Finally something in our modern time, there was a book that captivated most of the population globally, with it, not only children but also their parents. A series of 'Harry Potter' during its existence joined the ranks of such books, as the Bible, quote pad Mao Tse Tung, the book of Guinness and a few other equally great and popular books. Really, people finally began to read? Or is there something else The phenomenon of "Harry Potter" was discussed many times, but what is so in this children's tale, which has an interest all its innocuous beginning magic began to acquire in the future more and more frightening pace and events? Captured the world 'Harry Potter': the creation of multi-million dollar screenings, production of computer games, merchandise, create multiple groups and organizations Potter fans, write alternative versions of history and its sequels, and so forth, away, away Well if all this affects, For example, the child population, for whom, and in general it was originally intended and a fairy tale of a surreal world? And what they see in most book readers that they so interested? The answer to each his own. Many have tried and are trying to to understand the causes of this phenomenon, it would seem so unusual in today's world. With all the statements we can agree: it's fairy tales, and the style of narration, and identification with the real world and stuff All it is present. But this is the point? In this sense there is a fairy tale? And the tale it all? Many questions it raises a controversial product.