This question is not only about the main thing about this is that: You feel pride in their work. Systematized materials several times to save you time – any time you can find the right paper or knigi.Pri form of such an order in a case, the children have for you more . loves systematized materials, folders, and signature on polkah.Ne turn it into office in the warehouse broken equipment and arrangements with the assistant warden removed from office somewhere in the back room all computers unusable (broken and beyond repair or obsolete). Keep only the technique that you use in the classroom. Choose a time and wipe each computer, put it nicely, talk to him. Computers – our most important assistants in the office, and they are waiting for your attention and love (it's not a joke, I really think so). Proud of your work you may have seen in some organizations on the walls and diplomas testifying to the achievements of the employees of these firms.

And what prevents you to be proud of a? Surely, you or your students have and diplomas of winners of Olympiads, contests man, various tournaments. Make color copies of these documents and hang them in a beautiful frame on the wall of the cabinet. You do not even imagine imagine how they have an effect on everyone who comes to you: students, teachers, administration, parents! And when you yourself will look at them, then every time you realize that you are not a random person that you there is something to be proud! Fill your room 'living energy' to the office was warm and snug, there should be a living creature – plant. They have an amazing ability to turn the computer room of the 'technological zone' in 'Living area' where it is warm, cozy and comfortable to anyone who goes there, and for you this office will be friends, relatives and loved ones!