A new model of Chinese commercial truck FAW 1083 () went on sale recently, but has become quite in demand among merchants who work with small loads. FAW Truck 1083 to the present universal means to transport goods. This car has been certified in Russia, it adapted to our climate. Buyers are already actively interested in FAW in 1083 and mainly construction companies. Dmitry Brook, Director network of dealers, "Light Truck" (AK GRUZOMOBIL) Such an interest in this model can be easily explained. FAW Car 1083 has several significant advantages, and compares favorably with similar competitor models. Main advantages of a light truck FAW 1083: Reliability assembly Ease of use Versatility fuel economy Affordable High Quality: a long tradition and modern technology FAW-first Automobile Group, a recognized leader in the manufacture of automobiles in China. FAW Group of companies in its production uses the latest developments and technical progress, the latest cutting-edge technology and production methods such famous manufacturers as VOLKSWAGEN, TOYOTA, ISUZU.

Thus, the production truck brand FAW () by using the technology and equipment of the world's leading producer of Japan – ISUZU. It was the Japanese trucks of the brand borrowed the basic components and assemblies Chinese truck FAW. FAW cars successfully combines the quality of Japanese and Chinese industriousness. Flexibility: work in different environments FAW Truck 1083 on truly a universal means for carrying freight. Its maneuverability and compact perfect for work in urban and suburban transport. Beskapotnaya layout, good visibility of the cabin and large mirrors Rear make it much easier to maneuver on narrow city streets.

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