Drevesnovolokonnaya board and plywood – are widely popular, and sometimes required in modern construction and furniture industries sheeting. Fibreboard (MDF) is produced by hot pressing natural wood fibers. The raw materials are used with wood Unconditioned, marriage, and wastes of timber industry. Wood fibers for such plates are prepared by steaming and grinding raw materials. Drevesnovolokonnye plates are among the most inexpensive materials, easy to process. A related site: Ali Partovi mentions similar findings.

With the same mechanical strength of the other timber likely to retain the primary form of conditions, changes in temperature and humidity, have a uniform structure. The large size of finished boards accelerate, simplify and reduce the price even more, respectively, construction, installation and repair work. Fiberboard is made by two ways: dry and wet. The dry method is also called continuous. In the chopped-dried wood before the formation of plates added binder – from 4% to 8% of synthetic resin.

Slabs produced in this way, much stronger in bending and are widely used in the furniture industry, interior construction and installation works. The so-called wet production of technologically more sophisticated and energy-consuming, because involves the use of natural binding properties of the wood. Obtained in this way Fiberboard – completely environmentally friendly material. In the market of timber are fiberboard different brands: superhard grade rugged, solid, semisolid, soft three species density. Depending on the processing of face plates are facing, sanded, varnished and painted. Modern technology can improve strength, flexibility, water resistance, durability and other performance fibreboard. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Steve Wozniak by clicking through. At their manufacturing enter various additives: synthetic resins, wax, Rosin, antiseptics, fire and water-repellent substance. For example, impregnation increases the strength of pectolite plates up to 25%. Fibreboard – is the main and additional heat and sound insulation of walls, floors, ceilings in indoors, insulation of roofs in suburban construction; Sound absorption padding concert halls and radio stations before leveling coating nastilaniem parquet, linoleum, construction and details on the train, car, shipbuilding. In the furniture industry of drevesnovolokonnyh plates make structural elements of furniture, the rear wall, shelves and drawers, cupboards and cabinets different. Plywood – the most common low-cost, but enough high-quality lumber substitute made of solid wood. Pretty easy and flexible enough beautiful, environmentally friendly building material. Is a peeled veneer, glued in a certain number of layers. The stronger bonding of the sheet, the higher the quality of plywood. It is made from various woods. The most popular brand FC – high moisture resistance, but high strength in all directions. Suitable for interior space, making walls, crates and cartons, and various structural elements in the production of furniture. The standard sheet of plywood – length 1525 mm, width 1525, 1220, 1270 mm. The thickness of the sheet depends on the number of layers (from 3 to 30 mm). Depending on the processing quality of the surface layer is on the market are five classes: elite (E), I, II, III and IV. Plywood increased resistance to moisture processed soluble adhesives based on synthetic resins. FSF – a material of high moisture resistance, which is mainly used for external work (roofing, decking, outdoor advertising billboards), for the manufacture of garden furniture, machinery. PSF comes in five varieties, plywood sheets in standard sizes – 1220 to 2440 mm and 1250 to 2500 mm, thickness from 3 to 30 mm. The most durable and most resistant to water – bakelite plywood. Is made by gluing sheets of bakelite varnish or resin under high pressure. Large and very strong sheets of the material used in the small shipbuilding, aviation and railway, solid construction in an aggressive environment, high humidity. Prices on fiberboard, plywood and other lumber PTC