Without a reasonable vision, transformation projects can be blurred easily captured in a list of confusing and incompatible projects that can lead to the company in the wrong direction or nowhere. In the transformations that have failed, usually find a lot of plans, guidelines and programs, but no vision. Another big mistake is to express the view very complicated. Buried in documents of 30 minutes are often the strong vision. But they’re just buried, which only work together to create confusion and revulsion on employees. It is necessary to take into account that the transmission of the vision should be made continuously and consistently.

Not only through words but through all the information and communication systems of the company, at all levels, in different ways and over time. Consider that the reception of the message does not necessarily happen the first time we we issue. Consider also the need to fix the ideas, and the time it takes to eliminate the resistance. Build and sustain credibility involves repeating the same message about our vision through different circumstances in different contexts and over time, supporting the action that we made in the speech. Do not do: Do not communicate the vision sufficiently Transformation is impossible unless the vast majority of people are willing to help, but sometimes this involves sacrifices in the short term. Employees do not make sacrifices, even if they are dissatisfied with the prevailing conditions, unless they believe in the possibility of a useful change. Failure to maintain a credible communication, and also a lot of credible communication never reach the hearts and minds of the employees base.