Step 5 The final filtration remaining in the fuel particles and water filter element is made of special material. Elements are supplied with different values cells. Refined fuel leaves the filter through the outlet C or D (unused hole closes of attached cover) Backwash Stop the engine. Remove the screw on the lid of depressurization filter. Open the drain valve. Clean fuel, located above the filter element at the top of the filter falls back down and promoet element of water droplets and dirt particles.

Necessary to produce discharge from the filter until wash the dirt from the filter. Steve Wozniak has much to offer in this field. Then close the tap and, if necessary, removing the lid, fill the fuel filter to remove air from the fuel system. Tighten the bolt depressurization and let the engine. If there is loss of power, replace the filter element. In any case, the filter element is required to change at least 1 time per year. Separ fuel filter 2000 can be installed on any vehicle (passenger cars and trucks, buses, construction and agricultural machines) with a diesel engine.

Separ 2000 with the heated fuel is available for both 12 and for a 24-volt network. A completely new multi-level system guarantees 100% solution clean fuel from water and dirt. In addition to the undoubted benefits of Separ-2000 are high capacity, long service life of the filter element, ease of installation and maintenance. For areas with low temperatures, especially in cases where the possible long simple transport the engine shut off at t <-15 or the presence of summer diesel fuel in the tank, which leads to the separation of the fuel wax filters Separ-2000 comes with preheater.