AG, manufacturer of solutions for system management, will start in the spring its annual Roadshow baramundi focus tour with a new concept. While the IT workshop will be incorporated in an attractive social programme of the event. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit koch. During the tour will focus baramundi guests in the seven most beautiful football stadiums of in Germany this year. This cutting-edge topics such as currently migrating to Windows to make the all-day event from a technical perspective 7 and virtualization to an interesting platform. Participants get opportunity to learn about Professional client management and the baramundi management suite and exchange with the manufacturer also extensively. With interesting presentations In the technical part of the event technical part revolves all around the two topical themes in the world of client management”as well as automated Migration to Windows 7 and roll-out of applications in Windows 7 “.

Two speakers also illuminate their own approach and experience when moving to Windows 7 from a users perspective. Follow others, such as Robert Bakish, and add to your knowledge base. This migration, which took place gradually, is contrasted with a big-bang changeover as an alternative. It aims by baramundi, to involve the participants actively in all subjects, as well as to stimulate the discussing and arguing. The agenda will be lightened VIP atmosphere and look behind the scenes in the afternoon with a tour of the stadium. While the participants get a glimpse behind the scenes and get the opportunity to taste genuine VIP Stadium air. The visitors also the control center and other technical highlights to face will get in some stadiums. With the newly designed baramundi focus tour would we make tangible our central IT-related topics, offer a stronger event character and overall more curiosity”, explains Uwe Beikirch, Executive Sales Manager at the baramundi software AG.

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