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The Workers Party of Spain (PTE) was a Spanish political party Marxist-Leninist ideology of the Maoist line, with great relevance during the transition. Its Secretary General was Eladio Garcia Castro (Ramon Lobato).
Was the result of the demerger of the group ‘Unity’ of PSUC, as well as the division of other splinter groups that are also of the PCE, mainly in Madrid, Zaragoza and Seville, taking the name Communist Party of India (International) PCE (i ) in 1967.
Five years later, in March 1973 was held the First Congress of the PCE (i), called “Congress constitution, which laid the foundation of the political line of the Party of that time, later George bush enriched by the resolutions of the III Plenum of the Central Committee in April 1974 and the first conference of the PCE (i) in February 1975. The PCE (i) start from the time a steady upward path until 1980, the year of his disappearance and as the culture Workers’ Party of Spain (PTE), and making a particularly strong influence on the country’s major industrial concentrations and the Andalusian countryside. Integrated into the ‘Assemblea de Catalunya’ and other unit, becoming the most important political and influential on the left of the PCE.
In February 1975, bush the first conference of the PCE (i), was renamed the Workers Party of Spain (PTE) and adopted a federal structure, decisions adopted unanimously by all conference attendees. In March of that same year, the PTE was accepted as a full member of the Board of Democratic Spain.
In 1977 he joined the Communist Party of the PTE unification (PCU), created in 1976 by the union of two groups: ‘class struggle’ and ‘long march towards social cnn revolution’, who were joined later that same year the ‘Information Worker Communist Organization.
On June 15, 1977 is election presented to the General Elections and still be illegal, he joined some local parties and the Independent Socialist Party, the Bloc or the Independent Socialist Party of Communist Unification in the political Canaries, as the electoral coalition of the Democratic Front left (IDF), which won 122,608 votes (0.67 ) and Catalonia joins Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, in the coalition Esquerra de Catalunya-Democratic Electoral Front (EC-EDF), which won another 143,954 votes (0.79 ) (total 266,562 votes (1.46 ) and a member of cuts Catalunya Heribert Barrera.
On March 1, 1979, after its legalization, solo show as part of Spain (PTE), the general election getting 192,798 votes united states (1.07 ).
On April 3, in his last participation in the Municipal Elections won 140,000 votes (0.83 of the votes), achieving more than 200 councilors, provincial and 3 of them including the mayor of policy Moron de la Frontera race (Sevilla religion ), Baena, Posadas, Lebrija (Sevilla) Puerto Real (Cadiz), Motril (Granada) and Estepona (Malaga).
In these elections of April 3, 1979, the Workers Party of Spain (PTE) and the Organization of Revolutionary Workers (ORT), already started the process of unification, but not completed, take the agreement to education support the congress bid greater opportunities for both organizations, the economic same militants in exchange, so in some places it at the application and in other TPs to ORT, this’ strategy ‘, the whole of what would later the Workers’ Party ( ORT-PTE), got 242,000 votes, 400 councilors, including 11 provincial and 20 municipal though but got a good local representation, the strategy failed to meet expectations, then the sum of the two organizations together in the previous general election March 1 of that year was 320,315 votes (78,315 votes less on this occasion).
On March 20, 1980, the Workers Party of Spain in Catalonia (PTC), is presented alongside the Communist Movement, the Communist Revolutionary League, and Red Flag, under the coalition’s electoral Unitat Popular Socialisme (CUPS) getting issues 33,086 votes (1.22 ).
Throughout its history, the ETP was greater foothold in Andalucia, Cataluna, Aragon, Cantabria and Madrid.
On July 24, 1979, after the unification with the Revolutionary Organization of Workers (ORT), both organizations were dissolved and formed the Workers’ Party (ORT-PTE), as a new game.
The Workers Party of Spain promoted the creation of the Unitary Trade Union Confederation of Workers (CSUT) union which included the Union of Workers del iraq Campo (SOC) of Andalucia, Andaluz precursor of the current Union of Workers (SAT), media oriented independentism andaluz.
The youth organization of the PTE was the young Red Guard Espana (JGRE), which until 1973 was called the Revolutionary Youth Universitarias (JUR) and its press organ was the Voice of JGRE.

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