The processor is another of the unknowns on the iPhone 4. Although in the iPad fits perfectly, A4 processor could not have snapped on the iphone. addresses the importance of the matter here. The size is much more restrained and that it dissipate more heat considered insurance, they jump all alerts. Or the battery is consumed at excessive speed for a mobile phone. But far from being so, A4 fits very well in the iPhone 4. With intensive use of the device just the battery will last one day, but for normal use, i0S4, the processor and the rest of the components, manage to extend the life of the battery rather than the iPhone 3gs. The sensation of speed in every day with iPhone 4 is exceptional and everything seems to go to fast camera.

The photos, for example, or the video in high definition, are handled very fast, including with the application iMovie video editing. The camera is one of the most eagerly awaited news on iPhone 4. And not only the rear with 5Mpx and LED flash with backlit sensor. Also integrates a second front-facing camera that allows you to do very funny pictures of yourself, and also to implement a feature of great importance for Apple: FaceTime, or the service of video conferencing over Wifi which Apple has advertised in a way especially intense. In theory, needs a Wifi connection to work, although there are hacks to enable FaceTime over 3 G. Apple IOS4, a new beginning iOS4 is also another novelty of iPhone 4. It is true that this new version goes beyond the scope of a single terminal, but there are inherent characteristics to the OS that enhance the functionality of iPhone, and in particular the iPhone 4 on which all improvements are possible. In previous generations terminals all the 9s are not fully features, such as Face Time, due to the absence of the second Chamber, for example.