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There Is No Place More 21

The order books are full for the prefabricated house manufacturers are full. Bad Saulgau, 19.08.2010 hive of activity currently in place House 21 prevails by a never because the speech is unprecedented order flow. The concept of the new owner of Fox and Huber acquired prefabricated house company of Upper Swabia seems to prevail in the market. Currently, we are approaching our capacity limits. The preparatory work and production works currently on 6 days a week, to handle the current volume of orders”, managers Knittel is visibly pleased.

Currently the last free place dates for 2010 will be awarded taking into account the current capacity this is currently more than un for the prefabricated house industry affected by the economic crisis – or exceptional. Certainly we need to reinforce individual areas occasionally staffed, because we want to guarantee the great advantage of the short period of construction in the construction of a prefab home also our future builders,”so Knittel ahead over the coming months, However adds that these upcoming tips not as often in the prefabricated house market commonly, with temporary workers can be intercepted. Our product is much too specific and too complex.” 8 new staff were recruited in the past 6 months the focus was and is this but clearly on the qualitative human expansion and not on the quantitative. The reasons for this rapid development are this complex. So, stabilization and reinforcement of sales certainly plays an important role.

We have examined each individual sales territory separately staffed and pages of sales opportunities and this made various changes. They seem now to access”, explains managing director Reinhard Fuchs. These were completely abandoned, for example, sites such as Ulm and Vienna and created new representative offices, such as those in Suhr (CH). Also the new strategic focus on the subject of healthy construction and living”including the establishment of an Academy of the square House seems in the target group 21 GmbH interest to join. Ultimately plays an indirect but significant role”certainly also the revival in the meantime no longer existing middle-class culture and structure, is Fox sure. But not only in-house, but also the outside square House evolved 21 and would like to see more changes. The location of bad Saulgau is always at the heart. So are finished plans for a redesign of the current factory premises in the drawer for months. These measures are bad Saulgau in close cooperation with the city but only possible and feasible. The planned measures are not only for the continued success of the company square House 21, but also directly applies in the location of bad Saulgau. We would prefer a cooperative and relevant support for our projects”, explains Reinhard Fuchs finally. Company profile the square House 21 GmbH, formerly known as place House GmbH, is a leading manufacturer of Prefabricated houses in Germany. The company at the site of bad Saulgau produces individual prefabricated houses according to modern criteria of construction technology and ecology. The square-HAUS GmbH is a member in the Federal German prefabricated (BDF), the quality community of German prefabricated (QDF) in the German prefabricated House Association (DFV), the Gutegemeinschaft German prefabricated (GDF), in the Working Group building biology.

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Customer Acquisition Strategy

Even more successful with the customers-suction system the construction industry expects for 2009 with revenues stagnating and from 2010 the recession will fend for themselves after expert opinions properly. This shows also the downward trend of the granted building permits. This fact means that the cake to be distributed for home contractors is small and it is to come up with something as it comes in the future to builders of new homes. With reasonable cost, interested parties must be won, that gradually become customers. A large supply of interested parties, which is constantly maintained, ensuring the survival of every construction company long term. How to get cheap on new clients? Contractors and home sellers are always the question: \”How to get cheap new customers?\” Often they are etc. >. is not satisfied with the results of fairs, newspaper ads, flyer distribution, Internet portals, or the cost / benefit ratio is too high. In addition the advertising measures are often only aligned in the short term and the individual measures are not long-term co-ordinated.

Often block also fears or obstructive internal beliefs in relation to marketing better results. And finally tailored marketing and sales not professionally on each other. Unique positioning as a basis for success. \”Why should a prospective buyer just when you buy?\” As contractors or solid home seller, who has no good answer to this question, will have a very difficult in the future. What is the goal of the company, or what is the vision? Here \”Houses sell or make money\” is not sufficient as a response. A home building contractor must be driven by a vision and for his benefit and for the benefit of his audience. Who doesn’t, lose sooner or later. For example, the goal of the regional leadership in well-aerated is a possible vision for a specific target group. The vision is to develop an analysis of the own strengths.

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SitaTurbo Insulation Body: Construction Of Thermal Insulating Fitting Helper

Attica drainage and heat insulation of three easy, peeling out of the drain body in the thermal insulation and thus saves approximately one hour already profiled insulation body Assembly time. The lower wedge plate on the roof structure is aligned in the first step, which also serves as a positioning aid for the height of the Attica penetration. The vapor barrier, such as the flexible SitTurbo Dampfsperrplatte is flex, attached to the attic, followed by the second step. Now the lower wedge and the dam body before the recess, the gully inserted and mechanically fixed. To compensate for the slope of the rectangular drain tube to achieve a flat surface a counter wedge is the Kit. He is the final waterproofing membrane as usual moved and in the wrong-fixed flange design can be fixed. With the installation of gravel catch, the construction is complete.

