For painting the inside of the window frames are usually used alkyd paint. Knots isolate protective lacquer Oksalakka straighten and irregularities, such as alkyd putty Spakkeli. As a primer and a primer of the secondary can be used, for example, Exy and topcoat – Maalarin Val kolakka. Glaze the inside of the windows tinted antiseptic spend Valtti Color, Valtti Akvakolor, stained panels, or paint Pirtti Unica Super. After applying the tinted layer, the surface is covered with two layers of colorless varnish or Unica Super Yalo. If the natural color of wood are willing to leave visible, the frame can be painted lacquer Unica Super, Yalo and Kiva. Impregnated wood stain under pressure is normal. However, it should take care that the wood is dry enough.

Impregnating salt should be possible to paint removed from the surface with a brush. Repair paint Old window usually painted with alkyd paint or glazing covered with antiseptic, followed by clearing. Also painted at the factory windows are increasingly in need of repair. With windows painted alkyd paint is removed with a scraper flaking paint and coating remaining on the frames are polished to matt. Frames are primed primer Exy and, if necessary shpatlyuyut alkyd or oil filler Spakkeli. Zashpatle-bath areas are primed primer Exy. For color used Maalarin Valkolakka.

Antiseptic-coated frame lightly sanded and coated with layers of 1.2 or antiseptic Valtti Color Valtti Akvakolor. To cover can also be used Unica Super Lacquer, Yalo and Kiva. Painted on Works with polyurethane or paint the window frames katalitnymi wash detergent and thoroughly sanded Maalipesu to maintenance painting. Flaking paint is completely removed. Frames are primed adhesion primer edema, and paint, for example, paint Maalarin Valkolakka. Metal box Metal parts are primed with two layers of windows corrosion primer. Details to be covered, the second layer primed before installation, and other details immediately after installation. Recommended anticorrosive primer is Rostex and topcoat – or Maalarin Valkolakka Miranol. For painting aluminum windows used alkyd paint system, ie alkyd primer and alkyd paint. Shiny aluminum skin surface before painting.