It is evident that this problematic social one will not be decided of one day for the other, since the causes are many for which the people has lost its right of choice politics. To them to be questioned during the lecture on its objectives in that year politician, and the importance of some subsidies that, many times, would function as object of exchange in the hour of its choice, some points frankly were cited. I will speak of some not to cite all: 1.1Alimentao: the basic fair has been the of the Red Cross airplane, landing to each four years in strategical places if not a great villain, a saving angel of the hunger in temporary short term. 1.2Habitao: the cement bags obtain to deviate the primordial focus of the vote, that would be the future success why not to say period ‘ ‘ eleitoreiro’ ‘. But who would leave to buy its cigarrinho because of one mentirinha? After all, ‘ ‘ thief who steals thief has one hundred years of perdo’ ‘: in this period this jargon is common. when being questioned regarding the causes of the choice of the candidates of the previous election, some voters had surprised at answers such as (Some selected not to cite all): educational Level 1.Estava without candidate (: Basic education); 2.Votei for the friendship (Professor); to 3Fazer my barraco (educational Level: Basic incomplete).

Under these aspects it is possible to get answers for some questions, when observing that who would have to be forming concise opinions, would be, in this in case that, voting for the friendship; that is, it is necessary to review principles and concepts and to rethink, each one, its> true paper in the society. It is, is not so easy how much it is imagined, therefore it is a question of qualification in all the pursuings of the society; it involves survival human being; it is the law of the strongest e, in reason of strongest (the people), not if to find in a privileged position, has that to submit itself to ' ' powerful of vez' '. What to make then to finish with this model politician who already comes he more than has four hundred years running over the popular objectives? Or is the politics this exactly? Not. Politics is to have choice freedom; of expression; it does not have is tied to the economic questions Hannah Arendit (1906-1975). is possible to wait tomorrow in of philosophies and practical innovators to this respect; however, some points must be taken in consideration so that if it can think about a better future under the optics of one coherent politics. But some between most important: 1.Noo of sciences politics in room – of – lesson: as where she has smoke, has fire Is good For investigating) these things rhymes, therefore still they subsistem; written 3.Avaliao and interview, in the ingression to the candidacy politics; 4.Pr-Project; 5.Nada it consists legal that already it exists, however most needs to be evaluated. In such a way, she is necessary to lead in consideration that we need to change e, does not have another way for the transformation, seno through an Education of quality; not an Education of the convenience to some, but a convenient Education to the common ideals of a nation; so that the citizen can, in fact, to almost exert with autonomy the only power that already not it> it remains more, to act and to even modify the decisions on its people through the vote.