Make a social network is not all that complicated there are many companies that service hosting and give you your platform. Therefore, you can make your own website social costs ranging from $ 5 to $ 149 monthly, you get storage space for your members upload pictures and videos and have a lot of bandwidth which amounts to the transmission of data between your visitors and your website, the company that I recommend is the free service but obviously is limited in all respects and I mean limited to if your idea is to make money with this social network because you will not do so, and like any business idea is to generate revenue is that I recommend you start with the plan of $ 24.99 per month and that this plan will allow you not only placing AdSense ads Google ads also your own ClickBank is an advantage because they start from the beginning to generate income with Google Adsense ads and clickbank products. Visit Dermot McCormack for more clarity on the issue. Now go to the part of how to build it, this company provides you with an administrative page so you can modify some aspects of your website and also add some extras to improve at an additional cost, for example you can add games, rotate the videos, a system so that when someone visits the page of photos from your website look like this if a photo album, you can also purchase page designs so if you do not like working with you can buy another may best fit your needs. The space they take for the amount they recommend is that gives you 5GB space for approximately 1000 pictures and videos recommended for your members to upload it using the code from YouTube in this way will take up less space to the issue of transfer data between your visitors and your site members and 50GB will be more than enough to start now, if more to see before you have many more visits or traffic as they sell you more space, if you get to this stage is because things are going well and you can pay $ 10 more to double your space. The theme of the domain, they will provide a temporary domain followed by the website of them, now if you are in the plan that I recommend you be able to register your own domain and then redirect to your website is very easy and you will take 20 minutes, I recommend that they’ll do with godaddy provide the facilities once you buy the domain and all you do is pass some numbers that suggest the company is giving you, pass it on to your new domain within the administrative page you have with godaddy after purchasing the domain and ready.