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Different Types Of Chimneys

In this article I’ll introduce you to the different types of chimney flues, materials and technological solutions. The main purpose is to remove the chimney into the atmosphere of the combustion products. Chimney creates traction under the influence of which is formed in the furnace air, which is required for combustion of fuel, and gases are removed from the furnace smoke. The chimney should create conditions for complete combustion and excellent traction. And yet it must be reliable and durable, easy to install and durable. And for this to choose a good chimney is not as easy as it seems. How would absolutely not been constructed chimney, the accuracy and durability of his work depends primarily on quality of installation and profesiolizma potters.

The first step is to determine where the chimney will be erected. Do not place it at the outer wall of the house as the chimney can freeze. If you do not fulfill this caution in the winter of fireplace or stove will always go the cold air draft is insufficient, and the procedure for firing the stove, you will ruin a lot of nerves. The unit should carry out the chimney from the bottom up. Each The following piece should fit the chimney to enter the previous one, otherwise, condensation in the chimney or falling precipitation will fall on the heater.

Hood chimney mount so that the inner layer of the chimney did not fell. When the device through the chimney walls and ceilings, use fire-resistant pipes. And besides all this, the chimney must not touch home communications. The best cross-sectional shape is round the chimney. Selected shape of the section must be followed throughout the chimney, as the twists and restrictions can greatly affect the quality of tyagi.Kak right and what materials you will make a chimney, will directly depend safety and quality of all your heating sistemy.Dymohody differ in design and materials of which they consider izgotovleny.Nizhe some chimneys.

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Unica Super Yalo

For painting the inside of the window frames are usually used alkyd paint. Knots isolate protective lacquer Oksalakka straighten and irregularities, such as alkyd putty Spakkeli. As a primer and a primer of the secondary can be used, for example, Exy and topcoat – Maalarin Val kolakka. Glaze the inside of the windows tinted antiseptic spend Valtti Color, Valtti Akvakolor, stained panels, or paint Pirtti Unica Super. After applying the tinted layer, the surface is covered with two layers of colorless varnish or Unica Super Yalo. If the natural color of wood are willing to leave visible, the frame can be painted lacquer Unica Super, Yalo and Kiva. Impregnated wood stain under pressure is normal. However, it should take care that the wood is dry enough.

Impregnating salt should be possible to paint removed from the surface with a brush. Repair paint Old window usually painted with alkyd paint or glazing covered with antiseptic, followed by clearing. Also painted at the factory windows are increasingly in need of repair. With windows painted alkyd paint is removed with a scraper flaking paint and coating remaining on the frames are polished to matt. Frames are primed primer Exy and, if necessary shpatlyuyut alkyd or oil filler Spakkeli. Zashpatle-bath areas are primed primer Exy. For color used Maalarin Valkolakka.

Antiseptic-coated frame lightly sanded and coated with layers of 1.2 or antiseptic Valtti Color Valtti Akvakolor. To cover can also be used Unica Super Lacquer, Yalo and Kiva. Painted on Works with polyurethane or paint the window frames katalitnymi wash detergent and thoroughly sanded Maalipesu to maintenance painting. Flaking paint is completely removed. Frames are primed adhesion primer edema, and paint, for example, paint Maalarin Valkolakka. Metal box Metal parts are primed with two layers of windows corrosion primer. Details to be covered, the second layer primed before installation, and other details immediately after installation. Recommended anticorrosive primer is Rostex and topcoat – or Maalarin Valkolakka Miranol. For painting aluminum windows used alkyd paint system, ie alkyd primer and alkyd paint. Shiny aluminum skin surface before painting.

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Laminate Floors

For many, it is no secret that the final form of flooring accessories. From these accessories depend final winning or losing a visual form the laminated floor. Specialists in floor coating of flooring accessories are the following types: baseboard; connecting profiles (the nut), isolation (hidden accessory), adhesives, sealants, built-in floor lamps and various lighting. On this basis, we includes about six species of accessories for laminate flooring and other flooring. According to many companies in Russia, about 65-70% of the market of accessories for flooring is a plinth, 18-21% – isolation, and up to 10% accounted for the rest of accessories to the floor.

All of the above described accessories suitable for almost any type of floor covering, but differ in cost, material structure and functional capacity. From the quality of sex made a decisive choice of a customer enhancement. In connection with the above stated, we note a trend that directly affects the production of accessories for laminate floors. The Russian market Flooring is very diverse and in some respects can be very different from European and, in some, very similar. The underlying factor in this population may be the ability to buy some form of flooring, which plays an important and decisive role in the market not only laminate flooring and all types of flooring. Therefore, the proposal focuses on what people can afford to buy.

Despite that the product is more expensive in Europe than in Russia, the ability of people to buy in Europe earlier, but at much lower housing prices, and therefore more money remains in circulation. In Europe, people can afford to spend three and more times more money than in Russia. In Europe there is a trend toward more natural and environmentally friendly product, and it greatly affects the market for flooring accessories in Europe, where they are most often made from veneered materials, as repeat the texture and color of floor covering. Therefore, in Europe very well buy such accessories that can create a visual picture of the finished floor, and their functional load for European consumer does not really matter. This is because in Europe the construction of facilities, sockets, wires and other "hidden" in the wall and the baseboard is attached directly to the wall, having an aesthetic appearance, and Russia usually hide plinth with the cable channel or in any other, ie without complications with the placement of the wiring. Many experts argue strongly that today in Russia there is a tendency to make just get the color of flooring – laminate. Also, the European consumer is largely preferred laminate 21, 22 and 23 of the class, not 31, 32 and 33 class, as in Russia. It is determined that the buyer pays in Europe more attention to the new collection of laminate and the relevance of colors and textures at the moment, and clearly follows fashion trends in flooring, which vary from year to year. Therefore, European buyers prefer to buy laminate flooring of a lower class (21, 22 and 23 class) and then change it to a new 2-3 years. For European customers more important to have in place a fashionable and beautiful floor, rather than the more expensive and durable laminate, as like we have in Russia.

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The Width of the Stairs

Construction regulations provided for stairway width (the distance from the wall to the fence or two guards) at least 90 cm, and distance between the opposite walls of at least 110 cm in smaller sizes for moving flight of stairs furniture and other bulky things (especially when turning 90? ili180?) will be quite difficult. In any case, determining the width of the pace stair railings and take into account the width of the backlash between the marches, which should be about 10 cm per second indicator at a flight of stairs is its inclination (slope), which depends on the width and height of the staircase steps. These sizes depend on many factors, however, they must be such that the ladder was safe and convenient to use. This means that the tread width and height of risers must comply with the average length of the step of man. That is to maintain the ratio between the distance to which man rises or falls, and the distance at which it moves forward. This relation determines the steepness of the stairs, which must be such that the ratio of the height of the march to its horizontal projection was 1:2 – 1:1,75 (ie be in the range of 30?).

In any case, slope of stairs shall not exceed the ratio of 1:1.25 (40?) As on slopes over 1:1 (45?) can only go down backwards and not forward. Use a ladder is inconvenient and dangerous. In calculating the ladder should stick to the rule that all steps within a single march should be the same size in height and width. Deviation in height and width of even a few millimeters at one stage may be affected at the end of a flight of stairs, and as a result – skewed ladder. Formula safety and convenience of the calculation formula of the steps and risers used formula.

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