The family dog, the pet of all life, feels alienated with the new Homer, which, confused, starts to become depressed. Lisa gets to explain it to Homer that as people advances in intelligence begins to decrease happiness and appears the existential doubt. He no longer laughs at jokes, don’t find the grace or joy in the inconsequential things, the relationship with his wife Marge feels different. Overwhelmed, Homer decides to best to reintegrate the crayola. Holy remedy. Ajua.TODO returns to normal, with his little conscience once again becomes the adorable idiot who devours hot dogs, drink beer with friends, experiencing the emotional ups and downs of a child.

Lisa was only disappointed, but a letter that the Homer-ready wrote to him before returning to the Homero-idiota be filled with joy. The episode ends with Lisa Homer always hugging. It is that the Group seems to have an anthropological term that seeks to protect; It wants approval. The sociological entity exceeds and somehow sacrificed to the individual entity that shows initiative, difference, risk. If you are exceptional, for something good or something bad, polarizing, you consider yourself an agitator, you’re no-tribu. You become the scapegoat in the sacrifice making the group in order to ensure cohesion, standardization, average.

As if the entity has its own life, bureaucracy has a purpose by itself: survive and maintain the status quo to as result. The principles of organizations go beyond the principles of individuals; they have precedence and seem to be inscribed in stone. The company often handles principals and not the directors to the company. To innovate then you must overcome the enterprise; You must persuade her, seduce her, forcing it, so then it may break the inertia and trajectory. This happens in companies large and small, even in couples. With another modality Eric Berne, author of Games People Play, documented a case of a woman who suffered with her alcoholic husband but that, at the same time, the fact of taking care of him gave him a sense of purpose, provided a sense of security that would not go with another that never endure it, accepted it as his cross that selflessly offered as a sacrifice.