The news of Segula GmbH from the Swiss + Tech portfolio since some years Segula GmbH offers the Swiss + tech products in the European market. Two absolute bestseller is the Utili-key and the micro-plus 8 in 1. The Utili-key sold up to date almost 50,000 pieces. In addition to the shipping trade, the Segula GmbH supplies the advertising market with its Swiss + Tech portfolio. On the PSI 2010, promotion world 2010 and the international hardware fair in Cologne, the diverse product range was able to convince already interested customers. Now is the extension of a portfolio with two other innovative products. With the micro-Plus EX 9 in 1 and the micro-slim 9 in 1 has developed two extremely useful and intelligent mini-multi-tools Swiss + Tech, which picks up the strengths of the existing tools and improved with additional useful properties.

Just the micro slim 9 in 1 offers next to the bottle opener, a knife, a nail file and three screwdrivers, a multi wrench. Swiss + Tech thus comes a long with the wrench Request for. Now, 6 hex head screws of almost any standard size with a single tool can be screwed. The Mirco-slim 9 in 1 also boasts a sophisticated product design, that makes him ideal for smaller works. The micro-Plus EX 9 in 1 is based on the existing Collet systems of Swiss + Tech and provides good grip by its fluted and large handles, at the turn of the screw. Both products are made of stainless steel and can be, thanks to the patented closure, simply and quickly the keychain. The product weight by the micro-plus each below 75 g EX 9 in 1 and the micro-slim 9 in 1. Both products are high quality and designed for longevity.

The launch takes place end of September 2010. The packaging of both products is six languages.