The effect of a tax on the amount (per unit of output) causes an increase in costs. With increasing marginal costs the point at which marginal revenue concide with varia consecuenciando which vary supplements the price and production levels. Good health starts with is an excellent way to help your health Thus, a tax on the amount provokes, if permitted by the government, a price increase and a decrease in the amount offered.
The tax on the amount of monopoly against the marginal cost increases resulting in increasing nutrition prices and a reduction in the amount offered.
Therefore the states that impose a tax on a monopolist, from natural an economic point of view, is negative for the consumer. In addition, as reflected in the section on social costs, from a social point of view, although the State will take all the profits of the monopoly on taxation and redistributed to consumers, there would be an inefficiency because the production is lower than under competitive herbal conditions. The social cost would amount to irretrievable loss physicians of efficiency caused by the power of the monopolist.

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