One meter long and 600 mm wide the SitTurbo forms a 10 cm high, rectangular heat insulation construction, dam body of easily in the thermal insulation of the roof can be incorporated. At higher thermal barrier coatings, the structure can be increased by building-side backing of thermal insulation. With its rectangular design, the dam body can be use not only quickly, but also safe. Thermal bridges are avoided. Unused roof surfaces is the kit from non-flammable mineral fibre WLG 040 used. The more robust material variant polyurethane WLG 030, which is characterized by a very high pressure according to DIN 4108-10 is advisable for shared roof surfaces. Get more information at or contact SITA under the telephone number + 49 (0) 2522 8340-0 contact: SITA bauelemente GmbH Ferdinand-Brown-str. 1 D-33378 Rheda-Wiedenbruck phone: + 49 (0) 2522 8340-0 fax: + 49 (0) 2522 8340-100 E-Mail: Internet:


What Are CNC Router Or Milling Machines?

CNC router or milling machines: key cutting machines in the world of work today are no longer imagined CNC router or milling machines, because they facilitate everyday work immensely and ensures the smooth running. It is simply computer-controlled machines, with which many materials can be cut and prepared, which are needed for further work. Among other things, foam and even steel can be cut by CNC router or milling of hard materials such as wood, aluminum, plastic. CNC router exists today in various versions with different functionality, which can look different with regard to the desktop. However, the basic functionality remains the same. Most CNC routers consist of a controller, one or more spindle motors, servo motors, amplifier, and tables.

Depending on the construction and use of one or the other CNC router can also have vacuum pumps or fixed points, which will better secure items to be cut can. These devices are fully operated by software and it uploads all coordinates of a CAD program. Generally used two different programs in a CNC router. For the one is the programme required, which create the actual design (CAD) and to one of the other translator, which instructions converts into G-code, so that the machine can process it (CAM). Through the use of CNC routers, a greater possibility of manual programming, which of course also the requirements of the workers has risen.

There are a lot of well-known suppliers, which specializes in the distribution of CNC router or milling machines. Freedom machine tool, Anderson, CMS, CMT and DMS are just a few of the best known manufacturers, representing known for quality CNC router, are in professional use. All manufacturers sold several models tailored to different needs. Depending on the size and volume of production a company, the choice should be the Milling machines are well considered because the cost of not only play an important role, but vary the amount of work before the actual work can be large. For hobbyists, there are also a lot of tutorials on the Internet, to create themselves a CNC router. For this, a lot of technical skill and expertise is required however so that this opportunity for professional use generally not into consideration should be considered. Prior to the purchase of used equipment should be seen exactly this is, because the mechanics can have over the years of wear, so that they are faster has diminished. Always good deals by price comparisons on the Internet can be found in this area. You should however only once look at the device and make sure that it refers to these really only from reputable manufacturers.

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Executive Board

The basis for this is a properly functioning network of all employees and divisions in a way. There must be no problematic interfaces, but only reliable links and smooth cooperation among all in construction and in the companies involved. In his concept, the company is first analyzed and evaluated according to established criteria, taking into account the links and dependencies. This is”more often neglected so Walker in the counselling approaches.” Often is not asked, what happens if I alter something at one point, in the areas of the associated. But exactly the links and impacts is important for the implementation, these are not sufficiently taken into account, can a themselves good intention on the contrary very quickly turn and lead to a sustained deterioration. After analysis and evaluation, a catalogue of measures is created together with the Executive Board, which takes into account the dependencies and links, so that it not singular measures indicates that can fizzle out ineffective or detrimental. Walker presents his concept in free information events in 8 cities in the whole Federal territory, the dates and locations can be requested at wabe@walker-beratung. Of course, also in-house presentations are possible.

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Solar Technology

With a photovoltaic system, you can use environmentally friendly and free electricity and earn money at the same time quite passing yet. Unlike solar panels, photovoltaic systems convert solar energy directly into electricity. Through an inverter, the resulting DC current is converted into alternating current and can then be fed into the public electricity grid. According to the German renewable energy law promoting solar power is about 43 cents per kilowatt hour since 2009 for average rooftop installations. The photovoltaic system on the roof becomes a profitable small power plant.

Solar modules, the heart of the system, consist of various solar cells. The system installed on the roof can be extended repeatedly without much effort. For the optimal exploitation of free solar energy, the photovoltaic system should be aligned southwards and as are not affected by shading. The benefits of the system is completed now by its look. There are many possibilities for a harmonious integration Investment in the overall image of the building offered, like for example a roof-integrated solution the the system on the roof is hardly noticeable. The costs of a photovoltaic system can quickly pay for themselves and the energy in the long term costs an unprecedented structured overview in connection with a State aid by the KfW bank, the portal offers housework such as renovators for comprehensive, understandable information to all questions regarding roof planning expansion and rehabilitation. It is addressed not only the head: galleries with several dozen photos and a 3D Planner allow to design the future roof even after the optical convenience. The expertise of renowned manufacturers inside In short: Who is planning with is always on top. Contact information: Evelyn Nibelungen str. 7B 86152 Augsburg Scheuten telephone: 0821-567-62-88 fax: 0821-567 62 87 e-mail:

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