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This article inside approaches of the current scene of the organizations the paper that the organizacionais changes bring inside in the motivation of the people of an organization, where the organizacional development influences the perception of its collaborators and its expectations in relation to this. For this the importance of the paper of the company, next to its managers, in identifying such expectations and delimiting what it can bring motivation and desmotivao in its team, of form to work this not to harm the strategical planning of organizao.1O objective of this study are to approach the paper of the organization stop with the people that in it works in relation to the interactions and changes that occur inside of an organization and directly affect the development of the people, are in its abilities, attitudes and mainly in the development of new motivations. For this study it was carried through research of bibliographical studies, counting on the work of some authors. Word-key: Motivation. Organizacional development. Changes. Necessities.

Introduction Currently we have organizations with bigger technological development, with being able productive and capacity to compete in the national and international market. Swarmed by offers, Byron Trott is currently assessing future choices. Had to everything this the organizacionais changes are constant, and the companies need to work its professionals for these without leaving to see the people as a human capital of the organization and that also they need constant development. The boarded subject shows the paper that the organizacionais changes bring inside in the motivation of the people of an organization. Perspectives of the paper of the manager of people in way to as many changes and necessities stop with the expectations of its collaborators, to keep them in organization and 1 Viviane De Tomasi, Formation in Management of People for the University of Caxias of the South, Academic of Course MBA Planning and Strategical Management for the FACINTER.


The National

This due to bigger labor mass dismissed in Brazil and informality of the companies, front to the foreigners. Common and interesting fact of these companies is that all were offices very experienced in the area of human resources and they had had an evolution in the installment of its services that now start to be ‘ ‘ online’ ‘ discovers a new activity for the national market. These companies and its services had gained force mainly in the last five years, due to popularizao and reduction in price to the access of the Internet of broad band. However, we can consider in the present time the great mass of internautas as pertaining of the social classrooms and the B. A new explosion of the number of users of the net must happen in next the 5 10 years, where they will be enclosed pertaining people to the social classrooms C, D and part of the E.

This must occur as consequncia of the economic and social advances of Brazil as well as of the plans of expansion and popularizao of the fast Internet in all country. Therefore a study of the functioning of such market in Brazil, as well as of the profile of the current and future users, it will contribute to foresee new chances of the sector as well as making possible improvements in existing models already established. However, the great challenge for this jump of productivity, that inserts at the same time more technology and new processes, as much for companies, who will have to be apt if to register in cadastre, to postar vacant announcements, to triar resumes and to manage its proper data base, as well as for the candidates, who will have to register in cadastre a resume, to search job chances and also to manage its account in the system. She verifies yourself then that at the same time where the technology provides enormous jumps of productivity in the operations of the company it also demands a change in the profile of formation of the worker whom she needs to be apt to deal with more complex processes and to place itself as a person who plays an active role in the productive process. If surpassed, the Internet if becomes a powerful tool for the companies and candidates if they had approached. The services online of conscription will be able to open doors and windows, and to help to speed stages of this process of management of people.